ugg boot repair Molestation victim takes on her accuser

uggs children Molestation victim takes on her accuser

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Molloy: Molestation victim takes on her accuser, Nechemya Weberman, and her community Molestation victim takes on her accuser, Nechemya Weberman, and her communityfacebook email Nechemya Weberman was sentenced to 103 years in prison. (AP)The victim looked like a typical teenager in her peach sparkly top, short black skirt, tights and Ugg boots a stylish getup that somehow still satisfied Hasidic rules of modesty. But the 18 year old may as well have been wearing a cape as she confronted her sexual predator at his sentencing in Brooklyn Criminal Court Tuesday.

Nechemya Weberman, her trusted counselor, had sexually molested her as often as four times a week starting when she was 12, when she should have been worried about nothing more than the homework in her teddy bear backpack.

But thanks to her slimeball counselor, the “normal young teenage life” the little girl longed for was replaced with repulsion every time she looked in the mirror.


Instead of her reflection, she told the courtroom she saw “a sad girl” who was stuck being victimized by a 50 year old pervert her forthright tone turning to tears when she spoke his age. She saw the sickening acts she was forced to perform for his pleasure again and again.

And when she saw the scars the covered her body from where he’d burned her with candle wax “to serve his sadistic pleasure,” she said, “I would get flashbacks and feel my body burning all over again.”

The relentless reliving of the trauma, the nightmares, the depression that the young victim described in court Tuesday are classic symptoms of a child who has been sexually assaulted, says a 2007 study by the American Prosecutors Research Institute of the National District Attorneys Association.

ugg boot repair Molestation victim takes on her accuser

But what makes this heroic girl different is that she came forward.

“Sexual victimization [is] among the most severe and underreported crimes in the United States,” says the study. “The underreporting of these crimes is not surprising given that victims are often re victimized when they are forced to endure the investigation and prosecution. Societal attitudes may also . have an impact on victims’ psychological states.”

Indeed, this girl was vilified in her insular Satmar Hasidic community, where, prosecutor Kevin O’Donnell said Tuesday “she was treated like a piece of dirt . and (Weberman) like a god.”

Still, she bravely came forward.


The Daily News’ Oren Yaniv reported Sunday that Weberman had allegedly molested as many as 10 girls and women over the years. Yet only she came forward.

“Many were too scared . but we were all one voice, as they were with me in spirit,” she told Judge John Ingram on Tuesday.

A Brooklyn jury heard that voice, convicting Weberman on 59 counts of sexual abuse against a minor in December. And Tuesday, Judge Ingram heard that voice again. He sentenced Weberman to 103 years in jail.

The gavel went down and the young woman, who married last year, ran up to a superhero of her own, prosecutor O’Donnell, whose team she thanked for pulling all nighters to fight the case.

I asked her how she felt about the sentence, and through her tears she could only say one word: “Happy.”

And you wanted so much happiness for this beauty who said in her speech, “I have suffered so much as a young girl but I somehow came out as a strong woman.”

Superstrong. And the girl who was first sent to Weberman for breaking the rules for girls in the Satmar sect is now departing from tradition again by attending college.
ugg boot repair Molestation victim takes on her accuser

ugg wedge boots Men’s new fashion reality

the ugg shop Men’s new fashion reality

Puffer moto jacket in burgundy, Michael Kors, $295; mock T shirt, Saks Fifth Avenue, $198; Neoteric trousers in gray, Theory, $249, all at Saks Fifth Avenue.

“Men are dressing down, but they are also dressing up,” said Jian DeLeon, senior menswear editor for the global trend forecasting firm WGSN. “It’s the choose your own adventure era in menswear. He’s trying to figure out which rules he wants to break, depending on what he’s feeling like and where he is in life.”

This fall, Saks introduced its seven office essentials: the refined top (a dressier polo), the perfect (tailored) pant, the hybrid shoe, the sporty suit, the clean sneaker, the easy layer, and the leather bag.

Black sweats, Kenneth Cole, $45.99 at Century 21; windowpane button down shirt, Reiss, $160; sky blue hoodie, American Giant x Bloomingdale exclusive Holiday Collection, $89, at Bloomingdale camouflage scarf, UGG for Men, $95, at Saks Fifth Avenue; Anchorage Frank Butler Bag, $595, at Jay Butler.

