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ugg childrens UMBC’s male a cappella group

Mama’s Boys, UMBC’s male a cappella group

November 02, 2011

Beat boxing and belting out arrangements of the latest pop songs is just another day for the Mama’s Boys. The all male a cappella group from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County started in the fall of 2003 when four students decided it was time to bring a fresh musical experience to campus. The founding members solicited everyone they knew to join the group, including random people walking by doing their laundry. Since then, the Mama’s Boys have gone from singing “Happy Birthday” and “The Star Spangled Banner” to serenading their audiences with renditions of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” and Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say.” On Friday, the Mama’s Boys take the stage at Festivus Acappellius, their first concert of the fall 2011 semester. Before the big day, group President James Krasnansky, Vice President Anuj Kapadia and Business Manager Jason Palumbo give b the scoop on awkward moments, today’s music and fashion offenses on campus.

What’s on your iPod? I have everything on my iPod from showtunes to hardcore rap. I’m pretty sure the only thing that isn’t on there right now is screamo/metal. I have been really into Mat Kearney and the new Coldplay album lately. I have also been relaxing to some Allen Stone. If you haven’t heard of him, go look him up right now his voice is like melted butter. Jason

Last movie you liked? Just saw “Scott Pilgrim” again. That movie will never get old. Anuj

Favorite way to get ready for a show? Keep practicing!
ugg online shop UMBC's male a cappella group
[There’s] always time to perfect a song. James

Worst pet peeve? My worst pet peeve is apathy. If you are going to be in a group, especially if you are leading, you should care about what you are doing. Saying “I don’t care” never leads to anything good! artist? Adele. She’s basically who I want to be when I grow up. Anuj

Best source of inspiration? The moment where you finish a song and see everyone looking down, smiling [and] nodding along. James

Last concert/gig you went to? Last concert I went to was Virgin Mobile FreeFest at Merriweather Post Pavillion. It was an awesome day that included Two Door Cinema Club, Cee Lo Green, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and the Black Keys. that has exceeded its natural lifespan? Big offender on college campuses: Tucking sweatpants into Uggs. Please stop. Anuj

Worst/funniest mess up to happen at a performance? Funniest performance I’ve had was the song where I pretend to shoot myself at the end. For reference, YouTube “I’ll Be That Girl” by the UMBC Mama’s Boys. It got pretty awkward fast. James

Your worst habit? Trying to take on too much at once. I love being busy, but sometimes I realize that this leads to a lack of sleep, which leads to me being something close to a zombie walking around campus. This never turns out well for anyone around me. video that made you snort with laughter? Bloopers from “That’s So Raven” on YouTube. Anuj

Favorite and most loathed fashion statements? Favorite: monocle and cape. Loathed: Uggs. James

What song are you hating/loving right now? A song that I have been loving is “Sooner or Later” off of Mat Kearney’s new album, “Young Love.” If you haven’t heard it, drop everything and go listen. Jason
ugg online shop UMBC's male a cappella group

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Under Armour has timed the launch of its much talked about Speedform Gemini running shoe to the days just before the NYC Marathon.

The Baltimore sports apparel company unveiled the shoe, the latest version of the Speedform Apollo introduced earlier this year, at its Under Armour Brand House store in Soho on Thursday night.

Footwear, a key growth area for the brand, accounts for about 13 percent of overall sales and is projected by the company to eventually catch up with or exceed apparel business. Running and basketball shoes have been top drivers of Under Armour’s footwear growth.

The $130 Gemini is designed for runners who want extra cushioning for longer distances. The shoes are made with the brand’s Charged Foam, “a new mid sole foam that has a unique combination of bouncy feel and impact,” the company’s announcement said.

The idea is to adapt to any runner’s needs, Under Armour said. The shoe will be debuted by Under Armour athlete Chris “Macca” McCormack, a triathlete who will run the marathon. The Gemini will be available on Under Armour’s website on Jan. 1. and in stores that month.

Another new running shoe, the SpeedForm Vent RC, which will sell for $100 and uses the brand’s ArmourVent technology designed to give breath ability to apparel, will be worn in the New York Marathon by Nick Arciniaga, winner of the Baltimore Half Marathon. The Vent also will be available in early January.
bailey ugg Under Armour launches Speedform Gemini running shoe

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Pourquoi Donald Trump fils a t il ni en mars dernier avoir jamais rencontr de ressortissants russes pendant l prsidentielle amricaine de 2016? Pourquoi a t il donn deux versions diffrentes en 24 heures de sa rencontre du 9 juin 2016 avec une avocate russe lie au Kremlin? Pourquoi trois conseillers de la Maison Blanche ont ils rvl au New York Times que l avait attir cette rencontre Trump fils en lui promettant des informations ngatives sur Hillary Clinton? Qui sont ces conseillers?

