ugg charm Tulsa native’s popular line of boots lets cowgirls get comfy

uggs classic tall Tulsa native’s popular line of boots lets cowgirls get comfy

Adria Laxson’s “cowgirl riders” boots have taken her from Tulsa to New York Fashion Week.

Now the Western boots from her line, Cicciabella, have taken off in the children’s fashion scene, causing some attention thanks to former “Toddlers and Tiaras” reality TV star Eden Wood, who is now the company’s spokesperson.

The cowgirl riders are a slip on boot with soft lining similar to UGG brand boots but they are designed to look like cowboy boots on the outside and have colorful designs.

“We like to say the hallmark of Cicciabella is playful, fun fashion,” said Laxson, a graduate of Broken Arrow High School.

Laxson said the shoe line, which has a Western theme, was a hit in Tulsa. But then the cowgirl riders took off nationally.

“It seems like it really took off in 2006 it got really popular, and we had a lot of knockoffs,” Laxson said. “So in 2010 I had booked a show during Fashion Week, and we got a mention in (the New York Post’s) Page Six, so that really got us on everybody’s mind.”

Although the boots were originally made for women, Cicciabella had also begun making them for children.

They were a hit and started to be featured in children’s beauty pageants, Laxson said.

“Some of it was a little shocking to me. Some people think that pageantry girls, it’s such a bad thing,” she said. “But then I met Eden at a Fashion Week event, and she’s the sweetest little thing. Her mom was also really sweet and really down to earth.”

Wood got some media attention last summer for “retiring” from the pageant world at the age of 6 to focus on an acting and modeling career. She’s being featured on her own reality show, and Laxson said she hopes some footage of Wood working with the Cicciabella line will make it through the editing process.

“She really loves it,” Laxson said of Wood’s work.

Retail to runway

Laxson sold Cicciabella in her store, Ciel Gallery, for years. And one day, she had the courage to ask the line’s creator, Cindy Farina of California, if she could design her own shoe.

“They sold so well in my retail location that they let me do some designing,” she said.

Eventually, the time was right for the Farinas to sell the company, and they chose Laxson as their first choice to buy them out. So she bought Cicciabella in 2010.

“The previous owners are like my family, and they still give great advice,” Laxson said.

Farina said that though they’ve never met in person, she feels like they are “sisters.” Even though they no longer own the business, they enjoy keeping up with it through Laxson.

“We adore her, so we can’t help but keep a hand in it and go back and forth with her on emails and assist her with whatever she needs,” Farina said in a telephone interview. “We knew she was going to take it by storm.”
ugg charm Tulsa native's popular line of boots lets cowgirls get comfy