“The idea is to mix a more casual look like a sneaker or a pullover into his wardrobe mix,” Brown said.

At the same time, guys are using the tailored pant or sporty suit to take their existing look up a notch. Men also are going more custom, not only for the three button blazer and vest suit combos, but for their athletic wear. After all, athleisure requires a better fit even among Philly dudes.

“These guys have spent the last few years learning about custom,” said Brian Lipstein, the designer behind Henry A. Davidsen. “Now they want the rest of their wardrobe to feel just as nice.”

A retail landscape that’s wooing the Y chromosome is paying off. menswear sales continue to outpace women’s, having increased 3 percent this year over last year, from $62.5 billion to $64.4 billion, with the fastest growing categories being two piece athletic sets and accessories.

Cable knit sweater, Reiss, $180; navy trousers, Hugo Boss, $180, both at Bloomingdale

Runway designers have taken note. In the last year, many of the most popular collections in Paris, Milan, and New York have opted to show menswear on their women’s runways.

Last month, Calvin Klein’s creative director, Raf Simons, announced his decision to show both collections on one runway, joining Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, and Burberry in the practice.

Interest in men’s fashion has come a long way since the days of the metrosexual the original style obsessed dude who, in the early 2000s, emerged from the ashes of the sloppy ’90s wearing a very fitted suit and carrying an umbrella.

Eggplant velvet blazer, Hart Schaffner Marx, $695, at Bloomingdale black trousers, Saks Fifth Avenue private label, $228, at Saks Fifth Avenue; white dress shirt, Hugo Boss, $135, at Bloomingdale silk scarf, Henry A. Davidsen, $225, at Henry A. Davidsen.

The typical guy including the Philly gent largely ignored this look. But it wasn’t long before the ways of the hipster (favoring all things fitted while twirling his ponytail into a man bun) or the lumbersexual (choosing beards and plaid shirts) caught on. With each trendy dude reincarnation, men’s fashion has blossomed on runways and Instagram.

So as we stand at the cusp of 2017, it seems the old fashion fears are gone, whether we’re talking about guys who suit up, tend toward the androgynous, don athletic attire, or amazing as it may sound like all three. His wardrobe can take him from day to night. Sound familiar, ladies?

“What finally happened is that guys in basketball like Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul began adopting these looks in their own way, and they became universal and aspirational,” said Sabir Peele, a menswear brand consultant and founder of Men’s Style Pro.

“Guys just started to understand, ‘I can do all of this. I can be sporty or wear a suit like a corporate guy. I can create my own look.’ ”

Herringbone blazer, $419, trouser pants, $219, both Land End; black turtleneck, Saks Fifth Avenueprivate label, $248, at Saks Fifth Avenue; tassel shoes, Cobble Hyde, $195.

With this new experimentation came an excess of new accessories this year: dotted pocket squares, solid knit ties, smart fedoras, jackets with custom linings. And the shoes whether shined to dress up or clean sneakers to dress down pull everything together.

Not only are men adopting the fashion, the shopping experience a pastime historically treasured solely by women has been embraced, as well. In Center City, MySuit, Bonobos, and Aston Marx joined Suit Supply, Henry A. Davidsen, and a newly renovated Blue Sole Shoes in offering men a heavy dose of customer service as in, some whiskey with those measurements with the big ticket fashion items.

And in King of Prussia’s new 155,000 square foot wing, luxury boutiques such as Gucci, MCM Worldwide, Rag Bone, and SuperDry are dedicating equal amounts of retail space to men and women.
ugg wedge boots Men's new fashion reality

ugg slippers uk Motorists warned to stay off the road as forecast warns of up to 6 inches of snow

ladies ugg boots sale Motorists warned to stay off the road as forecast warns of up to 6 inches of snow

‘Don’t travel tomorrow’: Motorists warned to stay off the road as Britain faces six inches of snow

Graham Clark, 73, was found by a passer by in his narrow country lane with serious head injuriesThe pensioner was described as a ‘caring man’ by neighbours in his Suffolk villageImpatient motorists in Northamptonshire have been pelting gritting trucks with rocksHeaviest snowfall of the winter is expected tomorrow night and into FridayFamilies warned only to travel if absolutely essential and parents told to check schools are open

262 schools in Norfolk were closed today after snow and freezing fog covered the East overnightRAC expects 8,500 call outs by end of day 1,000 more than average in winterFour hour delays and cancellations at London City Airport because of poor visibility this morning

Norwich International Airport closed until 2pm today for de icing

Temperatures plunged to 13C overnight and sub zero conditions forecast to continue

Drivers were warned to stay off the roads when blizzards hit Britain tomorrow, following the death of a 73 year old who apparently slipped on ice.

