ugg toddler An Exclusive Hedge fund interview with Living Planet Fund

baby ugg boots uk An Exclusive Hedge fund interview with Living Planet Fund

The Living Planet Fund Management Company was set up by WWF International, one of the largest environmental organisations in the world. It has been created in 2003 to manage the Living Planet Fund, a socially responsible investment (SRI) fund. The Living Planet Fund is a Luxembourg, UCIT’s III Fund managing EUR$27.2 million and showing a performance in euro of 25.6% since inception for its Class B (data as at end June 2008).

We also have ‘leaders’ and ‘innovators’ company as follows:

Following a global equity strategy, the Living Planet Fund takes a socially responsible approach as well. Can you elaborate on how these two (ie the analytical and ethical aspects) are combined into the management process?

By combining the two, we have the best of both worlds the financial/analytical aspect plus the ethical aspect on top. The criteria used for analysis and selection consist of three major steps.

Step 1: Companies considered for inclusion in the fund are measured on a traditional financial basis in terms of their economic potential.

Step 2: Then, the selection is refined based on four indicators which are:Certification and codes

Taking into account these indicators, the best performers by sector over time (best in class) are considered for inclusion in the fund.

Step 3: Exclusion criteria are applied. Companies involved in the following business activities are excluded from the fund1:

production of armaments and other military products

production and processing of tobacco

production of alcoholproduction of nuclear power

genetic engineering in the external environment

The last decade has seen SRI funds evolve from a first generation of exclusionary screens, a second generation of positive screens, towards a third generation of all encompassing criteria (ESG, CSR, etc). Where does your fund fit into this evolution?

We believe that all SRI funds generations had their strengths. The Living Planet Fund combines the different approaches to build its portfolio. Our approach specifically includes four major categories of screening as follows:Screening based on four sets of indicators which are:certifications and codes

Application of the best in class approach.

Exclusions such as: production of military products, tobacco, alcohol and nuclear power, and genetic engineering within the external environment.

With regards to the Living Planet Fund portfolio, what is the average holding period of your investments and how liquid is the portfolio? How often do you turnover the portfolio?
ugg toddler An Exclusive Hedge fund interview with Living Planet Fund