ugg footwear Cyber Monday Is More Than One Day

dark brown ugg boots Cyber Monday Is More Than One Day

The amount of money spent on Cyber Monday is projected to be around $1.2 billion. These predictions show a trend that shoppers are doing more of their buying online.

Walmart plans to add new deals daily to keep consumers coming back.

Amazon is adding new deals each day. If you don’t want to keep checking the site, you can sign up for email alerts.

Both Walmart and Amazon feel that by extending the deals they will reach a larger group of consumers and even some who may not realize the deals are going on.

As some Cyber Monday deals continue through the week, so are some scams. As you continue to shop online, beware of scams when looking for a bargain. That’s up 68 websites from last year.

The government seized the domain names for the sites that sold everything from fake replica professional sports jerseys to popular UGG Boots. Some sites were just one letter off from the real retailers domain name.

With online shopping becoming even more popular, officials suggest you stick to well known retailers and double checking that you have the domain name correct.

Like Black Friday,
ugg footwear Cyber Monday Is More Than One Day
Cyber Monday brought in record sales this year. Online traffic was up 43 percent compared to last year. While we generally think of online shoppers as people sitting at a computer, this year more than seven percent of online shoppers did so from their cell phones; that’s up from two percent last year.

This year, the most popular items for shoppers were electronics, such as flat screen TV’s and digital cameras.

With deals reaching as much as 55 percent off and sales in record breaking territory,
ugg footwear Cyber Monday Is More Than One Day
Cyber Monday proved to be successful for both consumers and retailers.