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But as has often been the case this year, the Canucks new core (Nexus? Let call them The Nexus), decided to have a go of things and fight against the dying of the light.

Boeser, Horvat, Baertschi and Stecher had themselves a pretty great game.

Vanek and Edler, the wise leaders for this young group, also played solid.

If you ever wanted a sign of the times, look at the Sedins ice time:

Daniel Sedin: 10:20

Henrik Sedin: 13:18

Boeser and Horvat? 18+ minutes.

At one point it felt like Travis Green was just closing his eyes and covering his ears and shouting Boeser back out there!
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as Brock was deployed throughout the lines.

With Horvat out for so long, sometimes it easy to forget the kind of impact he can have on a game, but it was hard to forget it tonight.

At this rate Horvat and Boeser will appear on Season 3 of Riverdale, competing for the hearts and captaincy of the Riverdale Bulldogs.

The crowd was alive as it ever been, sans Larscheiders, in the third period when the Canucks pulled within one goal.

For an arena that can get so silent all you left with is your own inner dialogue of sadness, it was refreshing to see some energy in Rogers Arena.

So yeah.

Maybe not a defining moment for The Nexus.

But it was another brick in the path to a life without the Sedins.

A path that at least shows there might be some excitement somewhere down the line.


Post game comments by Boeser and Horvat, not the Sedins.


It was no surprise to see Tampa Bay jump to a quick start,
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when they made it 1 0 less than two minutes into the game: