montclair ugg boots An alternative to wearing Uggs

new style ugg boots An alternative to wearing Uggs

With the air turning chilly after a less than average summer, it may well be time to ditch the gladiator sandles and flip flops and get your Uggs out or is it?

Us Brits have a bit of a love hate relationship with Uggs yes they keep your feet nice and toasty, but a) everyone is wearing them b) you just look like you expecting an arctic downfall.

If you sick of wearing the same thing as everyone else and you looking for something that warm and stylish, perhaps it time to treat your feet to something new this autumn/winter.

“For Autumn/Winter 09 there a horror movie/gothic theme creeping in.

“They may look menacing but biker boots are the perfect winter boot. Why get wet, soggy feet in Ugg boots when you can have comfort, foot support and stay dry throughout our inevitably wet winter? Add some leg warmers to soften the look and keep you warm, a slouchy sweater, patterned leggings and you are ready to rock!” she added. Inspired by folk trends and using rustic designs and natural colours, the shoes are made using faux fur, leather and suede, and even claim to help you burn more calories bonus! (125)

Deichmann: Brown sheep skin boots

We also love these brown sheepskin boots with a high heel, thick tread and faux sheepskin, from Deichmann (pictured above) (27.99)

Ankle bootsIf you want to go for a rock chick or cowgirl look, then this is the boot for you. from Bourgeois Boheme Autumn/Winter collection is a two tone ankle boot that comes in blue or brown and has a leather style toe cap. (125)

The classic bootIf you worried about getting suede ruined in bad weather, Hush Puppies has launched its new Luxe Collection range, including this gorgeous knee high suede boot (pictured above), which is comfy and warm but will still look good whether you wearing a dress of pair of skinny jeans. (110)

Riding bootWho says you need to know how to ride a horse? Bourgeois Boheme sells leather free boots and boasts Natalie Portman as the owner of its Venus boot. Described as and shiny with petite silver buckles at the heel and calf, this boot is another great choice for cold and rainy days. (107.95)
montclair ugg boots An alternative to wearing Uggs