Telles sont quelques unes des questions souleves par les du New York Times concernant la rencontre de Trump fils avec Natalia Veselnitskaya, l russe. Cette rencontre constitue le premier indice rendu public selon lequel au moins certains membres de l de Donald Trump taient prts accepter l de la Russie un moment cl de la campagne prsidentielle. Trump fils tait accompagn par son beau frre, Jared Kushner, et le prsident de la campagne de son pre, Paul Manafort.

Dans un article publi samedi sur la rencontre, le New York Times cite cette explication offerte par Trump fils : le 9 juin 2016, une connaissance l pri de rencontrer la Trump Tower une personne dont il ne connaissait pas l Accompagn par Kushner et Manafort, Trump fils s entretenu avec cette personne, Natalia Veselnitskaya, pendant environ 20 minutes. Le sujet principal de la conservation : le programme d d’enfants russes pour des couples amricains. Il n a pas eu de suivi, a dit Trump fils au Times.

Une parenthse : ce programme d at suspendu en 2012 en reprsailles de l’adoption par les tats Unis d’une loi imposant des sanctions l’gard de suspects russes de violations des droits de l’homme. La loi porte le nom de Sergei Magnitsky, un avocat russe dcd dans des circonstances mystrieuses aprs avoir dvoil une des plus grosses affaires de corruption de l Poutine. Natalia Veselnitskaya, faut il prciser, compte parmi ses clients des entreprises d et le fils d responsable gouvernemental dont la socit faisait l d enqute aux tats Unis au moment de sa rencontre avec Trumps fils et compagnie.

Hier, Donald Trump fils a prsent une autre version de sa rencontre avec l russe aprs avoir t interrog de nouveau par le Times qui avait reu entretemps des informations de cinq sources, dont trois conseillers de la Maison Blanche. Il a avou avoir accept de rencontrer Veselnitskaya parce qu lui avait promis des informations susceptiblesd la campagne de son pre. Selon Trump fils, les informations de l russe taient cependant vagues et ambigus et n aucun sens.

Quelles taient ces informations? Selon Trump fils, Veselnitskaya a dit avoir des informations selon lesquelles des individus lis la Russie finanaient le Comit national du Parti dmocrate et appuyaient Mme Clinton. Trump fils dit n accord aucune crdibilit ces informations prsentes sans documentation, les voyant plutt comme un prtexte pour l la rencontre et parler du programme d Il prcise en outre que son pre n pas au courant de la rencontre.

Disons que les deux versions offertes par Trump fils ne sont pas des plus convaincantes. Mais qui sont ces trois conseillers de la Maison Blanche qui ont rvl au Times que l russe avait attir Trump fils en lui promettant des informations ngatives sur Clinton? Et pourquoi ont ils agi ainsi?

Je laisserai la premire de ces questions en suspens. Mais je me risquerai de rpondre la deuxime en affirmant que ces conseillers tentent d le cours de cette histoire d certaine faon en sachant que des informations encore plus dommageables pour la Maison Blanche s viennent. Bref, il y a dsormais un peu de feu parmi la fume.

Il (Trump fils) a avou avoir accept de rencontrer Veselnitskaya parce qu’on lui avait promis des informations susceptibles d’aider la campagne de son pre. n reviens pas! On m convaincu de l des Russes dans l mais je n jamais cru que des gens dans l de M. Trump aurait fait des efforts pour aider ce dernier en discutant ouvertement avec les Russes, eh bien, voil cette premire preuve stand corrected En ce qui me concerne, le mot envers son pays me vient l est donc bien possible qu en apprenne des biens pires dans les jours, semaines qui viennent.

En passant, Trump fils n rien dit son pre yeah right!

La recherche d ou faits juteux et sur la personne, non les ides dommageables pour l est trs couramment utilise et dans les murs politiques aux USA (et de plus en plus chez nous) depuis longtemps. C maintenant un point tel que les discussions de fonds sur un programme quelconque sont maintenant disparues des campagnes politiques. C a qui met la dmocratie en danger. ce qu sache, seule la Crature du Marais serait lie financirement l russe et ce, depuis fort longtemps. Combien de fois dj de mystrieux financiers trangers lui ont ils sauv les fesses dans l ou l de ses trop nombreuses faillites monumentales?

