ugg bags sale uk The story of a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan whose life was cut too short

waterproof uggs uk The story of a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan whose life was cut too short

CLEVELAND, Ohio She spoiled the perfect marriage proposal.

As Austin Landau returned home with his girlfriend’s newly dry cleaned white peacoat, he stuck an engagement ring in its front pocket. Crystal Ellinwood was sitting inside, wearing sweatpants and sporting a messy bun and no makeup.

The couple considered a small, hasty wedding on E. 4th Street in downtown Cleveland. On one of their first dates, they posed for a picture in the middle of the cozy walkway, surrounded by restaurants and lights.

As she envisioned it, they would hold a swift ceremony in front of family right where they took the picture. Then, they’d scurry across the street for the main event: an Indians playoff game at Progressive Field.

“We’ll get married and then we’ll go to the game and we’ll win that game,” she said.

As Crystal surveyed Austin’s social media profile picture, she spotted the top of the “I” in Indians. She led with that.

Her first message to him, five years ago, read: “Is that an Indians shirt you’re wearing?”

“It was love from there on out,” she said.

Austin’s grandfather took him to his first game when he was a kid. He immediately fell for the sport. Austin recognized the look on Daisy’s face when she studied the perfectly manicured green grass, the fresh dirt and white chalk lines, the giant wall in left field, the massive scoreboard, the larger than life players.

“I remember that look,” he told Crystal. “I did the same, exact thing when my grandpa took me.”

Austin and Crystal lived in Marion, Ohio, but they didn’t mind the 2.5 hour trek north to Cleveland. They typically attended more than half of the Indians’ 81 home games each season.

They would meet up for a beer with fellow Indians fans who knew Austin through Twitter.

“We’d be walking down the street and hear people yell, ‘Jobu!'” Crystal said. “He absolutely loved that.”

For their third date their first one outside of Marion they attended an Indians game. From the ballpark’s social suite, they watched Jason Kipnis hit a home run.

“I was addicted from there on out,” Crystal said.

The ballpark was Austin’s sanctuary. After his grandfather passed a few years ago, they spread his ashes on the warning track in center field. Austin often prattled on about Omar Vizquel’s defensive prowess and about Albert Belle’s imposing presence in the batter’s box. He routinely showed Crystal videos of Belle swatting fastballs beyond the outfield fence. They have a hallway in their home devoted to Indians memorabilia.

Their attendance at Indians games waned last season. Crystal was pregnant with their daughter, who was born in December. They settled on a name: Belle.

‘What he really wanted was to enjoy life’

Austin smacked the first pitch ever tossed his way. He was wielding a wide, plastic Wiffle ball bat when he was a toddler.

“He had excellent hand eye coordination,” said his father, Larry, “and could put some moves on you, if he was running with a football, or fake you out of your shoes trying to guard him in basketball. Tennis was the only sport I could win at against him.”
ugg bags sale uk The story of a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan whose life was cut too short

uk ugg boots The Storm of Criticism Can and Must be Weathered

cardy ugg boots uk The Storm of Criticism Can and Must be Weathered

Lesson 5: The Storm of Criticism Can and Must be Weathered

As Nike market share has continued to grow since the 1980s, so too has the amount of public criticism levied against the company business practices. Whether it is focused directly on Knight, who has become the public face and the lightening rod of the company in the media, or against the company in general, the criticism is more often than not harsh and unforgiving.

In Michael Moore 1997 book This, he calls Knight a Crook. The criticism came after revelations that many of Nike products were being produced under harsh conditions in sweatshops throughout Indonesia, where pregnant women and even some girls as young as fourteen years old were sewing shoes for the companies that Nike had contracted to make its products. Moore even went to Knight to film an interview with the Nike CEO. Not one to back down in the face of a challenge, Knight agreed to talk to Moore the only CEO of roughly twenty Moore had approached to talk to him about their business practices. that could match the quality and price of shoes made overseas, Nike would buy shoes from him.

Where Nike was getting its shoes was not the only thing creating a stir for the company. When a barrage of shootings and knifings began to occur in the early 1990s, it was the company advertising slogans that came under fire. The teenagers in the American inner cities who had committed these crimes had done so in an attempt to get their hands on a pair of Nikes, which cost almost $100 at the time. Newspaper headlines claimed that the Nike slogan Do It served as a justification for the crimes, especially since most of the company ad campaigns were focused on children living in American ghettos.

However, Knight never lost a step. He continued to pursue the same brand of advertising that was coming under fire and responded only by saying, business practices are no different than those of our competitors. But we are bigger, and thus more visible,
uk ugg boots The Storm of Criticism Can and Must be Weathered
so we get more flack.

Knight doesn just weather the storm; at times, he often seems to court the controversy, seeking it out in order to make attention grabbing headlines. After all, any PR is good PR, according to Knight. It was to this end that in 1994, Nike donated $25,000 to Tonya Harding defense fund; Reebok, one of its main competitors, was the official sponsor of Harding arch nemesis Nancy Kerrigan. Nike also signed such rebellious athletes as Dennis Rodman and Charles Barkley, projecting attitude as well as excellence.

Throughout his reign at the top of the athletic shoe industry, Knight has stood his ground in the face of constant attack. Often provoking the controversy by his own doing, Knight has proven to be feisty and counter establishment, which has come to represent the athletic culture that Nike is modeled after.
uk ugg boots The Storm of Criticism Can and Must be Weathered

blue ugg the stiffer the ‘shoes’

ugg boots heel the stiffer the ‘shoes’

If a Tiger’s feet were built the same way as a mongoose’s feet, they’d have to be about the size of a hippo’s feet to support the big cat’s weight. But they’re not.

