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A D rank mission in Kirigakure is not all about catching child theives and snatching some old woman’s dog. Sometimes, a D rank mission can involve death as long as the individual in question is unable to defend themselves. Such is the case of a former member of the Daimyo’s junior staff, whom had recently been asked to resign due to activities that compromised the integrity of the nation. Ashigaru Senada was a man who had access to a plethora of the Daimyo’s secrets due to his position as a junior secretary. Given he was an old man in search of making a little extra cash before his death, he risked his life sending those secrets to the highest bidder. He earned his death, and there would be no reason to spare him for being a traitor to the land.

His residence was on the mainland, central and in a more hill ridden section of the Land of Water. He had himself a small manor on the top of one such hill overlooking a vast swathe of farmland that he owned and did not operate, yet was still overgrown. The manor itself looked as if it was built to keep bandits out, having thick walls lined with brick. There was a reason that Mizumi, Okochi, and Hibiki were hand selected for this mission. The cause of death had to be as a result of a ‘heart attack’ during a sleep. Mizumi and Okochi both specialized in the studies of the circulatory system and nervous system respectively, and Hibiki had a special skill that would allow him to break through the fortifications in a silent way.

The Chuunin overlooking the mission remained crouched in the overgrown unused farmland below the hill, and drawn out in front of him was a map that detailed the topography around and inside the house. “Are we clear?” The Chuunin asked. “The death must look as if he died of a heart attack. It must look like an accident. It has to fool a non shinobi medical specialist. That also means we can’t have you breaking in through the front door or breaking into the upper floors. That will make it obvious that a shinobi was the culprit. Are we clear? Hibiki, you’re leading the mission. I’ve been told you have an ability that can bore through concrete, which is good. The entire structure is reinforced with it. Remember, be stealthy and make sure the old man dies naturally. Any Bodyguards can be dealt with as long as they do not wake the old man in his sleep. Mizumi, we’ve supplied you with a short acting anesthetic that will keep him asleep while Okochi applies her specific medical knowledge to making his heart shut down. I think that will do it.”

Okochi was knelt in the tall grass near the Chuunin. “Sou Hibiki, if I may make a recommendation It was more like Adhering to a strict routine she had developed for all missions that would cause her uncertainty if she did not accomplish. Sort of, run of the mill preparation tactics that she felt were necessary in all missions involving assassinations such as this. “Before we enter the house in the way specified by our Chuunin lead, may we sweep the perimeter once to look for possible stealth entries?” As she knealt, she stroked one of her two insanely long ‘locks’ of hair that pooled on the ground. It was likely that there were guards in the building, and her senses would pick up what Mizumi’s couldn’t. It was likely that these guards were basic fodder and had no trained chakra network.

Hibiki looked between everyone here for a moment. The Chuunin and the other two along with the mission. “Yes. We are clear. It is a stealth mission and our job is to get in and out without any alarms or such be sounding or the guy warned. And we have to make his death look like an accident.” He said slowly and then just shrugged. “I do. Though not quickly. Concrete is stronger and is more likely to take a while. At least at my level.” He just shrugged once more before facing Mizumi and Okochi. “Well since I am in charge I suppose I should make sure you two tell me everything you can do real quick.” He frowned before turning to face the Chuunin “Unless you have a way for me to see it in detail.”

Then Okochi approached him and he looked right a her with a frown. “Umm don’t know. I think it is a good idea to look around though I suppose, and it is likely best I don’t use my ability if we can avoid it because it leaves an obvious trace. Well if an unatural way.” He paused. “Yeah lets just figure it out along the way. A stealth entrance should work well if we find it but lets not take too long.” He started leading them onwards. “Oh and Mizumi san. Sorta cover our flank yeah? Make sure we aren’t caught off guard.” He said quickly. “Now lets go.”

Mizumi had just ‘graduated’ from the Academy, alongside five others. After establishing a home in Kirigakure, the girl spent the night. She didn’t think she would get a mission so soon, but when she woke, a messenger hawk was perched upon her window. Administration works quick. She opens the scroll, reading over its contents and packing that which she feels would be useful. Her staff, that she feels would end up strapped to her back, a few tools like kunai, senbon, and Shuriken, a small notepad and pencil, and a basic knife that one would find on a bandit. After everything was packed, she headed out to meet her team.

Said team was made of familiar faces, not all of them friendly. The young Shirayuki narrows her eyes a bit at the group, wondering what they did She knew very little of each. The strange girl held snakes, the strange boy enjoyed beasts. That was all she knew. This was going to be interesting, she supposed. It was an easy journey, hopefully. Mizumi would keep up as best she could, but the team would find that occasionally they needed to slow their pace so the frail Shirayuki could even keep up. With her staff strapped to her back, she made little noise. All for the best.