Aprs des rapports plutt cordiaux entre Trump et Poutine lors du sommet du G20 Hambourg, la grande dception des forces destructices, no cons, pro guerres Made in USA , on tait en droit de s’attendre ce que ces derniers fassent passer la propagande anti Poutine, anti Russie la vitesse suprieure. Le NY Times, le NY Post, le Clinton News Network, ou mme ce blogue qui pourtant n’a aucune incidence sur la manipulation de l’opinion publique aux USA, n’auront pas perdu de temps.

Au cours des prochaines semaines, attendez vous en lire des vertes et des pas mres provenant des mdias de masse, ceux qui ironiquement s’auto proclament srieux, fiables . Si la couverture journalistique paranode digne des annes 1950 laquelle nous assisterons ne devait pas fonctionner, il faudra s’attendre malheureusement une autre opration false flag pour blmer la Russie (de type Northwoods ), une autre tentative de rvolution colore ( quelle couleur sommes nous rendus?) ou carrment des options plus muscles encore (destruction d’un autre vol civil russe, attentats terroristes en Russie, oprations militaires de l’OTAN la frontire de la Russie, destruction d’avions militaires russes en Syrie et autres provocations; les options ne manquent pas et les scnaristes du Pentagone ont la fcheuse habitude de recycler leurs scnarios).

Dans un article publi samedi sur la rencontre, le New York Times cite cette explication offerte par Trump fils () Hier, Donald Trump fils a prsent une autre version de sa rencontre avec l’avocate russe aprs avoir t interrog de nouveau par le Times () Disons que les deux versions offertes par Trump fils ne sont pas des plus convaincantes.

Technique Drumpf classique pour noyer le poisson: on dit une chose puis on en dit une autre, parfois en parfaite contradiction avec la premire affirmation. Au besoin, on en dit encore une autre, puis une autre, puis une autre Sans oublier d l de la question souleve initialement. Comme Drumpf Sr avec la responsabilit russe dans le cyberespionnage dmocrate et Drumpf Jr avec la nature des informations reues par les agents russes

Mon avis est que toute cette affaire est une frime.

Tout le monde Washington sait que Trump a vol cette lection comme tout le monde savait que Bush Jr avait vol la sienne. Mais moins que des journalistes russissent prouver quelque chose, la justice va tourner en rond. Les Dmocrates ont eux aussi des petites cachotteries. Pas vident de prouver .

Trump et Poutine se lancent constamment des menaces pour faire croire qu sont en chicane, mais en ralit ils sont comme larrons en foire et se foutent du monde entier.

Est ce qu Prsident intelligent aurait vendu plus d milliard d au Moyen Orient en plein conflit, qui ne finit lus de finir, alimentant encore plus la haine contre les USA ?

Bientt on va voir Trump se rendre la rsidence d privilgie de Poutine pour se taper un bon cigarre cubain. Les deux sont de la mme espce de rengats. Sauf, qu contrlent la plante avec leur puissance militaire et nuclaire.

Cette mme journe de ce meeting, ce 9 juin 2016, o les Russes laissaient entendre avoir des informations concernant H. Clinton, Trump tweetait ceci : long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up where are your 33,000 emails that you deleted?

Le mois suivant, Trump dclarait ceci : if you listening, I hope you able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let see if that happens. esprait recevoir ces 33,000 emails au cours de la campagne dit David Frum au sujet des dclarations variables prvisibles des conseillers de Trump :

Si j la place de Kim Jong Ounne, je m srieusement. Pour rallier tous les Amers Ricains sous la Bannire toile, le l (je l bien celle l) doit srement se magasiner en ce moment un conflit arm quelque part sur la plante. Sadam et Kim, mme raison, mme dtournement d ! Combien de boys et de civils trangers y laisseront leur vie cette fois ! Plusieurs POTUS ont t, sont et seront des criminels de guerre sans qu soit possible de les traduire devant la Cour pnale internationale.
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ugg classic boots Under Armour

The NBA Finals aren’t just a matchup of LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors. It’s also a head to head (or foot to foot?) battle between athletic apparel giants Nike and Under Armour. And after Game 1, Under Armour is winning despite LeBron’s monster night in an overtime thriller.

That’s because Curry is an Under Armour spokesman. The Curry One shoe came out earlier this year. (Curry actually was with Nike before joining Under Armour in 2013.)

LeBron has his own line of Nike (NKE) sneakers. Nike, like LeBron, already has a championship pedigree. But Under Armour (UA) and Curry want to show the world that they are the new kings of basketball.