Up to ten inches of snow are forecast to blanket the country overnight, with the North West, Wales and the West Midlands worst affected.

Snow will spread east as strong winds

tear across the country after morning rush hour tomorrow, while

Cornwall, far West Wales and Northern Ireland are likely to

face driving rain instead.

Graham Clark was found with serious head injuries in the narrow country lane beside his cottage in Buxhall near Stowmarket, Suffolk, on Tuesday.

Scroll down for video

The pensioner, who lived alone with his dogs, was described as a ‘caring man’ by villagers.

Neighbour David Green said: ‘He had a heart of gold and was loved by his neighbours.

‘I heard sirens and blue flashing lights. We went out and heard them again and again. There was a huge number of police.’

Neighbour Sally Thomas described Mr Clark as a ‘dear chap’ and ‘a lovely bloke’.

A Suffolk Police spokesman said: ‘An

investigation is still being carried out. One possibility is that he was

clearing his driveway of snow and then hit his head, but allPolice are appealing for witnesses.

Died at the scene: Graham Clark, 73, was found with serious head injuries outside his cottage in his narrow country lane in Buxhall, pictured

Meanwhile, ice gritting trucks are being targeted by impatient motorists who have been pelting their vehicles with rocks.

Staff at Northamptonshire Council revealed they have come under a barrage of missiles while out on their rounds as they attempt to make the roads safe from icy conditions.

They said disgruntled drivers stuck behind their vehicles have been pulling over to throw stones and bricks at them because they are driving too slow.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Highways said there had been numerous incidents of drivers coming under attack while spreading grit across the county.
ugg slippers uk Motorists warned to stay off the road as forecast warns of up to 6 inches of snow

joslyn ugg boots middle school bans Ugg boots

tall black uggs middle school bans Ugg boots

Cooper wrote that students were allowed to wear the boots to and from school, but requested they change shoes before stepping into homeroom. Acceptable footwear options listed in her letter included “lace up, tight at the ankle, boots, shoes and high top sneakers.”

In other words, anything but the sheepskin boots.

UGG, an immensely popular accessories and apparel brand owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, offers a variety of products. Among the range of styles, colors and options offered by retailers, its Classic Boot (in short and tall) remains a bestselling item, costing anywhere from $150 $180. Which could explain why some parents are peeved.

And to the average,
joslyn ugg boots middle school bans Ugg boots
self conscious, image driven 11 13 year old, suburban middle school girl, the boots symbolize status and popularity.

Though loathed by fashion industry professionals, celebrities like New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and actress Blake Lively have joined the Ugg movement. While Brady has previously served as the face of the brand (and was relentlessly mocked for doing so), Lively has been spotted wearing the shoes on the set of Gossip Girl. Since her character socialite Serena van der Woodsen runs around the streets of Manhattan in sky high stilettos, the star probably needed an alternative option between takes.

However, does comfort outweigh the detrimental situations Uggs can literally carry into the classroom?

Some share the sentiment of the school district. In response to the article, one individual posted on the Mercury’s Facebook page, “Some of you people crying about this obviously care more about making an appearance rather than GOING TO SCHOOL TO GET EDUCATED! Its a wonder kids today are half morons!
joslyn ugg boots middle school bans Ugg boots

uggs slippers for men Naot Footwear Healthy and Comfortable for Your Feet

ugg tasman Naot Footwear Healthy and Comfortable for Your Feet

Real EstateFind a New HomeHomes for SaleFind an AgentApartments for RentInsuranceMortgagesNaot sandals are among the “new” trendy healthy shoe companies shoe manufacturers that bill their shoes as comfortable and good for your feet. This group boasts some very well known names in addition to Naot Ugg boots and Earth shoes among them. Like the others, Naot shoes boast that their sandals are uniquely designed to make your feet feel good with a number of technical innovations.

