uggs short boots Craigslist With New ‘Facebook Marketplace’ Video

ugg slippers for kids sale Craigslist With New ‘Facebook Marketplace’ Video

Test Text1 italics T Time now for the big board. Right here feeling chipper this Monday morning. I don’t know why. What’s going on with me on a Monday. Let’s do this. You hang on. Want to start with Becky Worley. You have news breaking from Facebook. Taking on Ebay and craigslist with marketplace? Facebook telling ABC news starting today users will be able to buy and sell from each other within the Facebook app. You’ll see a shop icon. You see items listed in your area. Or across the world. This bites into all kinds of commerce giants. Businesses. One thing Facebook won’t be doing. Handling the payment side of transactions. They’ll leave to it folks using the service to decide on. You can use paypal. Even this other amazing payment mode, cash or check. I remember that, Becky. You know with any kind of website like this where buying and sell ring involved, there’s concern about fraud. What is Facebook doing about that? Because you can check someone’s profile, it gives you real world context on the person. You can feel safe, or not, about making a purchase. They say you can file a complaint if you gate fake or it’s not as described. If they see a pattern, that seller can be banned from the marketplace. I don’t know. Would you feel more comfortable buying from a friend of a friend on Facebook or someone on Ebay with a five star gold rating? That’s a good question. People will scratch their heads over it. Every time I pay with cash these days, people are like, what’s that about? Now to a new battle over high school dances. “The Wall Street journal” highlighting schools that are banning them because of concerns about underage drinking and drug use. A lot of pint P opportunities and parents don’t like this. That’s what we’re talking about here. A school outside of Boston said it’s not worth the headache. Kids are showing up falling all over the dance floor. Throwing up. Liability, too. They’re saying, what’s the point? Even though underage drinking has gone down, binge drinking is more common. Kids don’t dance as often. Back in the day,
uggs short boots Craigslist With New 'Facebook Marketplace' Video
we had prom. They have the spring fling, the fall dance, the senior, junior, sophomore dance. The school is taking matters into its own hands. But people are saying it’s up to the parents first. You talked about liability. Suppose some kid god forbid gets drunk at the school, hurts himself, somebody else, the the school could be liable. People are look at this like you’re throwing out the baby with the bath water. You have a couple of bad ams. Overwhelmingly, the kids are good. You have responsibility at home that they’re not showing up drunk. Let’s lathsen it up. A little more “Saturday night live.” You saw Alec Baldwin and Kate Mckinnon taking on that debate. My microphone is broken. She broke it. With Obama. She and owe what stole my microphone. They took it to Kenya and they broke it. And now it’s broken. Not a response more a request, can America vote right now? Let’s talk to Chris Connelly right now. Big hit for “Snl” biggest premier ratings in eight years. What did you think? Alec is one of the two most talented noncast members in the history of “Snl.” Along with Steve martin. He had the non the nation. The look. The lines. You could say it was broad. But that was part of the job description. He was there to set up Kate Mckinnon’s amazingly nuanced take of Hillary. Giving us the out are Hillary and the inner Hillary at the same time. The initial performance. Strong. We haven’t had this reaction since Tina fey with Sarah Palin. And Sarah Palin’s Numbers dropped after what Tina fey did. I think about 16% in 2008. What kind of impact do you anticipate? Will there be in? There will be none. Parody and satire are fainting dead away in the face of reality. There’s no way you can satirize or parody what has gone on. You just lit Chris up with that question. How often have we been saying, this is like an “Snl” skit? What we’re seeing happening on the trail. It’s amazing to witness. You saw last in that debate sketch. They made a joke on Hillary with the miss universe thing. They had her call miss universe a prop. That was a wink of the show. Saying the job that used the be done by comedy to get torpid skin of candidates is now being done by the candidates themselves. That’s one of the way this is is different than anything we have seen before. A parody proof election. Chris, thank you. Becky. And the emotional good bye from a sports legend, vin

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uggs short boots Craigslist With New 'Facebook Marketplace' Video