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I need a keeper. Or a personal assistant. Or a live in mom. Or a brain. Yeah, if I had a brain, maybe it would occur to me to not wear a tank top in sub Arctic temperatures.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’ sub Arctic at the Baylor game Saturday, and no, I wasn’t actually brainless enough to wear a tank top. But, in classic Wendy style, I was dressed entirely inappropriately. And I was freezing.

But before I tell my sad tale of stupidity, I have to give props to Baylor. Way to sic ’em, Bears! And I must apologize to my Aunt Donna and Uncle Mike, who were somewhere in the stadium, swathed in maroon, singing “Hullaballoo, kaneck, kaneck,” hoping their boys would win. You guys were probably on the sunny side of Floyd Casey. Be glad!

I sat in the shade, in jeans and a long sleeve, white, tissue T shirt with a deep v neck. Oh. My. God. I was cold. I tried to find solace in the fact that at least I didn’t wear flip flops, but that thought was cold comfort (pun intended).

The hybrid Aggie/Bear, Hillsboro lawyer sitting next to me asked where my jacket was. “I have a pathological inability to dress appropriately for the weather,” I told him. The family man on the other side of me took pity on me toward the end of the second quarter and gave me his jacket to wear. He was bundled up well without it. I enjoyed the half time show and then the coat giver taketh ed back. He and his family moved to go sit with friends. Shortly after that, I decided I’d had all the fun I could take, plus I had a roughly 17 mile walk to my car, so I thought I better get moving. Maybe that would return the feeling to my extremeties.

The whole experience made me A) wish I had good sense and, B) seriously consider something which I love to make fun of, but have secretly wanted for the last 3 years Uggs. They seem like an exorbitant buy, but they also seem like they would be so warm and fuzzy that you could where them with a bathing suit in a snowstorm and be ok.

I may or may not get them. But if I do, I promise not to wear them with wind shorts 😉

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cheap mens ugg slippers and a pair of Uggs