For decades, researchers have been looking at how different sized legs and feet are put together across the four legged animal kingdom, but until now they overlooked the “shoes,” those soft pads on the bottom of the foot that bear the brunt of the animal’s walking and running.

New research from scientists in Taiwan and at Duke University has found that the mechanical properties of the pads vary in predictable fashion as animals get larger. In short, bigger critters need stiffer shoes.

Kai Jung Chi, an assistant professor of physics at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan ran a series of carefully calibrated “compressive tests” on the footpads of carnivores that have that extra toe halfway up the foreleg, including dogs, wolves, domestic cats, leopards and hyenas. She was measuring the relative stiffness of the pads across species how much they deformed under a given amount of compression. Louise Roth, an associate professor of biology and evolutionary anthropology who was Chi’s thesis adviser at Duke. “They’ve been looking at the bones and muscles, but not that soft tissue.”

Whether running,
blue ugg the stiffer the 'shoes'
walking or standing still, the bulk of the animal’s weight is borne on that pillowy clover shaped pad behind the four toes, the metapodial phalangeal pad, or m p pad for short. It’s made from pockets of fatty tissue hemmed in by baffles of collagen. Chi carefully dissected these pads whole from the feet of deceased animals (none of which were euthanized for this study), so that they could be put in the strain meter by themselves without any surrounding structures.

Laid out on a graph, Chi’s analysis of 47 carnivore species shows that the area of their m p pads doesn’t increase at the same rate as the body sizes. But the stiffness of pads does increase with size, and that’s what keeps the larger animal’s feet from being unwieldy.

The mass of the animal increases cubically with its greater size, but the feet don’t scale up the same way. “A mouse and an elephant are made with the same ingredients,” Roth said. “So how do you do that?”

Earlier research had found that the stresses on the long bones of the limbs stay fairly consistent over the range of sizes, in part because of changes in posture that distribute the stresses of walking differently, Roth said. But that clearly wasn’t enough by itself.

The researchers also found that larger animals have a pronounced difference in stiffness between the pads on the forelimbs and the pads on the hind limbs. Bigger animals have relatively softer pads on their rear feet, whereas in smaller animals the front and rear are about the same stiffness.

Chi thinks the softer pads on the rear of the bigger animals may help them recover some energy from each step, and provide a bit more boost to their propulsion. (Think of the way a large predator folds up its forelimbs and launches itself with its hind legs.)
blue ugg the stiffer the 'shoes'

babies ugg boots The Steal Seal Maybe a Symbol of VANS

ugg lace up boots The Steal Seal Maybe a Symbol of VANS

VANS only can be divided into Japanese version and European version. Japanese version is only sold in Asian countries, but European version is sold all over the world. Japanese version’s steal seal only has R, but European version has many kinds of steal seals. The meaning of steal seal is a code for each plant. The steal seal was not mentioned in 2001. As for commercial companies, these steal stamps were only behaviors that belonged to them. Saying from a certain point of view, it only stands for a code of these factories. However, it turns out to be an identification necessity for its unintentional positive outcome. And then there is an increasing order amount of VANS, so Hirohiro is unable to fully meet the foundry needs of VANS. Therefore, some other code plants begin to appear.

If there is no steal seal on VANS shoes, and then it may not be a fake one. There are no steal stamps in some shoe models, such as sample shoes, new styles, special styles as well as thin sole shoes. Identifying genuine and fake shoes can see through the trademark of the shoes and the label inside the shoes. It is more significant for you to explore the market price of VANS. You have to know what genuine goods have been launched by VANS. Many classic shoe styles of VANS have been stopped producing a few years ago, so there were no genuine goods. Therefore, these classic styles were made by stores that made fake goods for the sake of selling well. Only you yourself can understand this point. The reason was that there were so many original factories, which made VANS shoes.

Different factories have different details, and there is no uniform standard to identify the truth and false of VANS shoes. At present, manufactures who make fake goods also have been studying on VANS. So more confidential details are not available to be told here, or people will be unable to distinguish the true and false shoes that will be made by VANS later. When he was young, he always liked to be alone in the skateboard shop. His life has been greatly influenced by the skateboarding culture in the 1980s consequently. A series that was designed by Taka has been released by Holiday Core series of VANS for this reason. Each pair of shoes was inspired by the personal style of each skateboard player.

Taka Hayashi has applied different skills and materials to design the unique shoe style. So as long as you are a skateboard enthusiast, and then you can not miss this unique series. In the autumn and winter of 2007, VANS specially cooperated with the Japanese American designer Taka Hayashi and created Taka Hayashi, which was a joint shoe style. There was no doubt that as for such a special and limited edition shoe style, it firstly would be published in a unique place. VANS has many fans, so in order to let them experience different feelings, the Taiwan general agency of VANS made its decision to choose Babe 18.
babies ugg boots The Steal Seal Maybe a Symbol of VANS

black cardy ugg boots The Statement Wire

very ugg boots The Statement Wire

[[html]]There is nothing quite like the rush of finding a tremendous bargain online. So, how can you recognize a trustworthy site? Generally, if the site is advertised on another trustworthy site, it is safe to buy from. Likewise, bigger sites are almost always safe they wouldn’t be so popular if they had a reputation for problems!