Naot shoes are made by YALEET, Inc., a company that claims to be guided by two basic principles “we offer solutions, and we promise trust”, says their web site. They began making shoes as a response to a need for healthful, comfortable footwear that was also fashionable. The company is committed to cultivating a base of clients that are satisfied with sterling customer service and high quality shoes that are beyond compare. YALEET prides itself on being a place where employees are family, with members who are free to suggest innovation while experimenting with new ideas. Many of those new ideas work their way into the company’s shoe designs and other products.

The key difference between Naot sandals and most other ‘healthy’ shoes is in the removable footbed. The inside of the shoe is designed to cradle the foot in comfort and support. It is uniquely designed to replicate the foot just like a foot print in the sand. The footbed is made of all natural materials that absorb perspiration and offer superior resilience and shock absorption.

The Naot footbed is molded using a unique process that retains the resiliency of the natural materials while allowing it to shape itself to fit your foot perfectly. The inner latex layer is combined with flaked cork and surrounded by another layer of natural sponge latex padding that provides a caress of softness while walking. The whole is covered with natural suede and inserted into the shoe. The footbeds are designed to be easily removed for cleaning and airing, and can be replaced when they wear out. They can also be removed and replaced with orthotic or prescription foot pads.

The center of the footbed is elevated to offer support and relieve strain in a place that most shoes ignore that area behind the ball of your foot but before the arch. The gently rounded elevation provides support and massage that keeps your feet feeling pampered even after hours of walking.

Arch support

The arch support is vital to health of your feet. With each step,
uggs slippers for men Naot Footwear Healthy and Comfortable for Your Feet
your weight lands on your heel, and is distributed through your entire foot by the arch, which serves as a sort of shock absorber for your body. The arch support in Naot sandals offers gentle support and structure to keep the foot properly aligned and by extension, helps your body align itself properly above your feet. The unique material composition of the inner foot bed will shape itself to your foot, accommodating high or low arches so that your feet are always cushioned and supported

One of the most unique properties of the Naot sandal foot bed is the way that it molds to your foot. As you wear the shoe, the foot bed will gently take on the impression of your foot to become uniquely yours. The footbed is designed to be flexible and move with your foot even as it offers support, however Naot is aware that the outer shoe in any shoe will last longer than the foot bed and insoles. When the shoe does wear out, you do not have to replace the entire shoe, just the foot bed. It is a unique and sensible solution.
uggs slippers for men Naot Footwear Healthy and Comfortable for Your Feet

sale ugg boots Mom deserts girls on sidewalk

mens ugg slippers clearance Mom deserts girls on sidewalk

World Politics Entertainment Gossip Movies TV Music Theater Arts Crosswords Entertainment Pics Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Lifestyle Health Food Viva Games Opinion Autos Buyer’s Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: North Korea Stormy Daniels Ruthie Ann Miles RUSSIA GUN CONTROL

Heartless mother deserts two daughters, leaving them on Brooklyn sidewalk with extra diapers Mom deserts girls on sidewalk

A malevolent mom who deserted her two daughters, ages 3 and 2, on a Brooklyn sidewalk Sunday, leaving them each extra diapers and a heartbreaking lesson in hard knocks, has been busted, officials said Monday.

“Mommy just left us on the sidewalk and drove away,” the older girl told a Daily News photographer just seconds after a good Samaritan found her and her sister stranded on a bustling corner in Canarsie on Sunday. in front of the Bay View Houses on Shore Parkway, cops said.

“They gave us their first names and said their mom dropped them off,” a police source said.

The older girl told cops her name is Domini and that her little sister, who said very little to police, is Dioni, a source said.

“We live in a blue house with flowers in front,” Domini told The News as cops took custody of her and her sister.

She told cops she believed they lived on 53rd St., but could not recall what neighborhood or borough they were from, according to the source.

The sisters bore no obvious signs of abuse, but were taken to Brookdale University Hospital as a precaution.

Cops fanned out in the area, going door to door hoping to identify the forsaken sisters and track down their mother. Detectives also scoured surveillance video from the Bay View Houses and nearby buildings.

The older girl told cops their mother’s name is Dalisha and she was driving a white car,
sale ugg boots Mom deserts girls on sidewalk
but she did not know the make nor model of the vehicle.

Cops were able to piece together the mother’s identity and arrested Dalisha Adams, 26, of Glenwood Road in Brooklyn, police said. She was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Cops were first alerted to the bizarre case when they received a 911 call after an elderly couple found the children standing at the busy intersection of Shore Parkway and E. 102nd St. with cars zooming by, sources said.