Related: Can Steph Curry be an ad star like LeBron?

Here’s a more detailed look at how the two companies stack up against each other.

The stats. Nike remains the dominant player in the industry. The company reported sales of $7.5 billion in its most recent quarter. The stock is in the blue chip Dow Jones industrial average. Nike is worth $88 billion.

By way of comparison, Under Armour’s latest quarterly sales were $805 million. And the company’s market value is $17 billion.

But Under Armour the David to Nike’s Goliath has a lot going for it.

Related: What is Nike’s role in the FIFA corruption scandal?

Its sales rose 25% in the first quarter. Nike’s revenues were up 13%.

Under Armour’s stock has soared 16% this year compared to a 7% gain for Nike. It’s a continuation of a trend. Shares have outperformed Nike by a wide margin over the past few years as well.

Wall Street is also predicting that Under Armour’s earnings will increase 23% annually over the next few years nearly double Nike’s projected growth rate.

The celebrities. In addition to its deal with Curry, Under Armour also sponsors Jordan Spieth who became a golf superstar this April after he won the Masters in a performance reminiscent of all time greats Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady endorses Under Armour, too.

Related: Jordan Spieth is just what golf needs

And even though Brady’s reputation has taken a hit after he was suspended for the “Deflategate” scandal, he is still a 3 time Super Bowl MVP and reigning champ. (Silly Pete Carroll!)

But Nike is no slouch when it comes to star athletes either of course.

LeBron’s teammate Kyrie Irving is on the Nike payroll. So are other NBA stars, such as Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul. Kevin Durant stayed with Nike after getting a big offer last year to jump ship for Under Armour.

And a former player you may have heard of also still represents the Swoosh. Michael Jordan.

Outside of basketball, Nike also has deals with Spieth rival Rory McIlroy and tennis stars Roger Federer,
babies ugg boots Under Armour
Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

Who does Wall Street like best? Sam Poser, an analyst with Sterne Agee CRT, has a “buy” rating on Under Armour and a “neutral” on Nike.

Poser said that while Nike’s business is “phenomenal,” he is worried about the stock’s valuation.

Nike trades at nearly 26 times earnings estimates for its next fiscal year.

Under Armour is much more expensive at about 54 times 2016 profit forecasts but Poser thinks Under Armour is worth it because of its sales and earnings momentum.

Related: This is Nike’s secret weapon

Susan Anderson, an analyst with FBR Capital Markets Co., agrees. She said Under Armour deserves the premium price and has the stock rated an “outperform” while Nike is a “market perform.”

“Nothing is necessarily wrong with Nike. It’s just not growing as much,” she said.

Poser said Under Armour has more to gain from NBA Finals exposure than Nike does since Under Armour is a smaller company. Nike, Poser says, is already “the big Kahuna” of sports.

If Curry plays well and the Warriors win, that could really boost Under Armour’s awareness significantly around the world.
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ugg botts Under Armour apologizes for controversial

Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt Urban outfittersThis Kent State sweatshirt was more offensive than vintage as it looked like it had blood stains on it. In 1970, the Ohio National Guard opened fire on a group of unarmed students, killing four people. Aimee Morrison, an associate professor of English at the University of Waterloo in Ontario tweeted out the photo, told QMI Agency “The other issue involved is the sexualisation of girl children at younger and younger ages,” Morrison said. “If you looking at your infant daughter and thinking about who she is going to be dating, that inappropriate.” A statement from Target Canada didn address the pajamas specifically, but said “it is never our intent to offend anyone.””We appreciate the feedback we received and will continue to listen to our guests to ensure we offer merchandise that appeals to, and reflects, our diverse guest population,” the statement said. Part of the company “Go East” collection, the product image featured supermodel Candice Swanepoel wearing “Eastern inspired florals” as the company wrote in its description, with bright red lipstick with rouged cheeks, wearing the teddy and belt and holding the fan. Her blond hair was tied in a bun with the matching chopsticks in it. flag on Iwo Jima during Second World War.

Instead of the servicemen,
ebay ugg boots size 5 Under Armour apologizes for controversial
Under Armour of Ballers shirt features four silhouetted figures erecting a basketball hoop.

In a series of tweets Saturday morning, the company said it “has the utmost respect and admiration for active duty service men and women and veterans who have served our country,” and that “We deeply regret and apologize the release of a shirt that is not reflective of our commitment to support honor our country heroes.”

But many weren buying the apology. Not cool at all.

Under Armour has the utmost respect and admiration for active duty service men and women and veterans who have served our country. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.