Now, you may say that all this seems too good to be true, and might be skeptical about the whole idea. But all the skepticism becomes mud once you have the hard cash on your hands. Yes, the Cash Back. The Cash Back Rebate Programme works once you make a particular online shopping site, such as ours, your gateway to make all your online purchases. The share of the commissions which we get from our online stores for bringing customers to them is then shared with. who else, but YOU.

First thing to do is spend time to research the item. Definitely, you’ll see related information online. Carat weight determines the price of the diamond. This means that the budget when buying a diamond is determined by the carat. The higher the carat or weight of the diamond, the more expensive it is. The bigger carat diamonds are rarely found making it more expensive as well.

Let customers get a feel of the product, by writing compelling descriptions about it. If buyers are critical enough when buying in an actual store, just imagine how overtly critical they can get when purchasing online. Provide a close up picture of the product and explain in detail its size, color, weight, and texture.

When you are ready to make a purchase, I recommend visiting a retail store that sells outdoor supplies and big camping tents. That way, you can see different types of tents in person, as well as get helpful advice from a sales representative. Then, when you are ready to buy, you can either buy at the store or on a website. The benefit of buying from a retail store is that you have what you want right away, without having to wait for it to ship out. Plus, it is generally easier to return things purchased from a retail store than it is to do so from an online store.

There are advantages and disadvantages of buying a used musical instrument. The major advantage, of course, is money savings. If you do a little research and ask lots of questions, you can find a quality instrument at a very low price. Also, you might be able to buy a high dollar instrument such as a piano when otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford a new one.

Oh, one last thing, as much as it hurts, let’s all use as much money on Christmas this year, as we can, and show the world that the American buyer has not lost faith and we buy what we buy because we want to and American’s have never scared easy!!
black cardy ugg boots The Statement Wire
! Besides, if we don’t buy, we lose jobs and that is just plain wrong at Christmas time![[html]]Lamb Shanks are usually our favourite Friday night meal, the time it takes to cook, however if this will be finished your meats falls cleanly off your bone as when it has been glued on.

If you’re preparing a meal for two, slowly braised lamb shanks are almost foolproof one shank neatly feeds one person and all the prep can be done well ahead of time. But how do you make the dish unforgettable?

At first I get preoccupied with the sheep breed and its age but there’s a whole article in itself on the subject of the provenance of your meat. In reality, any grass fed British lamb will do. How you treat the ruminant after you bring it home from the butchers influences the character of your supper. There are two schools of thought on this one: those who use spices and herbs to enhance the flavour of the meat and those who leave the cloven hoofed one’s gamey meatiness to sing alone.

Tamarind’s talented chef, Alfred Prasad, is in the former camp. Next comes a ginger and garlic paste, more spices (turmeric, chilli, cumin and coriander), tomatoes and yoghurt, then an hour long cook.

The cinnamon and cloves add a warmth while the eucalyptus nuanced cardamom and fiery ginger are fragrant and sinus clearing. There’s a gentle heat throughout. I’d like to keep this uplifting nature in my final dish. Oliver is in the opposite camp to Prasad this is unashamed simplicity. Stuffing the shanks with a pocket of rosemary and thyme butter, I wrap them in foil on a small bed of carrots and alliums. This one cooks for two and a half hours.

The Mediterranean herbs are instantly gratifying and I find myself falling in love with the meat’s untainted purity. My only small moan is that I’m looking for a meal in one go and this seems rather like half a meal the meat half. This one features red lentils plus a bundle of sticky aromatic promise. I brown the shanks, make a ‘mush’ of onion and garlic, then saut it so far, so good.

However, things take a wrong turn when I stir in turmeric, ground ginger, chilli, cinnamon and nutmeg, adding honey, soy sauce and marsala. I’m sure those with a sweet tooth would love it but I find that the honey and marsala ride rudely over the ‘aromatics’ and it’s too sugary for me. Nevertheless, texturally the red lentil component marries well with the meat, sliding down the gullet comfortingly. As it’s the height of Seville orange and blood orange season, it works, letting the ruminant’s flavours shine. It’s a lovely February gesture.

Fearnley Whittingstall cooks his shanks for a similar time to the other recipes I’ve tested one to two hours. For an exceptional meal, though, the meat should fall seductively from the bone and so far, the cooking times given have been too short. I’m seeking something low and slow.

[[html]]But I wasn’t. As a civilian employee of the Army, I was entitled to subsidy tickets when I took public transportation to and from work. Since the nearest ticket office was out of the denominations I needed, I had planned to whisk over to the Pentagon the morning of September 11, 2001. The counter there always had a full selection. and planned to leave my office then.

Even if the player is not syncing well,
black cardy ugg boots The Statement Wire
it is fine. You can simply copy the music files manually onto your player and it would work just fine except for the extra step. Cassette recorders existed during that time but they were not used to play music for the public. They were marketed to journalists, who needed it to record conversations with interviewees. These recordings were later transcribed and made into make articles. Sony called their cassette recorder the Pressman (!). Cassette players existing at the time were marketed for home stereos or for the car sound system.

ugg knit slippers The State of The Real Housewives of Dallas

ugg slippers sale uk The State of The Real Housewives of Dallas

Get your boots on because it’s time to go back to Dallas.

After a shocking season two trailer full of dildos and dead relationships and an exclusive first look at an even more shocking newfound friendship, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Dallas are finally back on our screens. And as advertised, things have really taken a turn down south. For starters, season one’s Lucy and Ethel, Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman, aren’t event speaking. And then there’s the whole unholy alliance between Brandi and her former enemy LeeAnne Locken. And that’s not even mentioning the two newbies, one of whom has a dream to feed pink dog food to every pooch on the planet and another who has some serious mommy issues.

