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Joe Taylor and his son, Nolan, loaded an air compressor in the back of their pickup truck Thursday, one of the spoils of the first day of Crown Point’s three day citywide garage sale.

“I’m the muscle,” Joe Taylor, of Crown Point, said. to begin shopping.

“I filled my car up,” Angela Taylor said, adding she took that car home and brought the men back out with her to pick up what she could not carry. So far, Angela Taylor said, she scored some vintage Diamond Craft Cookware, a raccoon trap for Nolan, 15, a pair of Ugg boots and some baseball bats, among other items.

The next phase of the garage sale search would be for camping and golf equipment, and possibly a dirt bike or four wheeler if it runs and the price is right, Joe Taylor said.

“I plan all the routes,” Angela Taylor said. They had just come from the Havenwood subdivision before they hit Elizabeth Drive and the surrounding neighborhood. She planned to hit the north side of the city Friday and will catch any she missed along with those who are just selling for one day, on Saturday.

“Everybody knows I’m the garage sale queen,” Angela Taylor laughed.

More than 180 homes registered to be part of the annual garage sale,
ugg sale boots Citywide garage sale attracts bargain
Diana Bosse, the city’s director of special events, said. The city introduced an interactive map this year, available on the website,

Diane Comerford and her neighbor, Karen O’Drobinak, each had their garages opened up for the sale.

“It’s been really busy. We’ve done really well,” O’Drobinak said. The woman say their success for the day was in spite of the map, which some shoppers said they struggled to print.

“Still, we are selling a lot,” Comerford said.

O’Drobinak had her husband, Tim, helping with the garage sale. It was the first time the couple participated in the sale.

“We have too much stuff,” Tim said. The couple recently sold a second home and now have more contents than space to keep it. He said the sales were going well because he was offering good customer service, carrying the heavy items out for shoppers.

He was busy measuring the width of a bi fold shuttered closet door for Rob and Pam Otano, of Crown Point. The door was something their son was looking for. Pam Otano said they surprisingly found several available at various stops, but the O’Drobinaks’ door was the first one they found that was the right size and for $6, a deal. Rob Otano also found a couple wooden sailor statues he liked.

“We also ended up buying something we didn’t really need,” Pam Otano said, teasing her husband. Rob Otano was looking at a plant stand and accidentally broke a glass piece. She said the owner told the couple not to worry,
ugg sale boots Citywide garage sale attracts bargain
but they ended up buying it anyway.