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I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia’s Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia’s Privacy Statement. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.

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I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia’s Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia’s Privacy Statement. I consent to the collection, use, maintenance, and disclosure of my information in accordance with the Postmedia’s Privacy Policy.
ebay ugg boots size 5 Under Armour apologizes for controversial

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womens ugg UMD captain Carroll dies

HomenewsHeadlinesBygones for March 14, 2018Democrat leads Republican by slim margin in Pennsylvania special House raceSenators divided on Trump fired secretary of stateCellphone scam reaches Minnesota; reports of stolen bank accounts and identitiesRate Minn.

His family, in a statement, said Carroll died after a fall at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

A native of Shoreview, Minn., Carroll is the only individual in UMD’s 74 year team history to have served as a captain or assistant captain for at least part of four seasons.

“We are devastated and heartbroken by the news our former captain, Andrew Carroll, has passed away,” the UMD hockey staff said in a statement. “Andrew was a driven student athlete, loyal teammate and selfless leader. He exemplified Bulldog hockey in every way, and it is clear how much he meant to this program by the outpouring of emotion we have received from his teammates and other alumni since we heard of the accident.”

Carroll played in 153 games with the Bulldogs and totaled 69 points (34 goals, 35 assists). The physical education major earned WCHA All Academic honors three times.

“Seeing Andrew Carroll play hockey, meant seeing someone with a smile, all the time,” former News Tribune reporter Kevin Pates, who covered UMD hockey for 23 years, said via email. “Tirelessly working at practice, after practice, in games. He loved being part of team, setting an example and finding out what his effort could bring. Always upbeat. Always intense.

“In 2008 09, after UMD finished the regular season winless in the final five games, the captains, including Carroll, met with the team, and talked about not missing an opportunity. The Bulldogs went on to win the WCHA playoff title and qualified for the NCAA tournament for the first time in five years.

“Carroll wasn’t a scoring leader, but a leader in every other category you can measure.”

During that senior season, Carroll became the first Bulldogs men’s hockey player to receive the Shjon Podein Community Service Award, which is presented annually to a UMD student athlete who best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the field of play and has made noteworthy humanitarian contributions in the Duluth and UMD communities.

In addition, Carroll was one of 10 NCAA Division I players who were chosen as finalists for the 2008 09 Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award, which is based on achievement in the “Four C’s”
ugg bailey boot UMD captain Carroll dies

ugg boots sand Under Armour navigates shifting retail shoals

ugg handbags uk sale Under Armour navigates shifting retail shoals

It’s a bad time for Under Armour to be feeling growing pains. sports specialty stores. Competition among sports apparel makers has heated up. Consumers are fleeing stores for online shopping, and increasingly demanding sports brands offer fashion as well as workout clothes.

But the Baltimore brand has struggled more, some say, to adjust to new realities in the marketplace after years of rapid growth came to an abrupt halt this year. The company slashed its earning guidance in half with its report of third quarter results on Tuesday and warned of little growth in the United States through next year. Quarterly sales fell for the first time since the company went public in 2005, dropping 4 percent to just over $1.4 billion. Shares plunged, losing almost a quarter of their value Tuesday and closing Friday at an all time low of $11.61 a share.

After years of rapid growth, Under Armour’s quarterly sales fell for the first time since it went public in the third quarter, the company announced Tuesday.

And some changes are likely. Rather than seeking out new retail partners to sell its merchandise in the United States, it is undertaking a comprehensive review of that wholesale business, made up of the sports specialty stores, mall stores, department stores and others that account for 60 percent of its domestic sales. The company will look at how to balance its mix of retail partners, aiming to be in the stores where consumers are shopping, while trying to gauge the impact of potential future store closings.

“As the environment continues to change out there, we’re going to continue, of course, to evaluate where the brand is going to show up in the future,” said Kevin Plank, Under Armour’s CEO and founder, on Tuesday during a conference call with analysts. “We will not be adding any additional distribution in our wholesale channels going forward.”

Analysts said a turnaround is possible but will take time.

“They seem to be at a crossroads, where they’re having a bit of an identity crisis,” said Jason Moser, an analyst with the Motley Fool’s Million Dollar Portfolio. “Do they consider themselves premium brand, a brand for the masses or something in between? What’s the ultimate goal?”

Patrik Frisk, brought in by Plank in July to serve as company president, said during the conference call that the company’s “reason to exist” will be making products that blend high performance innovation with function and style.

That “has been and will continue to be at the core of who we are,” Frisk said. “Under Armour is a performance brand. Looking back over the last few years, we’ve been inconsistent with this promise. This inconsistency stops now.”

