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7th March 2017Quote: “I made this deal with myself that whenever I travel, and there’s a foreign language, I must pick something up. I love learning languages. It’s also a way of paying respect to my international fans.” Singer Ciara makes an effort to learn new languages.

7th March 2017Quote: “I didn’t get to go to college because of my career. That’s the one thing I fantasise about sometimes.” Singer Ciara has dreams of furthering her education.

14th July 2016Quote: “There were too many best parts, but I think one that comes to mind right away is Earth, Wind Fire performing. That was kind of everything. For me, it was my most perfect day I’ve ever had in my life, so it was pretty awesome.” Ciara recaps her wedding day in England. The singer married sportsman Russell Wilson last week (06Jul16).

15th October 2015Fact: Ciara has recorded a new version of the Rolling Stones classic Paint it Black for Vin Diesel’s new action film The Last Witch Hunter. The track can be heard over the end credits to the movie.

17th July 2015Quote: “I’ve always said I was a fan of Tom’s we have the same trainer, so after meeting him I was like, ‘I support that guy, because he was a really cool guy’, but I know who the number one is. That’s very clear.” Singer Ciara insists her boyfriend Russell Wilson is a bigger American football star in her eyes than her one time training partner Tom Brady.

16th July 2015Quote: “It’s until the deal is sealed. It’s cool when you get to build a foundation with someone. and get to really know each other’s personalities. It’s really fun. You go one day at a time and I’m really enjoying every day that we’re sharing.” Singer Ciara has no problems with boyfriend Russell Wilson’s no sex before marriage policy. National Anthem at next week’s (14Jul15) 86th Annual MLB All Star game at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park in Ohio. The pre game festivities will also feature Josh Turner singing God Bless America.

7th May 2015Quote: “All I can say to you is he really is an awesome person. Everything in life is about timing. I’ve been able to have my experiences and learn from them and kind of figure out the thing that works for me and is best for me and that’s all I can really say.” R singer Ciara prefers to remain coy about her budding new romance with American football superstar RUSSELL WILSON. They made their public debut as a couple at a White House state dinner last week (ends01May15).

5th May 2015Quote: “He’s actually on one of my songs that I did with Diane Warren. He has a cute little laughing moment. He just was the best spirit around. He’s really my good luck charm, and just a ball of energy and. a ray of light and the best thing that’s happened to me.” R singer Ciara recruited her baby boy Future for a track on her new album, Jackie, named in honour of her mother.

25th April 2014Quote: “Everything from breastfeeding to how a stroller works.” Pregnant singer Ciara reveals she has been getting lots of baby tips from pal Kim Kardashian.

24th April 2014Quote: “I feel like pregnancy has been a great fashion challenge because you can’t wear things that you used to wear and you still want to feel like who you are. I have to pay some credit to my fiance’s closet, because I literally have worn probably all of his clothes.” Heavily pregnant singer Ciara has been dressing in her rapper beau Future’s clothes as her body expands.

16th January 2014Quote: “I kind of want to take the theme that ‘baggy is the new sexy.’ I don’t know, I just want to be comfortable. When I can’t wear heels anymore, I won’t wear heels. I’ll be putting on my Jordans (sneakers). My Jordans and my Uggs (sheepskin boots) will be my best friends, but it’s all about being comfortable.” Pregnant singer Ciara is choosing comfort over fashion as she dresses for her expanding figure. The R star confirmed news she is expecting a baby with fiance Future on Tuesday (14Jan14).

16th January 2014Quote: “I did have a preference before I found out what it was. (The result) was different than what I thought, but my fiance got what he wanted.” Pregnant R star Ciara plays coy about the gender of her first child with rapper Future.

31st July 2013Quote: “It made the process of making music that much more special because,
uggs with heels Ciara Quotes
you know, you’re with someone who cares about the best outcome. He’s also my best friend. We initially met (in 2012) with the best intentions to work together. We just vibed really well together and that turned into something else. Singer Ciara enjoyed working with her boyfriend Future on her self titled new album.

14th July 2013Quote: “I would like to work with Janet Jackson. We could do something fun.” Ciara on her dream collaboration.

14th July 2013Quote: “I am coming out of my shell and I am sharing more but I think it’s really important to have some of your life for yourself.” Singer Ciara on turning down offers to front her own reality Tv show.

1st July 2013Fact: R star Ciara’s ex boyfriend and basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire celebrated his recent nuptials to wife Alexis Welch during an extravagant bash in Miami, Florida on Saturday (29Jun13). The couple legally wed in December (12) and marked the special occasion over the weekend with a handful of celebrity friends, including Timbaland, Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz.

4th June 2012Fact: R singer Ciara’s ex boyfriend Amar’E Stoudemire is engaged to wed the mother of his three children. The New York Knicks basketball star proposed to Alexis Welch during a romantic trip to Paris, France on Saturday (02Jun12).

13th September 2011Tweet: “Rip 2 my favorite rapper of all time! 2pac! shedsomanytears my most favorite song of his. Love” R singer Ciara marks the 15th anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death on Tuesday (13Sep11).

31st October 2010Fact: Ciara celebrated her birthday with a special Halloween party on Friday (29Oct10) she dressed as Storm from The X Men to host a bash at Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas. The singer turned 25 on 25 October (10).

28th October 2010Fact: Singer Ciara was treated to a surprise birthday party to celebrate turning 25 years old on Monday (25Oct10). Socialite Kim Kardashian organised the bash at New York’s Greenhouse venue, while CHRIS BROWN DJ ed.

16th September 2010Quote: “I am single. I want someone who is confident, someone that’s fun, someone that can support me and motivate me, and they gotta be sexy too.” R singer Ciara is hunting for a man.

12th August 2010Quote: “Honestly, I used to always try to create one. I don’t think I really have one. But someone’s fashion that I’ve loved over the years is Jennifer Lopez. I think she’s been very consistent and has done such a great job when it comes to fashion.” R singer Ciara takes inspiration from the singing and acting superstar’s wardrobe choices.

1st February 2010Quote: “I am single. Not ready to mingle, but I’m ready to take my time when the time is right. I am single and I am focused.” R singer Ciara, who was most recently linked to rap superstar 50 Cent, doesn’t want to rush into romance.

12th August 2009Fact: R star Ciara was named after her mum’s favourite perfume.

31st July 2009Quote: “MJ was my biggest inspiration. I had been so looking forward to seeing Michael’s show in London and finally meeting him. It’s important for my generation of musicians to keep his memory alive.” R beauty Ciara hopes today’s stars will continue Michael Jackson’s musical legacy.

25th June 2009Quote: “You can’t stop rumours, you can’t stop people saying negative things, you can’t stop that stuff, so I’m not gonna let it stop me.” Ciara isn’t fazed by false media speculation.

25th June 2009Quote: “Everything about Britney makes you like her. I feel like she’s a star. She’s got that energy that’s just magnetic. She just glows. It’s not just one thing about her that makes her cool.” Ciara is a fan of superstar Britney Spears after supporting her on her CIRCUS world tour.
uggs with heels Ciara Quotes