Stephanie Hollman: As mentioned, Stephanie and Brandi are on the outs. Things are so bad that when her new bestie Cary Deuber brings up her plans to invite Brandi to her husband Mark’s birthday party, tears well up in Stephanie’s eyes. Turns out they haven’t spoken in four months, and Brandi won’t even tell Stephanie what she did. On the plus side, she admits her marriage is in a much better place now that she’s not catering to Brandi and all her issues. But she doesn’t go so far as to confirm that Travis has stopped leaving to do lists for her every day, so we’re not so sure we’re completely convinced. Travis tells Stephanie that he and Bryan, Brandi’s husband and his BFF, got together and really want the women to figure out a way for the families to get back on track since they’re the reason it’s gotten so awkward. Later, at Mark’s party, her attempts to get Brandi to even look her in eye go over like a lead balloon. Her text message to Brandi beforehand, throwing both Cary and LeeAnne under the bus, certainly did her no favors. Is Stephanie the villain this season? Who saw that coming?

Brandi Redmond: As Stephanie wallows in her misery over losing her bestie, Brandi’s moving on with unlikely new pal LeeAnne. She admits that she gets really emotional when she thinks about what Stephanie did to her, before revealing in a confessional that it was a blog post from last season wherein Stephanie referred to Brandi’s marriage as a recipe for disaster and like watching a slow motion car crash that broke her heart. “She reached out several times and I didn’t take her phone calls. I had to put up a wall,” she tells LeeAnne. “At this point, I’m moving on.” She later admits that the final straw came over Father’s Day when Stephanie refused to engage with the group, choosing to sit inside and read magazines alone instead. Brandi says she overheard Travis urging Stephanie to come outside, to which she replied, “Get over it, Travis. You’re hanging out with your friends.” On the way to Mark’s party, she admits to LeeAnne that she received a text out of the blue from Stephanie, warning her about her new BFF, alleging that Cary told her that LeeAnne was up to her new tricks. Once inside the party, she spends a few minutes avoiding Stephanie’s every attempt to communicate before running out in tears.

LeeAnne Locken: LeeAnne’s facing down a police report from 2008 that’s resurfaced thanks to her dear friend Marie (You remember Marie, the one who alleged in season one that LeeAnne had pooped her pants once upon a time. With friends like these, who needs enemies?). The report allegedly indicates that LeeAnne tried to kill a man with a knife and some sand paper, a combination that sounds wholly LeeAnne Locken if you ask us. (We kid.) After last season’s squabbles,
ugg knit slippers The State of The Real Housewives of Dallas
she’s not only bonded with Brandi, but she’s making headway with Cary, as well. And it’s all thanks to her anger management sessions. However, all her hard work is put to the test on the way to Mark’s party when she learns what Stephanie texted Brandi. “There is a fire burning in me that God himself may not be able to extinguish,” she admits. Her therapist would be so proud! Once inside, she acts as Brandi’s protector, hilariously rebuffing Stephanie’s attempts to make plans to hash out their differences on behalf of her new pal. “I don’t know if she knows her schedule right now” is a thing she actually says with a straight face as Stephanie’s eyes well with tears. She confronts Cary about Stephanie’s allegations and chooses to take her at her word when she denies them in the hopes to continuing to move in the right direction. Her therapist would be so proud! (This time, we mean it!) Oh, and she’s BFFs with newbie Housewife D’Andra Simmons. Remember that wedding she bragged to Cary about being in during the reunion? It was D’Andra’s.

Cary Deuber: Cary must’ve been super busy planning Mark’s party because we don’t see too much of her in the premiere. She admits that she’s hoping to move on with LeeAnne, which is why she reached out to her directly the night Marie exposed the police report to make sure she was OK. She’s bonded with Stephanie during their break, telling LeeAnne during their meet up in the park that she’s been there to see how Brandi’s cold shoulder has hurt her new bestie. However, she tells LeeAnne she wants to stay out it. Unfortunately, Stephanie makes that impossible when she throws Cary under the bus in her text to Brandi. Oh, and the shoes she’s wearing at the party? Mark picked them out, of course.

Kameron Wescott: One of the season’s two newbies, Kameron is a California transplant, having moved to Texas for college before marrying into one of the city’s major money families. At six feet tall, she lovingly refers to her shorter husband Court as “Hobbit.” Close friends with D’Andra Simmons, the season’s other newbie, she reveals to her pal that she’s on a mission to start her own line of pink dog food. “Life is too short to keep eating brown food,” she laments. But have no fear, she’ll eventually roll out a blue alternate for all those boy dogs out there. Because why should humans be the only ones forced to adhere to rigid gender expectations! At Mark’s party, she tells Cary and Stephanie that her mission for them is to get pink camo and become detectives. This woman is a hoot.

D’Andra Simmons: Introduced as LeeAnne’s BFF, we meet D’Andra as she and her husband, military photographer Jeremy Lock, join the former carny and her BF Rich for dinner. “The thing that I love about D’Andra is that she’s got balls of steel just like me,” LeeAnne says of her friend. D’Andra opens up about her readiness to take over the family company from her mom, Dee, a woman with a look all her own who is well on her way to becoming this season’s breakout star. That was in 2004.
ugg knit slippers The State of The Real Housewives of Dallas

uk ugg boots The state of immigration

real uggs cheap The state of immigration

On January 30, 2018, President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address. Immigration was something I was eager to hear about because of the controversy over Trump’s proposed solutions, especially involving immigration reform. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

The Diversity Visa Lottery system

The Diversity Visa Lottery system in place provides too many opportunities for dangerous people to gain entry to the country its only requirement is to have a high school education or two years of experience in a job that required training. Since there’s no background check required, this system leaves too much room for error and loopholes that allow criminals into the country. It is a threat to national security.