The 20 year old Under Armour has been more vulnerable to industry woes than some of its more established rivals, analysts said. Nike also reported a drop in wholesale revenue in North America in its most recent quarter for some of the same reasons, but Under Armour faces its own set of challenges.

While the company built its brand on performance apparel,
ugg boots sand Under Armour navigates shifting retail shoals
and has created shoes and clothing around athletes such as NBA superstar Stephen Curry, ballet dancer Misty Copeland and quarterback Tom Brady, it has lagged some of its competitors in expanding into fashion oriented sportswear, launching its Under Armour Sportswear line just over a year ago.

While international sales are growing, the bulk of its business is domestic, with 80 percent of sales generated in North America, where revenue dropped 12 percent in the third quarter. sales. The rest comes through its websites and 179 full price and outlet stores under the Under Armour banner.

“They are faced with some very serious challenges because of the wholesale shift,” Moser said.

“We believe that the root of [Under Armour’s] problem in North America lies in the company’s inability to elevate and/or protect the Under Armour brand,” wrote Sam Poser, an analyst with Susquehanna Financial Group LLP, in a report Tuesday. “We believe brand erosion in North America has caused [Under Armour] products to become indistinct in the marketplace, ubiquitous across channels and vulnerable to the promotional environment,” leading retailers to scale back on and cancel product orders.

Nike, too, has spread itself across market segments, but its brand has been able to withstand dilution.

“”You’ll find Nike gear everywhere,” Moser said. “They’re able to sell to the high end and also able to sell in other wholesale channels. It’s a product of time and being able to build the brand up and the reputation behind it. That gives them the leeway to pursue other customer demographics.”

Retail expert Howard Davidowitz disagrees that expanding into Kohl’s may have been a misstep.

“The future of retailing, or the strongest part of it, is in the discounters. They’re continuing to grow, and department stores are shrinking,” said the chairman of Davidowitz Associates, a New York based retail consulting and investment banking firm. “If you’re going to do wholesale, you’ve got to sell to somebody who’s going to stay in business.”

Beyond that, he noted that brands such as Adidas have regained popularity by offering must have shoes and apparel.

“The way to get your mojo back is to do what Adidas did, and that is develop incredible product where it becomes a must have item,” he said. “This company is a product company. That’s what they do. They had that going and were on a tremendous roll. The question is who’s going to have something that’s going to turn on the customer the most?”

Conditions in the retail environment are not likely to improve this year, Plank said during the conference call. But the company is on track to improve operations, product design, sourcing and efficiency at bringing products to market, he said.

“We already have multilevel strategies in play to right size and amplify the business throughout our portfolio,
ugg boots sand Under Armour navigates shifting retail shoals
” Plank said.

ankle ugg boots uk Un retour dans le studio 12 avec Radio Radio

knightsbridge ugg boots Un retour dans le studio 12 avec Radio Radio

a fait quatre mois que je n’y ai pas mis les pieds, mais je m’y sens toujours chez moi. Il y a eu quelques changements dignes de mention : l’espace a t reconfigur pour un rsultat optimal la tlvision. Plus de profondeur de champ, des projecteurs robotiss au plafond et un nouvel animateur de foule. Le grand luxe, quoi!

De plus, on dmarre notre quatrime saison en lion avec Radio Radio. Depuis la toute premire fois o j’ai entendu Ch’min d’terre, sur une compilation du Nightlife, je vampirise le trio acadien. Je prche au temple de Belmundo Regal.

Oui, il y a l’accent. Mais au del des expressions acadiennes images, il y a la plume de Jacques Alphonse Doucet et Gabriel Louis Bernard Malenfant, et la musique d’Alexandre Arthur Bilodeau. Il y a les chansons sur des ensembles de valises, des chaussures la mode, un amour dmesur pour un clarinettiste de renomme internationale. Il y a ces perles glanes au cours d’une conversation : Alan Jackson, c’est le 50 Cent du country , dclare Jacques avant de partager une rcente dcouverte. As tu entendu Hochelag swag? a rentre en goddamn!

(Aprs avoir fouill le web, j’ai trouv l’extrait sur la page MySpace d’un certain KenLo CraqNuques.)

Plus tard, il me fait couter sur son iPhone une nouvelle pice sur laquelle il a intgr le nom de famille de l’animatrice Anne Marie Withenshaw, qu’il trouve phontiquement inspirant. Immortalise par Radio Radio? Chanceuse!

