new style ugg boots Cyclist tells of accident that changed his life

roslynn ugg boots Cyclist tells of accident that changed his life

On October 23, 2013, Mark was hit by a car on Yeppoon James Street after the driver of the vehicle failed to give way. He suffered serious injuries to hit lower back, spine, knee and soft tissues.

Last week, the Queensland Government enshrined the minimum mandatory distance rules between s and other roads users into law, following two year trial period.

The laws require motor vehicles to provide s a minimum lateral passing distance of one metre when overtaking in a 60km/h zone and 1.5m in ones greater than 60km/h.

While the damage to Mark has already been done, he is hoping the new laws help protect all road users.

“Well I think it makes sense that they are bringing them in,” Mark said.

“Before then there was no guidelines to how cars treat s and no common ground that they could share the road, they were kind of fighting each other.

“And now with the set laws, they go through the set guidelines and put liability on whoever does the wrong thing, which is good.

“I am happy they came in, before then cars thought they had a right and bikes had none. They didn know the rules about it. But they need to educate the drivers about the new laws as most people won know the laws are passed.

“The responsibility is not just on the drivers, bike riders need to take responsibility too. They have to do the right thing too and not ride at a risk. With the laws of the cars the risk will be lowered even more.”

Mark still feels the effects of his collision to this day but he has been able to get back on the bike and noticed a difference roadside.

“I now listen for cars very closely,
new style ugg boots Cyclist tells of accident that changed his life
they come up behind me and they won pass, until they have a big gap to pass safely, not everybody but I have noticed a few people who have, initially I wondered what they were doing,” he said.

“I was waiting for them to pass me and they wouldn till they had a good distance which is a good thing.

“If I come up to a tee intersection I watch the car the whole time instead of assuming. I thought she saw me but obviously she didn and she hit me. Bike riders have to be more aware, just a mirror on the side of the car can kill you.

“My flexibility has gone, I can sleep a full night without aching, and then I can get back to sleep. Sitting down I can feel it now. I get used to the pain, doesn mean it gone but you just get used to it.”

Maurice Blackburn Rockhampton took on Mark case when the accident occurred and since welcomed the law.

“We see this law as a positive step forward in protecting a vulnerable road user group,” Maurice Blackburn Rockhampton senior associate Meghan Rothery said.

“However the laws themselves are not enough, we need our community to have greater awareness and respect of s as road users to try to reduce future incidents from occurring.

“Every you see on the road is someone father or mother, brother or sister, son or daughter. Slow down, wait until it is safe to pass. If you don and you cause an accident,
new style ugg boots Cyclist tells of accident that changed his life
you will be at fault.”c

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