“They were wandering up and down the sidewalk for a while, just playing by themselves,” said Michelle Davis, 43, of Brooklyn, who was visiting a friend at the Bay View Houses when the girls were found.

“It’s horrible. How could you leave your own children out there?” Davis said. “They’re babies and you just leave them out there like that?”

Domini was dressed in a a brown down jacket, and blue jeans and had pink and white beads in her hair. Dioni was wearing a pink down jacket and matching pants.

The girls were not crying, but appeared confused as to why their mother would desert them on the streets.

Officials from the city Administration for Children’s Services took temporary custody of the sisters.

The state’s Abandoned Infant Protection Act allows parents of newborns up to 30 days old to anonymously, and without fear of prosecution, drop their infants off at a hospital, police stationhouse or firehouse.

“I don’t know how anyone could do that to little kids like that,” said Lizzette Santiago, 38, a mother of three who lives at the Bay View Houses.

Santiago said she learned of the abandoned sisters from cops who took them door to door in the area. Like others in the housing project,
sale ugg boots Mom deserts girls on sidewalk
Santiago did not recognize the girls.

ugg booys Mentorship from a former Sooner helping OU

ugg sale office Mentorship from a former Sooner helping OU

NEW ORLEANS The first time former Oklahoma offensive lineman Jammal Brown met current Sooners left tackle Orlando Brown, an NFL player was talking to a chubby kid.

He was a big, ol round doughboy, Jammal said of his first encounter with Orlando, who was maybe 10 years old at the time. Looked like he was pushing 350 then.

The two met at a football camp through Orlando Brown Sr., better known as Zeus, who played 12 years in the NFL. The elder Brown briefly shared an agent with Jammal, who played at OU from 2000 04 and spent nine seasons in the NFL.

Little did either of them know that was the beginning of a relationship that would shape Orlandos life and football career.

Zeus died in 2011 of diabetic ketoacidosis. Orlando has talked openly about his fathers death and the confusion he went through in the aftermath.

Orlando has viewed Jammal as a replacement father figure ever since, but the relationship became much closer when Orlando committed to OU.

Hes like my dad, Orlando said. Hes my role model. Hes my father figure. I talk to him just about every day.

When Orlando signed with OU, Jammal met with him and asked what he wanted to do with his time in Norman.

He showed me that he was a real good listener and willing to work, Jammal said. He was lazy, but he was a real good listener and had the ambition of wanting to be a good player. So if you can just show me that, I can work with you.

The two formed a partnership. Jammal spends his summers in Norman, where the two work out together.

Jammal related to Orlando on an emotional level and thought he could help Orlando become an NFL player. But in many ways, football was the easy part.

Orlando grew up going to an all boys school in Baltimore. After his fathers death, he went to a public high school in Atlanta, but was still behind on the ways of the world.

It was almost like we had to start over with all the little things, Jammal said.

That meant plenty of lessons on how to talk to girls. And a lot of guidance on how to dress.

It was understanding, hey, youre a big guy, but you dont have to buy a 4X shirt and have it hanging off you,
ugg booys Mentorship from a former Sooner helping OU
Jammal said. You can be a big guy and look neat and classy.

On the field, Jammal helped shape Orlando through tough love. When Orlando thought he might come in and start as a freshman, Jammal set him straight. Brown ended up redshirting, but he was able to cut weight and adjust to college with less pressure.

Even through two years or playing, Orlando said its incredibly rare for Jammal to tell him something as simple as good job.

We have a very unique relationship, Jammal said. Its a real aggressive relationship. Every day we talk, and its not like Im real positive with him. Im real negative with him on every aspect. I feel like thats kind of the way we were coached, and now coaches arent allowed to really coach like that.

Jammals teachings include plenty of stories about his own mistakes, plus anecdotes from his time in the NFL. He has taught Orlando the importance of technique and seriousness. team meetings at 7:58.

Youre on time, but you have to understand how the front office and everybody is viewing that, Jammal said. Its the same things at OU.

Jammal said Orlando was stubborn at first but has started to catch on. And OU lineman Dru Samia sid he has always noticed Orlandos intense dedication.

Its a big mentality thing for Orlando, Samia said. A lot of his deal is playing football. Hes more focused on the mentality and what it takes to be a football player.