Alexandre, l’ermite de studio rcemment dmnag au Texas, cherche un coin tranquille o roupiller. Sur scne, il me demandera s’il peut y installer un tapis persan entrepos chez une copine. Je pourrais aller le chercher l’heure du souper? Je dcline poliment, touche de son souci pour la dcoration. Son pre Roger Bilodeau est venu d’Ottawa le voir en action. Pendant la gnrale, il m’explique la gnalogie de certaines expressions (comme ouellement , utilise dans Guess what) et me conseille de lire La littrature orale de la Baie Sainte Marie pour en savoir plus.

C’est fou ce qu’on peut faire grce la technologie aucun des trois membres du groupe n’habite la mme ville, mais Radio Radio existe et prospre. Mme qu’on apprend la veille de l’enregistrement que les gars sont en lice pour le Flix du groupe de l’anne au Gala de l’ADISQ et pour celui du metteur en scne de l’anne, ce qui les fait bien rigoler (la mise en scne est d’eux).

D’ailleurs, si vous avez dj vu Radio Radio en spectacle, vous avez fort probablement aperu Julien Sagot et Stphane Bergeron (de Karkwa) aux percussions. Studio 12, le groupe est paul par Steve Caron, redoutable la batterie et aux machines, et Josiane Rouette la trompette, qui ne boude pas son plaisir et fait allgrement semblant de chanter lorsqu’elle ne joue pas.

Grands fans des Gypsy Kings, les gars de Radio Radio ont tendu la main un autre trio : The Lost Fingers. Impossible d’ignorer le succs populaire du groupe de Qubec qui reprend des chansons connues (en l’occurrence Pump up the jam) la sauce jazz manouche. D’ailleurs, Lost Fingers fait rfrence leur idole, le guitariste Django Reinhardt, qui a perdu l’usage de deux de ses doigts la suite d’un grave incendie.

Alex Morissette, des Lost Fingers

Byron Mikaloff, Alex Morissette et Christian Roberge dbarquent discrtement en studio en aprs midi. En temps normal, Byron Mikaloff est volubile et sympathique. L, il est particulirement guilleret, car il revient d’un rendez vous chez le mdecin avec sa conjointe, o une chographie a rvl le sexe de son premier enfant! Champagne! Alex, pre d’une fillette de 15 mois, en profite pour partager la difficult de concilier travail et famille lorsqu’on passe beaucoup de temps en tourne, loin de ceux qu’on aime.

Byron est le styliste officiel du groupe, c’est lui qui dniche les costumes assortis des Lost Fingers. Il me montre firement sa plus rcente trouvaille : des nuds papillon en cramique! Studio 12, il ngocie pour se changer trois fois durant l’mission. Trois chansons? Trois complets diffrents! Pas le choix de m’incliner devant ces six btes de mode. Surtout Gabriel, de Radio Radio, qui porte une attention toute spciale aux accessoires : un Panama viss sur la tte, des deck shoes ports sans chaussettes ( un must ) et tutti quanti.

Byron Mikaloff, des Lost Fingers

En attendant la parution de leur nouvel album (compos de chansons indites au Qubec), les Lost Fingers proposent le premier extrait, Alors on danse, incontournable succs du Franais Stromae. Christian jongle avec sa guitare et sa zurna, une flte turque en bois d’olivier dont le son rappelle les charmeurs de serpents. Entre un refrain et un couplet, il se dpche pour reprendre sa guitare et tire la langue, un tantinet essouffl.

Byron se met en bouche le texte de 9 piece luggage set, la chanson de Radio Radio que les Lost Fingers ont choisi de reprendre. a va, on l’a casse hier Victoriaville , dit il, tout sourire.

l’origine, les deux groupes devaient crer de toutes pices une nouvelle chanson. videmment, avec des horaires impossibles, l’ide s’est avre irralisable. En guise de duo, Lost Fingers joue avec Radio Radio sur Guess what. Pour l’occasion, Byron, toujours nostalgique des annes 80, a apport son talkbox pour y chanter l’introduction de California love de Tupac et Dr. Dre.

Jacques reconnat illico ce classique du rap et s’empresse de terminer le couplet en caricaturant la gestuelle des rappeurs. C’est probablement le plus bouffon des trois. En coulisses, il feuillette une revue fminine et emprunte une voix fminine : Je veux savoir ce que mon chum pense vraiment de moi. Pendant l’enregistrement, Jacques divertit son public avec des imitations et des singeries de tout acabit. Pas besoin de mise en scne, le charme naturel opre.
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ugg bomber Under Armour enters running shoe market

ugg boots for girls Under Armour enters running shoe market

Baltimore sports apparel company Under Armour officially confirmed yesterday that it will begin selling a running shoe during the first half of next year.

