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This weeks session was all about bringing our research of the city together to begin to form ideas for our final assessed piece. In the build up to this week we were asked to write our own invisible cities in the style of Calvino based on our research from previous weeks. As I began to write my invisible city I struggled to think of how I was going to structure it and what it was I wanted to put across to the reader. However when looking back at previous readings I came across a quote that really helped me to come to terms with this task. Once I allowed myself to see the space as empty I was able to pick small aspects of the city that I wanted to write about and place them on my blank canvas, along with some fabricated ideas as well. I think this really helped me to create a piece of writing in the style of Calvino as it had a more dreamlike feel to it and was not entirely factual, much like the invisible cities described within the text itself. The outcome of approaching the task in this way can be seen below:

As you trek on through a succession of trees, their branches intertwined and looming high above you in an eerie manner, a bright light shines from the end of the leafy tunnel as you gain pace to reach the end and witness the most beautiful city of all, Hesnia. Stepping into the city you are greeted by a vast expanse of free flowing water, filled with hues of blue and green. A small boat slowly drifts by enticing you to board and follow the slow stream all the way down till you reach a hill. The hill seems to stretch on forever getting steeper and steeper with every step you take, twisting and turning you stop to catch your breath, only to be left breathless when you reach the top. Breathless by the site of a magnificent and brightly lit cathedral towering above you, filled with detail over every inch, right from the bottom to the very tip of the top. Gargoyles and angels, the faces of saints and a dated design blanket the exterior, and you marvel for a few moments at the beauty of it all. When you finally turn away after absorbing its wonder you are faced with a much sterner and intimidating site,
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though still magnificent to look at none the less. Its walls climb high above your head and bowmen stand like statues in the battlement as you venture slowly through the wrought iron gates. Before you even enter the castle you can almost hear the screams of the prisoners within the old gaol. Some have gone mad with the isolation of being held separate from the other prisoners, some were merely mad before they arrived there. This place is a place of fear within the city of Hesnia, but it is some comfort to know that the terror is contained within this one place, guarded by statuesque bowmen. But are they there for our protection or for their own? Heading back down the hill you take a twist and a turn in another direction and are met by a quaint tea room where you can rest, quench your thirst and feed your hunger from the journey to the top of the hill. As you push open the door you are pulled into a place filled with the history of Hesnia, pictures and music entice your senses and you realise that this is the heart of the city. It’s history not how it is today but how it was many years ago. Read a Mini Ninjas review plus

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