Now upon the hill, Mizumi looks down upon the farmland and then she looks at the map. “Clear,” she replies. “I can inspect the body after Okochi san acts, even. A second pair of eyes might realize where the other went wrong,” she offers. Mizumi would then purse her lips a bit. Bo breaking into the upper floors or through the main door Hopefully that was easier done than said. “Hai she murmurs, examining the house from afar. Her eyes would not be the ones looking, though. Rather, she was seeking out the faintest traces of chakra. It was difficult, to say the least, if none truly held chakra, but all beings had some to keep them going. It was for that pinprick of talent she searched.

Okochi caught her attention first, with her recommendation. It admittedly sounded like a sound idea, even if it resulted in nothing. “We could sneak in through an open staff door, perhaps, if our target has such a thing she offers. Of course, it was all Hibiki’s decision, and she would nod to whatever he ordered of them. When asked if her abilities, she would frown a bit. “Sensory. Minor medical abilities, but nothing too concrete. I read a lot more than I’ve experienced, I suppose.” And she leaves it at that. The signal to move went off, and she would follow quickly, only offering a nod to show she heard Hibiki’s orders that were shot in her direction.

[NPC System]: Building Foundation roll(s) Weakspot Analysis (Stealth, Perception Only) vs all from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 14. It was dark, and there were no shinobi guarding the house. Okochi’s black coat would be stealth enough until they had to be quiet. Her Analysis of the house actually brought little to the table. Though, there would be one thing clear to all the genin. The doors were all locked tightly for the night. There were only two entrances, and they had guards stationed in front of each. Not advanced guards, but armed guards nonetheless.

It would be important not to alert their presence. Okochi was hoping that Mizumi’s plan had merit, because it would have meant that there were actually few guards in the place. As Okochi stays low, remaining at the bottom of the hill and navigating the circumference with Hibiki and Mizumi, she would not find any place suitable for breakthrough. After all, the Chuunin did require that they did not go through the fortified windows or front and back doors. Even if they had the skill to kill the guards at the doors silently,
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they would risk leaving secondary indicators of a struggle. They couldn’t engage anyone unless they absolutely had to. “I did not find anything of useful note. The mission parameters are making success Difficult Okochi looked to her comrades, patiently, hoping that perhaps they had found an alternative.

RPCOMBAT: Hibiki defends against with a PERCEPTION (Success)

Hibiki was walking along silently as he waited for things to be found. Hopefully. These locked doors though were a pain and then the others were being guarded. Well aorta. He looked at Okochi and Mizumi for a silent moment. Boy! Back to those bushes over there. Up by one of the walls. I am sure you could sneak in from there. ‘I am trying to see something.’ He started walking to a tunnel he saw overgrown by grass. “Interesting. I don’t know if we need to enter another way if we can go through this.” He gestured for the others to look. “But it might make a better escape route. Avoid getting caught here and such.” He said quickly. “Anyways. I think we have an easy way to do this now.” He gestured for the two of them to follow them stealthily as he headed quietly towards those bushes. We have to break through here yeah? How do you plan to hide it on the inside? ‘Uhh Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA SENSING TECHNIQUE (Success)

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a PERCEPTION wasn’t really trying to be stealthy. She was trying not to be too noticeable, but she didn’t mind a small swishing of grass or startling a frog, if that ever happened. She tended to search, but her eyes were not a good reason that she took on this job. It was her sixth sense that told her of the locations of the guards. It took a few minutes to make sure she could notice a true pattern and align it with the mental map of the area that she held in her mind, but once she was mostly certain, she walked to join Hibiki and Okochi.

“I can’t say if the windows are a good entry point, but I have a bad feeling about this tunnel,” she says upon noticing it. “The tunnel probably leads into the basement,” she notes, studying the house. “There’s a guard, though Somewhere in there. I don’t trust moving through this tunnel unless we were something else.” Mizumi would gesture slightly, then. “Five others are present. Two in the back, two in the front. And another ‘floating’. I think he’s before the master’s bedroom, which means we need to figure out a way to distract him as well. Unless we can enter our target’s room without passing that guard and alerting the house.”

RPCOMBAT: Okochi defends against with a HEBISUUHAI SENSES summary, Hibiki had found two possible entry points. A wall behind bushes that he could bore through, or an underground tunnel that provided an entry point that did not express a sign of breaking and entering if they entered through that venue. However, Mizumi has pointed out that there is a guard, who could possibly be an extra added threat. If the alarm is raised, the genin could become overwhelmed. The fewer chances the better.

Okochi remains crouched as she awaits for Hibiki’s orders. Team leader and all, but as she waited she and her serpents were sensing the vibrations in the ground for movement. There was a lot of movement, but it wasn’t from human beings. A deer a hundred yards off was eating grass, but there was no movement coming from within. “Shirayuki san, Yamashita san. All targets are motionless. It seems they are remaining in a fixed position. It’s your call, Yamashita san. Where do begin the first phase of the operation?”