Orlando has always been quick to credit his NFL pedigree, but at the same time, he wants to be a different player than his father. Zeus was known as a mauler and a scrapper who succeeded through his will power.

Orlando is now a 6 foot 8, 340 pound behemoth, but hes also turning into a technician.

I take a lot of pride in my craft, Orlando said.

As a result, Orlando has turned into the best offensive lineman in the Big 12 and an AP second team All American. He also took Jammals guidance and has already announced his return for another season, saying he knows he has more work to do if he wants to become a first round pick.

Jammal saw that pay off for him when he stayed for a senior season in 2004 and ended up getting drafted in the first round.

What he says goes, Orlando said.

Jammal also said he has watched Orlando grow into a young man, even developing his own sense of style and showing off his UGG boots at press conferences that, too,
ugg booys Mentorship from a former Sooner helping OU
a teaching from Jammal.

ugg black gloves MRM move to adopt cows is a suggestion MRM move to adopt cows is a suggestion

[India], May 4 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said that RSS affiliated Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) appeal to the Muslim community to shun beef and adopt the cow is a suggestion, not a command, adding that the former says it should be done through education.

Swamy told ANI, “I think one has to go back and see when Bahadur Shah Zafar was made king of liberated India in 1857 by the Hindus, the first instruction that was issued was a ban on cow slaughter because he know it is the best way to maintain public order.”

“Even the Quran says cow meat is not to be eaten. The purpose of the meeting is to put forward some thinking points in front of the decision makers of the community and arrive at a consensus,” said Indresh Kumar, a senior RSS pracharak and convener of MRM.

He further said that the ‘Arabs shunned beef for many years and that eating beef is something that has come up recently among Muslims’.

“Over 150 Muslim families across India are already running gaushalas. We have identified them and we want them to be the examples for the community,” he added.(ANI)
ugg black gloves MRM move to adopt cows is a suggestion

jumbo ugg Middle school fashion club a venue for creativity

uggs boots Middle school fashion club a venue for creativity

Chester County s next top fashion models from St. Norbert s fashion club styled both a casual and elegant ensemble at their debut runway appearance in January.

We got to pick our songs and all the parents were there, said Lindsey Barnes, a seventh grader in the club. We had a runway and a backdrop and it was really fun.

Elizabeth Cooper, a teacher at St. Norbert School in Easttown, started the club in the 2008 2009 school year. The club dissolved when she left the school, but she reinstated it in fall 2013 after returning to the school.

The idea was to promote and discuss creativity through fashion, said Cooper. As their leader I wanted to encourage them to understand that beauty is not just skin deep, and we definitely had fun with the artistic aspects of it. I wanted to instill confidence in them as well.

For the fashion show, we had a projector and each girl got to pick a quote that they wanted so that when they were walking the quote would be on the screen, said Anastasia.

During the show s intermission,
jumbo ugg Middle school fashion club a venue for creativity
Cooper played a short documentary that she had put together in which the girls explained what fashion meant to them.

What s popular and trendy certainly plays a part in what the girls choose to wear, but they can still make it their own.

A lot of people were black leggings, said Anastasia. But even though you wear black leggings, you don t have to wear the same type of shoes as other people.

Ugg Boots, combat boots, hunter boots and Converse shoes were footwear options the girls suggested.

(Cooper) told us we don t need to copy people, said Annie Mulqueen. But take their ideas and make them your own.

Cooper said the club will start up again for a new season in the spring, and all of the girls said they want to do it again.

Joining this fashion club kind of gave me a different sense on fashion. It influenced me a little bit more to be more daring, said Lindsey.

Cooper enjoyed leading the club because she liked getting to know the girls better outside of the classroom and sharing her passion with them.

I ve always really like fashion and I think presenting yourself appropriately is really an important part of trying to mitigate the world, said Cooper. They may or may not know that yet,
jumbo ugg Middle school fashion club a venue for creativity
but the earlier that they can learn to dress confidently and appropriately the better.

ladies ugg boots Naruto Mush Rivalry

uggs boots clearance Naruto Mush Rivalry

A D rank mission in Kirigakure is not all about catching child theives and snatching some old woman’s dog. Sometimes, a D rank mission can involve death as long as the individual in question is unable to defend themselves. Such is the case of a former member of the Daimyo’s junior staff, whom had recently been asked to resign due to activities that compromised the integrity of the nation. Ashigaru Senada was a man who had access to a plethora of the Daimyo’s secrets due to his position as a junior secretary. Given he was an old man in search of making a little extra cash before his death, he risked his life sending those secrets to the highest bidder. He earned his death, and there would be no reason to spare him for being a traitor to the land.