Trump is moving to change the visa system to a merit based system that supports those with education, vocational skills and a clean record. This is especially important because of the recent terrorist attack in New York that was carried out by an immigrant who used the current system. There cannot be room for error when the threat it poses is terrorism. citizens and permit residents to apply to have relatives gain entry to the country, but it’s another huge loophole criminals can use to enter the country undetected. It does not give the government enough control to keep the safety of the country a top priority. According to the President, this has been a big issue with a specific gang, MS 13, whose members are responsible for 17 deaths in the past two years. The Trump administration proposed to only allow direct spouses and children to use the Chain Migration system. This will help keep gangs such as MS 13 out of the country and keep American families safe.

A path to citizenship and DACA

The President also proposed a plan that will offer a path to citizenship for immigrant youth that were brought here through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA’s lack of citizenship path and its open parameters need to be changed before the program continues: all programs that allow people to continually live in this country should lead them to citizenship. This is possible through Trump’s proposal, by way of a 12 year period which will welcome the 1.8 million children who want to be in America, and encourage them to stay.

Finally, President Trump proposed to have higher border security by hiring more ICE officers and building a stronger border wall. The wall has been a topic of controversy in the media because it’s been presented as a way to shun Mexico. But in an article about a congressional meeting that included both parties, reporters noted that Trump “conceded that ‘We don’t need a 2,000 mile wall,'” and that “Republicans and Democrats both said they believed Mr. Trump was using the term ‘wall’ to describe border security, not necessarily a giant physical barrier.” This diffused misconceptions, helping me understand the end goal for the Trump administration’s immigration plan. It gave me perspective, allowing me to feel less like the country was shunning Mexico and kicking out illegal immigrants: the plan is more about increasing public and border safety. Considering what I know about the kinds of threats that are already in our country because of weak borders, these things are necessary.

The Trump administration has been highly criticized in its first year in office, but its overall goal is to put the needs and safety of Americans first, which is something that is evident in their new immigration policy. The need for change is obvious and it’s not always negative, even if it has Donald Trump name on it. Any American should be able to see that the systems in place could benefit from the President’s proposals, even if they don’t support him. I used to be a huge critic of Trump and his policies, but now I’m convinced that the new policies that his administration has laid out show a different side to the President that I am just beginning to see and I hope that others can see it too.
uk ugg boots The state of immigration

genuine ugg boots uk the stanleys’ blog

ugg bling boots the stanleys’ blog

My, it has been a long time since I have gotten on here to post a blog entry. I had no idea! I kept thinking that I needed to get on here, but we have been so busy! Christmas was wonderful with our expanded family Addison was in awe! We enjoyed spending time with all of our families and our daughters definitely brought home many goodies! Ryan and I even got a few special surprises. Hailey was so excited to get back to school after such a long break. We enjoyed an amazing amount of snow this year in Murfreesboro, more than we’ve had in quite a while. Both girls had fun playing in it.

Hailey had a blast at her (Tinkerbell) sixth birthday party in March she finally got to have a pool party! We went to the indoor water park at Patterson Park with family and some of her friends from church and school. Addison enjoyed her first swimming experience. I had a great birthday thanks to family (especially my hubby) in April and then had to jump on planning Addison’s first birthday party in May! We had it at the same place that we had Hailey’s first in the meeting room at the SportsCom. It was just the right size for our group. Addison even had 2 friends in attendance. She greatly enjoyed it all especially the blue icing on her flower butterfly cake! Can’t believe she’s a year old! Right after that, Ryan and I celebrated our fifth anniversary by enjoying a delectable meal at Bonefish Grill. But their steak was the best steak I’ve ever had seriously! Hailey finished her year of Kindergarten so proud!! And man, that girl is smart! She is wonderful reader, and she loves to read to her little sister.

On the last week of May, we finished packing all of our stuff (with the help of some amazing family and friends!), loaded the truck, and drove three hours away on June 4 to our new home in Knoxville. Though it was hard to say goodbye to everyone, we are so excited for what the Lord has in store for us. In the month that we have been here, we have already grown so much closer as a family. Even the dog is behaving better! We love our new home and the area. It is the perfect distance for a nice walk. We live in a two bedroom townhouse duplex, with the girls sharing a room. It has been an adjustment for them (and us), but it is usually very fun for them. Tiger loves being able to run around and up and down the stairs to get his energy out. Addison would like to join him going up the stairs. . It is the church associated with Crown College, where Ryan will be attending in the fall. Ryan is working hard to make good changes at the Chuck E. Cheese here. Hailey’s made a few friends in her Sunday School class I’m very glad! I will probably be homeschooling her this year please pray for us. This will be very new for us, but I’m excited for the challenge. Maybe Addison will learn with her, lol. They have an academy at the church, so we should be able to do the homeschooling under its umbrella. If anyone has any tips or knowledge on homeschooling, I’m willing to listen! We live only a few minutes from the interstate, a ton of stores, malls, the movie theater, the library, Wal Mart, etc. Since moving here, Hailey has lost another tooth (her 3rd), and Addison has learned to stand on her own, taken up to 5 steps at a time, and is cutting 3 more teeth! My babies are growing up!

If anyone would like our new address, please e mail me! Have a wonderful summer. Leave a message!!

Hey! I know it has been a long time since I have gotten on here. As anyone with children knows, it has been very busy around here! Addison is getting bigger by the day. She turned four months old on Tuesday and had her check up the day before. She weighed in at 14 lb. 14.5 oz., and measured 26 inches long! I assumed we’d be starting cereal now, but the doctor said that’s not necessary with how well she is gaining weight with just breast feeding. She is holding her head up by herself very well, and is still very curious about everything going on around her. She is still a cuddler, and I hope that doesn’t change! And for everyone who thinks her hair is going to change, it is still brunette!! Her eyes have pretty much settled on brown, too hair and eyes like her daddy!

Hailey is absolutely loving Kindergarten. She attends Black Fox Elementary, and her teacher is Mrs. Robinson, who just so happens to have been my Kindergarten teacher, too! She absolutely loves music class and is enjoying learning to read. She is having issues understanding that even though one friend says they won’t be your friend if you play with other kids, you can still do it! We’re working on this with her. They had their first pep rally yesterday, and she had a blast. The whole kindergarten class wore green, Hailey’s favorite color. She’s been getting 100s on all of her schoolwork which I praise her on, even though she still isn’t sure why. Hailey is a wonderful big sister playing and talking with Addison, getting her passy, etc. This (early) morning Addison was crying and when I came out of her room from getting her passy, Hailey was standing there. Scared me! She had woken up from Addison’s crying and was getting up to give her the pacifier. She’s still praying every night for Addison to be healthy (what she did while I was pregnant) and for the next baby to be healthy, too (no, we’re not planning another one so soon!). She is such a caring, sweet little girl who is growing up so quickly. I’m amazed at all the little things she can do on her own now, like tie her shoes or open a bag of chips. She’s got definite musical abilities, and Ryan and I can’t wait to work with her on them! She loves to sing and is always making up songs; she loves guitar. We like to sit down in front of Addison and all sing while Ryan plays guitar. Addison gets very excited and smiles and laughs. Sometimes she tries to sing with us; I’m sure she’ll join in pretty soon! Also, Hailey recently lost a tooth! She was so excited. Hailey got baptized August 23. She got saved last June, but we wanted to make sure she understood before we let her get baptized. She was so excited to finally get baptized after wanting to for a year. She took her first Lord’s Supper this past Sunday, and we were very proud of how well she did.

As for Ryan and me, we’re constantly busy! Between doing things with the girls, church, Ryan’s work, and RU, we are never bored! Without God and each other, we couldn’t do it! Ryan is still planning to go to Bible college next year, which means a move to Knoxville so he can attend Crown College. As scary as that is to me, it is kind of exciting,
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too. I’ve never lived outside of Murfreesboro, but it is like an adventure for our family setting off on our own. They have already told him there will be no problem transferring to the Chuck E. Cheese over there, and that store had just stopped serving alcohol right before Ryan felt called to go to Crown. Amazing! And yes, it is absurd that any CEC serves alcohol!! Anyways, we are absolutely loving having “children” we couldn’t imagine only having one child anymore! RU keeps us busy, but we love serving in such an effective, God filled ministry. AND Ryan and I are still madly in love!!

Tiger is. still Tiger. Anyone want a dog? Just kidding. Kind of. He randomly throws up and tears up tissues. And he smells even right after a bath. On the bright side, he is really good at catching bugs and spiders, even flies that are in mid air. He also knows better than to get too close to Addison. Ugh. I guess we’ll keep him. Hopefully he’ll mellow out soon.

Well, I had better go. Addison is still asleep from an unusually long nap, and it is past time for her to eat. I need to wake her up, then head to Wal Mart. I will try to get some pics up tonight if things go smoothly.

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Our precious baby girl is finally here!

Addison Leah Stanley was born on May 15, 2009 at 2:53 pm at Middle Tennessee Medical Center. She was 8 lbs and 20 1/2 in long. She has a headful of dark hair (same as her Daddy’s) with a few natural highlights in it. It is about an inch long in the back and actually covers her little neck! Her eyes are a dark blue. Except for hair and eyes, she looks identical to Hailey as a baby. Hailey was born 5 days sooner than Addison and was 7 lbs 14 oz, 20 1/4 in long almost the same size.

The delivery went well. After a long, hard decision, we decided to induce on the 15th. We went in at 6:30am and started the induction at about 7:30. At around 2:30, I was ready to go, and the nurse finally decided it was time to call my doctor over from her office down the road. After about ten minutes of waiting and not being allowed to push, Dr. Bratsch arrived and we were on our way. I don’t remember exactly, but we figured it only took around 10 minutes for little Addison to make her appearance! Her shoulders were big and difficult to deliver and the cord was wrapped around her neck twice Praise the Lord we didn’t wait til Dad’s birthday! She was a little blue, but they laid her on my belly and rubbed her belly to irritate her and make her cry, which she did. When they put her on the warmer to clean her up, they gave her an oxygen mask to “pink her up,” and she gave us a peek at her fiestiness by pushing it away with both hands. She nursed right away and then got to meet her big sister. Hailey was the first visitor to come in and hold Addison. She gave Addie a gift and, to her surprise, got one in return from her new little sister. Everything really did go great. No complaints other than my ten minutes of waiting for the doc and being told I was not allowed to push!