The company had said this month that it had developed prototypes for a running shoe and a basketball shoe, but gave no details about launch plans.

Kevin A. Plank, Under Armour Inc. president and chief executive officer, made the announcement during its first Investor Day, a meeting with institutional investors and analysts who cover the company.

“The next category Under Armour will attack is running,” Plank told the audience of about 90 people who met at M Bank Stadium.

The running shoe will feature six styles, two for trail running and four for road running. Other styles will be offered for people who pronate, or put more weight on the inside of their feet and ankles, as well as those who are more stable runners. The shoe will cost $90 to $100.

This will be Under Armour’s second foray into noncleated shoes, or those that can be worn off the playing field. The company launched a cross trainer this month.

Plank had said the performance of the cross trainer would determine how fast and aggressively the company would push into other shoe categories.

The company sees shoes as a key component in its goal to become as prominent as larger competitors, such as Nike and Reebok.

Plank said yesterday that he expects athletic shoes to eventually surpass apparel sales.

The cross trainer, which hit stores May 3, sold about 40 percent of its initial stock, according to SportsOneSource, a research and data company that tracks athletic shoe sales.

“It did well,” said Matt Powell, an analyst with SportsOneSource. “It exceeded expectations.”

When it launched the cross trainer, Under Armour was criticized by analysts because it increased marketing at the expense of earnings, including millions spent on a Super Bowl commercial, in the first half of the year. Plank assured analysts and investors there would be no need to worry about that next year.

“And no, we don’t intend to run a Super Bowl ad for this one,” Plank said. “I promise.”

One analyst questioned how Under Armour was going to win over customers who were loyal to other brands.

Running shoes are the second largest category of athletic shoes, with $4 billion in sales, according to SportsOneSource.

Plank said they would target a consumer who doesn’t necessarily have an allegiance to a particular brand. He also said they would target athletes who run as part of their training. He noted that running apparel is one of the company’s best performing categories and that they would promote the shoe’s technology.

“Our goal is not for people to trade one shoe for another,” Plank said. “We believe we have a better shoe.”.
ugg bomber Under Armour enters running shoe market

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tall bailey button uggs UML Class Diagrams

You will have noticed that in most of the explanations so far, all of the classes have been shown with a particular form of diagram. These are known as UML (Unified Modelling Language) diagrams. These have a particular syntax and set of symbols, each of which denote different kinds of information and behaviour.

UML has specific syntax for both the items inside of a class, and the relationships between classes. There is more to UML syntax than this brief summary; however these are the most important points to remember.

UML is language inspecific, however some languages have features that others lack. For (mainly) this reason, it’s not uncommon to see minor deviations of the UML spec used by some programmers and system designers that are tailored more to their purposes.

This can sometimes make UML diagrams somewhat difficult to understand completely.

Attributes and Methods

Classes are made up of two kinds of attributes; variables and methods. These attributes share some notation forms (for example, listing a variable, or declaring visibility or behavioural modifiers), and some are unique (for example, a method’s return type.)Visibility

The visibility is shown with a single character;The difference between association, aggregation and composition is confusing, and often the latter two terms are used interchangably. They mean something similar, but to different extents.

Assocation: there is some form of relationship where one class uses the services of another. For example,
womens ugg gloves UML Class Diagrams
an timekeeper uses a watch, but the watch may not be an intrinsic attribute of the timekeeper.

Aggregation: an item is comprised of another, and when you destroy the “whole”, it doesn’t also destroy the aggregated “parts”. For example, a Business is an aggregation of People, as a business is comprised of employees. However, if the business goes bankrupt and is dissolved, the people don’t get destroyed along with it.

Composition: an item is made up of another, in the sense of being a container. A “part” can only belong to one “whole” at a time. For example, a cookie jar is composed of cookies; no one cookie can be in two jars at the same time, and if you throw the cookie jar in the bin, the cookies inside get thrown out with it.

Practically speaking, the most important thing is identifying that there is a relationship between classes; don’t get too caught up in trying to be completely specific and taking a long time trying to determine the exact kind of association that is present.

UML Diagram Example

The diagram below is a diagram describing the relationships inherent in a small phone book manager program.

There is a standard phone number record, which is extended to a business number record. The driver class holds an instance of a data structure (which implements an interface specifying how it should interoperate),
womens ugg gloves UML Class Diagrams
and creates phone number record objects for storing into this structure.