His residence was on the mainland, central and in a more hill ridden section of the Land of Water. He had himself a small manor on the top of one such hill overlooking a vast swathe of farmland that he owned and did not operate, yet was still overgrown. The manor itself looked as if it was built to keep bandits out, having thick walls lined with brick. There was a reason that Mizumi, Okochi, and Hibiki were hand selected for this mission. The cause of death had to be as a result of a ‘heart attack’ during a sleep. Mizumi and Okochi both specialized in the studies of the circulatory system and nervous system respectively, and Hibiki had a special skill that would allow him to break through the fortifications in a silent way.

The Chuunin overlooking the mission remained crouched in the overgrown unused farmland below the hill, and drawn out in front of him was a map that detailed the topography around and inside the house. “Are we clear?” The Chuunin asked. “The death must look as if he died of a heart attack. It must look like an accident. It has to fool a non shinobi medical specialist. That also means we can’t have you breaking in through the front door or breaking into the upper floors. That will make it obvious that a shinobi was the culprit. Are we clear? Hibiki, you’re leading the mission. I’ve been told you have an ability that can bore through concrete, which is good. The entire structure is reinforced with it. Remember, be stealthy and make sure the old man dies naturally. Any Bodyguards can be dealt with as long as they do not wake the old man in his sleep. Mizumi, we’ve supplied you with a short acting anesthetic that will keep him asleep while Okochi applies her specific medical knowledge to making his heart shut down. I think that will do it.”

Okochi was knelt in the tall grass near the Chuunin. “Sou Hibiki, if I may make a recommendation It was more like Adhering to a strict routine she had developed for all missions that would cause her uncertainty if she did not accomplish. Sort of, run of the mill preparation tactics that she felt were necessary in all missions involving assassinations such as this. “Before we enter the house in the way specified by our Chuunin lead, may we sweep the perimeter once to look for possible stealth entries?” As she knealt, she stroked one of her two insanely long ‘locks’ of hair that pooled on the ground. It was likely that there were guards in the building, and her senses would pick up what Mizumi’s couldn’t. It was likely that these guards were basic fodder and had no trained chakra network.

Hibiki looked between everyone here for a moment. The Chuunin and the other two along with the mission. “Yes. We are clear. It is a stealth mission and our job is to get in and out without any alarms or such be sounding or the guy warned. And we have to make his death look like an accident.” He said slowly and then just shrugged. “I do. Though not quickly. Concrete is stronger and is more likely to take a while. At least at my level.” He just shrugged once more before facing Mizumi and Okochi. “Well since I am in charge I suppose I should make sure you two tell me everything you can do real quick.” He frowned before turning to face the Chuunin “Unless you have a way for me to see it in detail.”

Then Okochi approached him and he looked right a her with a frown. “Umm don’t know. I think it is a good idea to look around though I suppose, and it is likely best I don’t use my ability if we can avoid it because it leaves an obvious trace. Well if an unatural way.” He paused. “Yeah lets just figure it out along the way. A stealth entrance should work well if we find it but lets not take too long.” He started leading them onwards. “Oh and Mizumi san. Sorta cover our flank yeah? Make sure we aren’t caught off guard.” He said quickly. “Now lets go.”

Mizumi had just ‘graduated’ from the Academy, alongside five others. After establishing a home in Kirigakure, the girl spent the night. She didn’t think she would get a mission so soon, but when she woke, a messenger hawk was perched upon her window. Administration works quick. She opens the scroll, reading over its contents and packing that which she feels would be useful. Her staff, that she feels would end up strapped to her back, a few tools like kunai, senbon, and Shuriken, a small notepad and pencil, and a basic knife that one would find on a bandit. After everything was packed, she headed out to meet her team.

