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We are just about recovered from a fab We would say the best in years AIMS weekend.

To top it all our Heather won ‘Best Female Singer’. many congrats have to go to her. Although Heather couldn’t attend the Writing Team where on the phone straight away with the good news. She was over the moon!!!

A long 7 hour journey, with lots of traffic got us there just about 6.00pm. The PM was phoned dutily but did not get the message to come to the front entrance where the bus was waiting. maybe something to do with his foot which he hurt a couple of days prior. After that it was into costume for the Fancy Dress. Les did Seymore very proud surrounded by about 7 or more Audrey’s (We did shack up with Aggies as there where only 4 Ulster members at AIMS this year. Next year there has to be more of us!)

Mummy again did a disapearing act and never returned till the next days BBQ. She just can’t help herself socialising with all those people from other companies. Meanwhile Les was in high demand by the Aggies girls. even though he wasn’t able to dance he still managed to party on till about 5.00am.

The BBQ lunch is a traditional event every year where the DJ takes the hand out of everyone new. called an AIMS Virgin. The craic was mighty. and of course the Drink flowed. Around 5.00 a much needed nap was in order as mummy hadn’t been to bed yet. Yes you read right. she stayed up all night!!!

The Champange reception was held at 7.00pm in Fiona’s room. thanx to Fiona and Carmel to their hospitality. Everyone looked fab dressed up in their finery.

Dinner followed and then it was on to the awards. As usual they were very exciting. Congrats to all who won, especially those from the North. well done Timmy Bell, Kelly Brown and Garvey and of course to ouur own Heather!!!

Dancing followed and by now The PM felt he was able to take to the floor. We don’t know if his foot was better or just anethetised from the alcholol!!! The dancing went on to a very late hour indeed and a great time was had by all.

And then it was time to retire. a much more sensible time for Mummy. around 5.00 am!!!

lunch was the final event of the day and everyone looked really well considering the abuse they had given themselves over the previous 2 evenings!!! Then it was into the bar for a final farewell drink and to say goodbyes to all.

The Writing Team decided to hit the road around 2 pm and quickly drove into the most awful weather. It was raining so hard Mummy could barely see the road ahead! Progress from Killarney to Limerick was very slow but once past there the roads opened up and the miles started to go by. Still it took 7 hours to get home again. we must really think about flying down next year!!!

And so it was over for another year. A great time and great craic was had by all. We definitely must get a gang to go next year!!
ugg store locator Ulster Operatic Company
! You would all love it.

Till next time (with all the craic from Little Shop rehearsals)

The AIMS nominations were unveiled. and we got 2!!! To put that in perspective the ‘Ulster’ has only had 1 in the last ten years!! Huge congrats to Heather and Victor (and fingers crossed for them for the big night at the Awards Ceremony!!)

Last we had a Calamity Jane get together which went with a bang.

Special Thanks to the Professor for hosting the ‘After Show’ event. We hope his house was left in good condition.

Speaking of the Professor. congrats are in order!!! He is playing the part of ‘Ali Hakim’ in Bangor Operatic Society’s production of ‘Oklahoma!’ The Professor reckons it was his story telling in the Pub rather than his audition that landed him the part!!! We think he went for that role so that he didn’t have to dance!!

Also that night the BIG announcements regarding the future of the Ulster happened.

We are staging Little Shop of Horrors in Stranmillis College Theatre at the end of August. We have already had a pre audition reheaarsal and we were absolutely delighted with the turnout. It was great to see some new people along too.

Auditions are being held on in The Mount at 6.30 pm. All welcome!

It is going to be a great fun show!!

Next up is Panto. This year we are staging Aladdin. Going by our past 2 Panto’s it will be great craic!!

We are hoping to perform a series of Spring Concerts in Stranmillis College Theatre. This will not be your normal stand up and sing type of concert but will have lots of dance and lots of scope for people to perform their favourite musical numbers. Watch this space for more details!

After that we are staging ‘Fame The Musical’ in Stranmillis College Theatre in the Autumn.

This will be quickly followed by our Xmas Pantomime. if we have any energy left!!!!

We are going for the ‘BIG ONE’! We are going to the Grand Opera House, Belfast with ‘West Side Story’. This will be a huge challenge but we believe that with the vibrant Company we now have and our strong Committee in the background we will be able to pull it off. We will once again be availing of the huge talents of Peter Kennedy and Wilson Shields as our Director/Choreographer and Musical Director.