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It was no surprise to observers of the Metro Parks Department (whoever they are) when the parks board dropped the initial descriptor from interim parks Director Tommy Lynch title and gave him the full time gig.

Lynch has worked for Parks for 40 years, and for the past 21 months has led the $30 million, 370 some odd employee department battling through the flood and the budgetary turmoil in the wake of his predecessor tiff with Mayor Karl Dean. There is little doubt he is qualified, just as there was little doubt he would be the board pick.

He said he wouldn apply for the permanent job. Now, he says it because he expected Curt Garrigan at the time, like Lynch, an assistant director to go for the corner office.

Lynch isn the only department head who moved from interim to actual after saying he serve only sede vacante. Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson put on the golden badge just a temporary move, at the time, he said after Ronal Serpas moved to New Orleans. But he, like Lynch, later ended up with the job full time even though he said he wouldn these Sherman Statements came with crossed fingers.

This is not to say Lynch and Anderson aren qualified both men are, highly, even uniquely so but it is a lesson that in the event seat holders must be appointed, if appointees say they just keeping the office warm, they probably not being totally forthcoming.

When the appointment is as widely accepted even lauded as Lynch was, expect everyone to tie themselves to it. Dean who was so busy early last week he couldn comment on the Occupy Nashville protests that dominated the news cycle churned out a 330 word statement Lynch hiring. This was despite the fact the hiring had been reported some three hours earlier and, besides, the mayor had nothing to do with it in the first place.

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