RPCOMBAT: Hibiki defends against with a PERCEPTION just shrugged a bit. “I see. So there is a guard down there. One we will likely have to deal with if we want to escape that way. Hopefully we can just get out the way we come in as I think we are gonna make a hole in the wall over there.” He gestured for the two of them to follow quickly and quietly as he did just that to make sure any nearby guards(If they were nearby) wouldn’t notice as he got into the bush. Quietly he spoke. “Climb in and hide quickly.” He then began to form handseals and would formed acid within his hand. Then he quickly put the hand of acid on the wall and spread it around a bit. He slowly continued to form a bit more to make a hole just big enough for them to comfortably fit in there. It would take a good bit, but it would eventually melt away. “Alright. Follow me.”

Be careful. There might be more than guards within the place. Look at every little spot as you climb out. I won’t let you get me killed for even two months. ‘Okay. Fine.’ He turned to face the others. “Keep an eye out for more than just guards. We don’t know how prepared he may be for traps and such.” And so he began to climb through all the way and his eyes would be shifting around the room as he attempted to spot anything else. If there was something else. Truthfully this could all just be a test, but even then they had to go in as if it was real.

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a PERCEPTION

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA SENSITIVITY chose that moment to gather her chakra a bit more than usual, just in case there /were/ traps that Hibiki speculated about. She would keep an eye out for any guards, making sure to just track where the few chakra signatures happened to be. It was easy to get into the bushes and hunker down, and she would watch Hibiki with a canted head as he made a hole in the wall with his acid. Interesting. She can see why it would take a long time, though, at this rate. Thankfully, the acid eventually bores through the wall. “Of course,” she says simply, slipping into the newly formed entrance.

[NPC System]: Doorway Guard roll(s) Perception from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 20. She was likely the second to come through, and unfortunately she wasn’t quiet enough. It seemed the simple shuffles of her entering into the hole caused the guard to raise his head. “Hn? What was that?” The guard was just down the hall and around the corner. If he moved into the hallway and looked right, he would see all three shinobi. Hearing the voice, Okochi had to sacrifice a hairpiece in order to save the mission. She hissed silently, speaking in the tongue of snakes, before one of her serpents dropped from her hairline. The left one being Yamaru this time, a far quicker snake. He would slither down the hallway at full speed until he got to the T intersection. “Hn Oh A snake That’s not good. C’mere little buddy

The guard as a result, would look to the left rather than the right and start following the snake into the kitchen. “C’mon. If the others see you, they’ll eat you, little buddy. I’ll just set you outside Gosh, you’re a fast one, little buddy “Is everything alright in there?” One of the guards called from the outside, hearing the door guard’s footsteps. “Yeah, buddy. Im fine. Just Getting some water He hushed his voice and continued trying to follow the black snake attempting to get it without touching it.

Okochi would nod her head to Mizumi and Hibiki. “C clear She said with a deep sigh in a whispered tone. The door was, of course, now ungaurded. Yet, they only had a few moments to set up and end the man’s life in the prescribed way. Inside the room, the man was actually fast asleep in his bed. Sleeping deeply Hibiki wasn’t exactly quiet either. He didn’t pass based on how good he was at hiding anyways. He sighed as he heard the guard speaking a bit. He heard them but luckily it seemed Okochi was handlingthings and had a snake cause a distraction for them. “Good job Okochi.” You idiot. Here I thought you were going to have this mission failed already. He seemed to laugh at that fact before going quiet. ‘Ugg. I don’t think I care. We hopefully could’ve handled them.’ “Alright well while that one snake is keeping them busy lets move. And stay careful still.” He lead them up towards the door that the guy was guarding. It would be quick too hopefully. If the door was locked then that would cause a bit more trouble. “Okochi. Just in case the door is locked Would the other one be able to get under the cracks that might be in the door and unclock it?” He asked. “And Mizumi. Keep an eye on the guard. Tell us when he might be returning. Give us time to hide if we need to.” Obviously she would still be set to that even if they could get in, but she would also be set to providing the anesthetic to keep him asleep. His part would just be waiting for them to kill em!

RPCOMBAT: Hibiki defends against with a PERCEPTION followed in as the last person through the hole, only to be forced to stop when Okochi and Hibiki made some noise. She did too, but she was more outside than in, which is why the guard didn’t really have a chance to notice her. It is thanks to Okochi’s quick thinking that Mizumi was able to breathe without pause, the girl simply nodding a bit. “Hai she murmurs softly to Hibiki, casing her senses out quickly and closing her eyes. As she extended her senses, she would also gather a bit of water from the atmosphere with the others in front of the door, Okochi found that the door was locked. The twist of a wrist could have easily told such. Okochi, down to one twintail, would be asked to resign the other in the name of getting through the door. Okochi’s eyes widened a little as she began to speak in a tongue that neither of her comrades could understand Serpent speak, with very specific instructions. In moments, her serpent would drop to the ground, and would inch it’s way beneath the crack of the door, flattening it’s body a fair amount. Okochi thought Hibiki’s idea was a brilliant one, and it worked without a hitch. The door slowly opened as the snake was seen coiled around the latch on the other side, and Okochi spent no time bringing Yimaru back to restore one of her twintwails. “Ready.” She whispered.
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