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Osbaldiston GW, Greve T, “Estimating adrenal cortical function in dogs with ACTH.”, Cornell Vet, 1978 Jul;68(3):308 9Anaerobic when oxygen availability is scarce, C. violacum decreases pyruvate dehydrogenase activity, uses pyruvates or derivatives of pyruvates as electrons and a hydrogen acceptor in the reoxidation of NADH.

Metabolism of glucose produces acetic and formic acid, not lactic acid as in other microbes.

Metabolism of Trp for production of Violacein

Besides breaking down simple sugars to produce energy, C. violaceum can also metabolize amino acids to produce keto acids, which are then converted to Acetyl CoA for energy production. Another non sugar source for energy harvest would be the oxidation of fatty acids into reduced nucleotides and Acetyl CoA (Creczynski Pasa, T. B. Antonio, R. violaceum is a free living microbe common found in soil and water of tropical and subtropical regions; its capability of arsenic resistance and cyanase production allows C. violaceum to contribute to bioremediation such as recycling CCA (chromate copper arsenate), or providing an alternative ways of mining gold from ore without using cyanide solution cyanide spill causes environmental pollution.

Chromobacteria do not usually cause diseases in humans, the first C. violaceum infection reported was in 1927 from Malaysia, and approximately 150 cases reported worldwide, such as Asia, USA, Australia, and Africa (Martinez Mattar, 2007).

C. Carepo et al., 2004).

hcnABC Operon coding for HCN production which could be used in bioleaching for gold recovery; Traditionally, gold is retrieved from ores using cyanide solution through the process of cyanide heap leach process. This process is time consuming and the solution of cyanide metal complex is stored in ponds, meaning that there is always a possibility of spillage, causing environmental pollution.

hcn operon of C. violaceum provides an alternative of mining gold process called bioleaching; in which they could solubilize 100% of the gold within a week (190 91).

ORF CV0864 (open reading frame)encodes for Acid Dehalogenase on the hcn Operon; this gives the bacterium a very beneficial biological application in detoxifying halogenated compounds that are degradative to the environment (186 7).

Violacein, a compound that forms purple color when reacted in trypic soy broth is reported to have antimicrobial, antiviral, anticancer, and bactericidal activities (Brazilian National Genome Project Consortium).

Mouse and Human Cell Activation by N dodecanoyl DL Homoserine Lactone, a Chromobacterium violaceum Autoinducer
ugg bailey bow Chromobacterium violaceum