We went home that Sunday afternoon. When Hailey came home and saw baby Addison there, she exclaimed “She’s here!” and ran over to give her a kiss. She was so excited that we actually had her at home with us. Since then, we have all been adjusting well. Addison is still breastfeeding very well and sleeps alot during the day. She is starting to sleep more at night, which is especially good since Ryan went back to work last Saturday after a week off. We are all completely and totally in love with the newest member of our little family. Hailey has been an excellent helper and big sister. I don’t even have to ask her to throw away diapers she grabs them just as soon as I close them up and put them down to finish dressing Addison. Ryan has been amazing taking extra shifts at night, changing most of the diapers, doing everything he can for all three of his girls. I am definitely a lucky woman! An thoughtful, caring husband, an awesome daughter, and an adorable new baby I’m blessed! God is so good. To think of all we went through in the past year and a half with two miscarriages, testing, losing Dad, and working hard to keep this pregnancy, I am so glad she is finally here and we can move forward.

On a different note, Hailey did graduate preschool! She is offically on her way to Kindergarten. I can’t believe it! Our little Hailey is going to school and, man, is she excited!

Now go look at the rest of the pictures of our Addison!!2 user comments / leave a comment

Today was a great day. It is my 22nd birthday , and we got to have an ultrasound done to get measurements from Addison. Thank you to all my birthday well wishers and for my gifts. Ryan took the day off, although I still had to work. He made breakfast, drove us to Wee School, brought and ate lunch with us, and picked us up. We then went to the doctor appointment and then Lisa watched Hailey so we could have a birthday dinner date. It had actually been awhile since we’d had any kind of date, so it was really great. I really have had a good day, even if my 3 year olds at wee school were very, um, challenging today.

So, on to the good stuff. Our ultrasound went very well. According to the technician, she has a head full of hair and chubby cheeks! Not that we really expected anything different. There is still no color ultrasound, so we’ll have to wait to find out hair color! To verify, I am 35 weeks, 5 days today. I will be officially 36 weeks on Thursday. According to the ultrasound, Addison is 6 lbs, 11 oz already! While the circumference of her head is right on at almost 36 weeks, the diameter is coming in at 37 1/2 weeks. Her legs are also measuring 37 1/2 weeks. She is head down and should be staying that way the remainder of the pregnancy. Dr. Bratsch said right now there is still a good chance of us making it to May 20, but we’ll have to look at that each week as she grows. At this point, babies gain about a half pound a week. Since I have four weeks til my due date, this means that Addie would probably be around 8 lb 11 oz at birth (which is actually my birth weight). When you add in head size, that makes things a little different in figuring if we can go that long. This was the reason I was induced two weeks early with Hailey. As much as I think it would be absolutely amazing and special to have her on my dad’s birthday, obviously our health comes way before that. The doctor said if she is too big there is a chance of an emergency C section or dystocia, which would require breaking the baby’s clavicle. Neither of which we want anything to do with!! So for anyone is counting, it is 29 days til we definitely have a baby (May 20) and 16 days if we go two weeks early. Although I do pray it is after 7pm on May 7 if I went into labor then. That is Hailey’s Wee School graduation, and I will not miss that! As ready as we are to have our baby, we still have work to do in the nursery and some basic essentials to purchase. Hopefully we’ll get that taken care of sooner, rather than later. We are pushed for time and can’t get out to look as much as we need to. We are looking for something medium sized, comfy, and preferably with a footrest. We don’t want a glider/rocker because of the “my three year old still won’t go to sleep without being rocked” thing. We avoided that with Hailey, and intend to again! We had found a super comfy, but very ugly chair with a built in footrest at a consignment shop on sale for $100. We didn’t get it, and when I went back with Mom 2 days later to show her what we were looking for it was gone. This is the type of thing we are looking for though! Thanks! Also, if you know of a good consignment shop around here,
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let me know!

I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that we and (as far as we know) all of our family are all safe. The tornado that came through here caused massive destruction everywhere and two deaths have been confirmed so far. Mom, Joey, Hailey, and I were on our way to the mall doing Easter shopping when we heard that we were under a tornado warning. We went straight into Chuck E. Cheese’s because Ryan was at work and rode out two tornado warnings in the back corridor of the mall. The tornado was not very far, but the Lord protected us. Our families are safe and so are our homes, although many people cannot say the same thing. We definitely need to be in an attitude of prayer for them and praise for our safety.

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The staggering amount the Queen spends on her socksEver thought about how much the Queen spends on socks? Fear not, we’ve got all the information right here.09:40, 4 MAY 2017Updated09:44, 4 MAY 2017The Queen is not short of money (Image: Getty Images Europe)

She doesn’t care so much for pasta, potatoes, or garlic. But positively adores her chocolate biscuit cake so much so that it travels with her, along with one of her sous chefs.

Her Majesty is unquestionably particular in her desires. She would be. She’s the Queen. The royal even has her shoes worn in by a maid before her feet even go near them.

But what of socks? If you thought there might be an area where even the Queen didn’t have a specialism, you’d be mistaken. Appropriate indeed, although we don’t know whether it’s the quality of the garments, or that the company happens to share its name with her favourite breed of dog that draws her favour. It could be both.

As you might imagine, Corgi Hosiery, which, as with all her favourite goods,
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has a Royal Warrant, makes luxury items. Its women’s socks start at per pair.

Some, such as a pair named after the Prince of Wales, can cost as much as Goodness.

Read More

Emergency meeting of royal households called

People don’t know whether they’re horrified or impressed by this Muller Corner prank

If you’re interested, the Queen’s penchant for posh frocks extends to her Wellies, too, which she buys from Hunter, Business Insider reports. Her underwear comes from the remarkably expensive Rigby Peller.

