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POCATLELO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) There is a need for local EMTs and firefighters. Local leaders said if they can start encouraging the next generation to pursue a career in emergency response, it could lead to a bigger problem, and bigger need, in the future.

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately every 40 seconds, someone has a heart attack. each year. Keep in mind, there were a few states that did report numbers, so that number is likely even higher.

250,000 to respond to more than 240 million calls for help.

think we always looking for people to fill our positions,” said Pocatello fire chief David Gates.

Even locally, Gates said their call load is not decreasing.

ran 8,300 calls last year,” Gates said. “That was the most we ever run. We had nine months that were peak months they were all monthly records. Our average daily call rate is 22, 23 calls per day and it been climbing about half a call per day on average. That call volume is something that we don see waning anytime soon.”

That why Gates said program like the Pocatello/Chubbuck school district first responder academy, which teaches kids at the high school level, is important.

a great need in EMS and also in fire and law, as we having some folks getting ready to retire we need the younger generations to continue to fill those positions that are always opening, said Mark Brood, lead instructor for the first responder academy program.

are coming up on a period of time where we had quite a few hires about 25 years ago so we have, we call it a bubble, so we coming up on that bubble and that might result in a greater number of retirees,
uggs bailey button sale Chubbuck first responder program hoping to fill need for EMTs
” explained Gates. “Then if you listen to the reports form the Department of Labor, this is going to become more and more of a serious problem as the baby boomers exit the job force. Having to fill that need is going to be a challenge. that what the first responder academy hopes to help with.

they graduate out of high school with the CT program, it actually get them ready for a career so they can actually be ready to sit for the NREMT testing and if they leave here successfully, they can go right into the workforce,” Brood said.

Gates said another problem is that, nowadays, less and less people are lining up to certify for the job.

also seen a decline in the applications,” he said. “When I hired on, we had upwards of 300 people testing for the relatively few positions. Now we down in the 120 range so clearly a substantial decline in people who are actually interested in the profession. Gates said it not just the training itself that a benefit it also beneficial to do it locally because often, those who grew up might stay here if given the chance.

think the beauty of our community is that people may not like it here if they come from somewhere else with the qualifications, whereas if we can find people in our own community with the qualifications, odds are they want to stay in our community,” Gates said.

Brood said the program has been running about two years now. Currently, he has 15 students which is an increase from previous classes. Though it is relatively new, he said he has seen a few successes so far with people really utilizing their training.

is actually going to ISU through the medical program. She aspiring to be a doctor,” Brood said. “And then I have another person who is actually working out at Chubbuck Fire, and completing his EMT testing. So we have two successes so far. said as the program gets more settled, he expects it to grow a litle more. He said even if kids decide not to pursue the career in emergency response, it never hurts to have EMT training in your pocket and on your resume.

Gates said another reason to offer it at the high school level is for kids to have options. He said many high school graduates are unable or reluctant to pursue a four year college degree, so having a program like the academy, can get them nearly ready to enter the job force right after graduation. He said without that start earlier on in their education, they may miss out on a career opportunity they didn think about.
uggs bailey button sale Chubbuck first responder program hoping to fill need for EMTs