ugg sale Miami Heat’s Number One Fan Wears Uggs

classic mini ugg Miami Heat’s Number One Fan Wears Uggs

Contact Us,At recent Miami Heat home games, there have been not only groans and “ugh”s in the stands, but also Uggs. As in those ugly furry boots that University of Miami sorority sisters wear with miniskirts any time the temperature dips below 70. Those crimes against footwear really have no business being committed in humid South Florida. Apparently, some Ugg sporting guy has been showing up to games in his front row seat, and now he’s micro famous on the Internet.

SportsGrid first spotted the man at the recent Washington Wizards game booing Mike Bibby, who ironically would soon suit up in black and red. The site then spotted him again wearing the same outfit sitting front row at Sunday’s Chicago Bulls game.

Not only does he apparently favor Uggs, but also he goes full out in douche necessities. He also seems to like donning his camo cargo shorts, deep V neck T shirt, and sunglasses. We’re surprised that nothing on his person is studded with rhinestones or made by Ed Hardy.
ugg sale Miami Heat's Number One Fan Wears Uggs