She buys her household items from John Lewis. High end, then, but not in the same league as her socks. She probably doesn’t have a toy penguin.

Court caseSchoolboy is ‘beaten by Pakistani men for dating a girl from their family who told him “Don’t mess with our blood”‘The Bengali student was taken prisoner by the Pakistani girl’s uncle, before her father, brother and cousin all joined in the attack, a court heard

TeachersLecturer slammed after getting down on her knees and demonstrating on student how to put condom on with your mouthThe lecturer was filmed putting a condom onto a plastic penis being held by a shell shocked student in Brazil
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Stage and screen actress Stephanie Beacham has been creating a storm in her role as Judith Bliss in Noel Coward’s classic comedy Hay Fever, but after spending seven months in the UK and venturing into panto for the first time, she’s going back to Malibu for a break. HEATHER RAMSDEN reports.

Recently seen as Phyl Oswyn in ITV’s Bad Girls (currently airing its eighth hit series) Stephanie says: “No, I’m not going back to prison. After this it’s going to have to be a really good film for me to agree to it.”

The production of Hay Fever is the last in a long line of roles for the 60 year old actress, who is probably best known for her role as Sable Colby, the plotting cousin of Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) in the hit 80s series Dynasty and its spin off The Colbys.

But she disagrees this is her best known role. “Some people know me best as Sable Colby, but others say Oh You’re Luke Perry’s mum from Beverly Hills 90210, others know me as Rose Millar in the BBC drama Tenko, some people know me better as other characters.”

Her credits even include a first time dabble in the world of panto in the form of the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford last December.

But whichever her most memorable role was, Stephanie says she is most unlike the glamourous villainess, Sable Colby. “I’m seldom out of my Ugg boots. But don’t get me wrong, I have had more wonderful clothes in my life than anyone I know, but I am not fussy about my clothes or what I look like, unless I am on stage.”

Stephanie’s stage career began quite by accident on a stopover to Liverpool to visit a boyfriend who was an actor. Having being born partially deaf (she only has 40 per cent hearing) Stephanie decided at a young age to give movement classes to deaf children. With this in mind she went off to study mime in Paris.

However her stay there came to an abrupt end when she was fired from an au pair job and she returned to England via Liverpool. She walked into a theatre where auditions were being held, auditioned for a juvenile lead role and got the part.

She was only 17 then, but her career went from strength to strength and she eventually won a starring role opposite screen legend Marlon Brando in the film The Nightcomers. It was a role which would make her turn away from Hollywood.

She later told Hello Magazine: “Between the film’s subject matter, the love scenes, and Brando, The Nightcomers got a lot of publicity and quite naturally, this affected me, as well. I was just a young thing at the time, and I didn’t understand anything about this business.

“If someone could have guided me slowly towards a career in the United States, little by little, I would surely have followed the path. But it wasn’t like that, and I ran away from the American movie scene and everything that went with it.”

Instead, Stephanie returned to the stage and met her husband John McEnery, with whom she had two daughters, Phoebe and Chloe.

When her marriage ended some years later, Stephanie was left to raise her two daughters single handedly while subsequently building a successful career as an actress.

She has one piece of “good advice” to all mothers who want children and a career. “Never go to bed unless you have done everything you need to do to prepare for the next day.

“Don’t leave a letter, don’t leave the dishes, don’t leave the laundry. If something is left undone, don’t leave it, finish it!”

Sticking to this policy has allowed her to build a career which has made her face instantly recognisable, having been cast opposite names such as Ava Gardner ( in the film Tam Lin 1971) and Charlton Heston.

Her extensive career, which encompasses film, theatre and television, has earned her nominations for a Golden Globe (for Sister Kate) and a People’s Choice Award (The Colbys). Stephanie also works as a spokesman for the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association, serves on the Board of Directors for Free Arts for Abused Children and is associated with the Tinnitus Society of Great Britain.

The actress has homes on both sides of the Atlantic and in March 2005, on a visit to the coastal town of Essaouira in Morocco, Stephanie liked what she saw there and by the end of her three week stay had bought a property. Ten months later she had transformed the ramshackle two storey dwelling into a graceful home.

She told The Times earlier this year: “Islamic architecture works whether you’re an inch from a building or 100 yards away. There is something about the proportions. The privacy of Islamic architecture is another of its great charms. You get no idea of the inside from looking at the outside.”

She says she chose Morocco because she thought initially it might make a good exchange for California, but she now tells me with too many friends in California, it will probably be Morocco which has to go.

Next she has her heart set on South America, but for now she says, it’s back to Malibu.

“I imagine there will be a sitcom coming along, and I have a film coming out called Love and Other Disasters, but when I am finished in the summer I’m just going to have a long break.

Not relishing return to Bromley

Stephanie Beacham may not relish the thought of returning to Bromley, but promises theatre lovers they won’t be disappointed with Noel Coward’s comedy Hay Fever, in which she stars.

Set in the country home of the eccentric Bliss family, Hay Fever tells the story of Judith (Stephanie) a retired stage actress, David (Christopher Timothy), a novelist, and, their two children all of whom live in their own world where the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred.

Already being well received around the country, Stephanie says: “Seldom have I had so many nice adjectives applied to my name.

“Come and see this play. Why? Because there are so many horrible things going on in the world and this play takes you back to a time when things were really good. It is set in an era in which we had just won the war. It’s genuinely good escapism’.
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