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Contact Us,Fado Irish Pub isn’t your typical beer joint it’s probably one of the best staffed bars in Miami Dade. Everywhere you turn, there’s someone there to take your order. Located in busy Mary Brickell Village, the pub is a great place to meet for happy hour drinks or to watch a rugby game. The cavernous space features many intimate nooks and hidden tables. A dark wooden main bar snakes around the biggest of three rooms. When the weather is pleasant, the large windows are opened,
ugg shop bicester village Miami New Times
letting in fresh air. There’s plenty of Irish beer on tap, as well as a full liquor bar. Next to a row of cozy booths, sections of the floor light up in changing colors, a perfect dance floor on which to boogie after a few drinks.

Offering everything from pub parties to festivals and bar crawls, Miami delivers a St. Patrick’s Day that’s worth the hangover. The celebration options seem endless. Looking for green beer? Here!
ugg shop bicester village Miami New Times
Broke yet thirsty? There’s something. by Jessica Gibbs

Miami Bars Open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas is a wonderful time to gather with family and unwrap presents. At least that’s what the Hallmark Channel would have you believe. But sometimes family can be too much or you’re simply spending the holidays with friends and .