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Today I leaving on a family trip from which I won be distracted by the latest IABC sturm und drang. I dig back into this story when I back, and over the next few weeks leading up to the IABC conference, after which I plan to write a state of the association story.

Before I go, I like to answer the IABC leaders and others who have questioned the relevance of the details in this situation, and our right to know what happened at IABC.

IABC represents our community the closest thing communicators have to a professional family. Imagine coming into your home to a stench in the air and scorch marks on the kitchen wall. You ask what happened, and your teenager says, “It doesn matter what happened. What important is that I going to the store with your money and get some cleaning supplies and all this will look fine by Friday, I promise.”

It exactly that ridiculous and childish for IABC leaders to put forth a completely opaque set of talking points and news release and expect us all to shrug with scorch marks all around us and acrid smoke still in the air, and give the people who made them the benefit of the such profound doubt. members who care about their association want to know and will find out: WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED HERE? Only after they satisfied with a reasonable accounting of what went wrong will they begin to listen to leaders talk about how they going to make it right.

And one more thing: A board member who would call such reasonable questions about IABC management “voyeurism” ought to be eliminated from the conversation altogether. Silence from IABC, which responds to Ragan, but not to me.

My missing self defense on LinkedIn has mysteriously appeared, though no one at IABC has responded to my repeated inquiries.

The rumor mill is producing a dozen variations of the so called back story.

In the absence of communication from IABC leaders, the real story behind Sorek sacking may never be told. Issuing talking points and instructing chapter leaders to stay inside the company line is not what I would call transparency. It a recipe for disaster.

IABC insiders knew for a while that a plan was afoot to force Chris exit. Too many people inside headquarters and around the country were upset with the lack of communication. Announcing his departure now was clearly a move to avoid a very awkward situation at the World Conference in a few weeks.

IABC leaders: Get the story out so you don die by a hundred cuts over the next two weeks. Talk about what happened openly and honestly. No one expects you to criticize Chris directly. We know that not possible.

The problems with the association are multi faceted and go well beyond one executive director role.

So get with it. You communicators for heaven sake! Communicate.

To which International Executive Board member Kristen Sukalac replied, in part: “There is a fine line between transparency and voyeurism. . There are two key principles to bear in mind when reporting: materiality and contextualization. For the first, the question to be answered is issues (potentially) have an impact. The second is does this matter? . PST: IABC external relations pro questions my ethics, then (apparently) deletes my response

IABC longtime volunteer leader and now paid external relations chief Claire Watson wrote in a thread on IABC LinkedIn group: “What interests me . is the fact that the international Chair sent a message to internal leaders that was immediately shared with a non member journalist who didn even pick up the phone and ask for more details and clarification. I wonder about the ethics of balanced reporting and I wonder about ethics in relationship to volunteer leadership positions, and the underlying motive for even going there.”

Since that non member journalist would be me, I responded with a comment to the affect that I published the information I had from two sources, last night. I added that I had emails in as of last night with both IABC PR director, Aaron Heinrich and its chair, Kerby Meyers. Neither have yet gotten back to me, and neither has Watson, even though I provided my phone number.

My comment didn appear and is no longer in the “pending comments” section. And my ethics are being questioned? Ms. Watson, please Claire ify. PST: IABC leaders say strategy hasn changed, World Conference “is not a mess”; ask for “respect, dignity and support”

“IABC strategy remains on track. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our members and growing the Association. We have an ambitious agenda and will continue to implement innovative products and services that raise the bar within the communication profession worldwide.”

In Facebook discussion started by IABC Fellow Tudor Williams, longtime IABC volunteer Claire Watson, who has now joined the IABC staff to handle “external relations,” said:

“To those of you who are worried about World Conference, it is not a mess. We are on target and have great staff who have been working tirelessly to make this conference absolutely amazing. As the recently appointed External Relations person, I am happy to say that the good ship IABC sails on schedule and is primed to meet the future with both inspiration and innovation. And yes, proud to be a long time member and volunteer and we counting on your respect, dignity and support for us as we move forward with strength, purpose and conviction.”
ugg australia classic short boots Chris Sorek is out at IABC