leather ugg boots Turning the page on this chapter for Brophy

summer uggs Turning the page on this chapter for Brophy

The building housing Brophy and the land lease to the Dolphin Inn adjoining it have been purchased by Grossmans, the same Phoenix, Arizona based firm that bought the La Playa Carmel hotel a few years ago. The Reimers kept Brophy open through the AT Pebble Beach Pro Am this year in a deal in which they sold their liquor license and the tavern name and logo to Grossmans.

Grossmans, which informed the Reimers of its plans to purchase the building 16 months ago, has not offered jobs to any of Brophy staff. The company told the Reimers they have their own people.

The Reimers, who have owned Brophy for five and a half years, hope to open in a new Carmel location, obviously with a different name.

are still actively looking, but it got to be the right place, Rosemary Reimers said. has been a crying place for the last week. We been taking pictures off the wall and giving them to people. We have a lovely place and lovely customers and a lovely staff.

is no place for the locals now, said Carmel resident Carol Toth, on her way out of Brophy Thursday afternoon. really need a local bar. a lot of people here, this is like a family, said regular customer Frank Libari. come because they can be themselves. It very non judgmental. the fictional TV bar Brophy is a place where everybody knows your name. But it also a place where everybody knows your drink, your birthday, your family and what going on in your life.

leather ugg boots Turning the page on this chapter for Brophy
said Erin Reimer, almost like losing our family. We kind of created an extended family. former Nordstrom buyer and manager in Scottsdale, Arizona, Erin Reimer traded in her high heels for a pair of Ugg boots to join the family business. She is known for opening the restaurant bar on her own on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. It gave people who have no families a place to gather on holidays. Brophy also celebrated its customers birthdays.

During the Christmas holidays, the owners hung up Christmas stockings with staff members names on them. But they also hung up Santa hats with the names of customers 87 in all. People who move away call Brophy and say, hat better be up, Rosemary Reimer said.

Brophy is known as a place for drinks, plenty of TV screens for watching sports and food. Erin Reimer calls the menu Brophy is listed in Frommer travel guides as having the best burger in Carmel. each day Brophy fills up. Locals wander in and hug and kiss each other. Caddies wind down from working the golf links. Sometimes they bring their clients.

One wall is taken up by a photo of the Pebble Beach Golf Links. A plastic covering contains the signatures of famous people who have visited. One reads, wit and wisdom served nightly. The other reads, use back door. the staff shift changes. On a recent weekday, the dining tables were packed and it was standing room only at the bar. The atmosphere was raucous with plenty of laughter. A woman in her 80s wearing a Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors jersey waited for the basketball game to begin.

She is concerned about her own family, but also about her staff and customers. Dan Reimer has been shopping staff members resumes to other Monterey Peninsula establishments to find them new jobs. The Reimers are hoping their staff can hang on for two months while they work to find a new location in Carmel proper.

think what we do doesn transfer anywhere else, Erin Reimers said. She compared Brophy to a big living room where people gather for fun and companionship.

They may have lost the name Brophy but the Reimers say they have built something more. talked it over and said, don need the name because we have this, said Rosemary Reimers, sweeping her arm toward the packed room.
leather ugg boots Turning the page on this chapter for Brophy