Said team was made of familiar faces, not all of them friendly. The young Shirayuki narrows her eyes a bit at the group, wondering what they did She knew very little of each. The strange girl held snakes, the strange boy enjoyed beasts. That was all she knew. This was going to be interesting, she supposed. It was an easy journey, hopefully. Mizumi would keep up as best she could, but the team would find that occasionally they needed to slow their pace so the frail Shirayuki could even keep up. With her staff strapped to her back, she made little noise. All for the best.

Now upon the hill, Mizumi looks down upon the farmland and then she looks at the map. “Clear,” she replies. “I can inspect the body after Okochi san acts, even. A second pair of eyes might realize where the other went wrong,” she offers. Mizumi would then purse her lips a bit. Bo breaking into the upper floors or through the main door Hopefully that was easier done than said. “Hai she murmurs, examining the house from afar. Her eyes would not be the ones looking, though. Rather, she was seeking out the faintest traces of chakra. It was difficult, to say the least, if none truly held chakra, but all beings had some to keep them going. It was for that pinprick of talent she searched.

Okochi caught her attention first, with her recommendation. It admittedly sounded like a sound idea, even if it resulted in nothing. “We could sneak in through an open staff door, perhaps, if our target has such a thing she offers. Of course, it was all Hibiki’s decision, and she would nod to whatever he ordered of them. When asked if her abilities, she would frown a bit. “Sensory. Minor medical abilities, but nothing too concrete. I read a lot more than I’ve experienced, I suppose.” And she leaves it at that. The signal to move went off, and she would follow quickly, only offering a nod to show she heard Hibiki’s orders that were shot in her direction.

[NPC System]: Building Foundation roll(s) Weakspot Analysis (Stealth, Perception Only) vs all from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 14. It was dark, and there were no shinobi guarding the house. Okochi’s black coat would be stealth enough until they had to be quiet. Her Analysis of the house actually brought little to the table. Though, there would be one thing clear to all the genin. The doors were all locked tightly for the night. There were only two entrances, and they had guards stationed in front of each. Not advanced guards, but armed guards nonetheless.

It would be important not to alert their presence. Okochi was hoping that Mizumi’s plan had merit, because it would have meant that there were actually few guards in the place. As Okochi stays low, remaining at the bottom of the hill and navigating the circumference with Hibiki and Mizumi, she would not find any place suitable for breakthrough. After all, the Chuunin did require that they did not go through the fortified windows or front and back doors. Even if they had the skill to kill the guards at the doors silently,
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they would risk leaving secondary indicators of a struggle. They couldn’t engage anyone unless they absolutely had to. “I did not find anything of useful note. The mission parameters are making success Difficult Okochi looked to her comrades, patiently, hoping that perhaps they had found an alternative.

RPCOMBAT: Hibiki defends against with a PERCEPTION (Success)

Hibiki was walking along silently as he waited for things to be found. Hopefully. These locked doors though were a pain and then the others were being guarded. Well aorta. He looked at Okochi and Mizumi for a silent moment. Boy! Back to those bushes over there. Up by one of the walls. I am sure you could sneak in from there. ‘I am trying to see something.’ He started walking to a tunnel he saw overgrown by grass. “Interesting. I don’t know if we need to enter another way if we can go through this.” He gestured for the others to look. “But it might make a better escape route. Avoid getting caught here and such.” He said quickly. “Anyways. I think we have an easy way to do this now.” He gestured for the two of them to follow them stealthily as he headed quietly towards those bushes. We have to break through here yeah? How do you plan to hide it on the inside? ‘Uhh Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA SENSING TECHNIQUE (Success)

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a PERCEPTION wasn’t really trying to be stealthy. She was trying not to be too noticeable, but she didn’t mind a small swishing of grass or startling a frog, if that ever happened. She tended to search, but her eyes were not a good reason that she took on this job. It was her sixth sense that told her of the locations of the guards. It took a few minutes to make sure she could notice a true pattern and align it with the mental map of the area that she held in her mind, but once she was mostly certain, she walked to join Hibiki and Okochi.

“I can’t say if the windows are a good entry point, but I have a bad feeling about this tunnel,” she says upon noticing it. “The tunnel probably leads into the basement,” she notes, studying the house. “There’s a guard, though Somewhere in there. I don’t trust moving through this tunnel unless we were something else.” Mizumi would gesture slightly, then. “Five others are present. Two in the back, two in the front. And another ‘floating’. I think he’s before the master’s bedroom, which means we need to figure out a way to distract him as well. Unless we can enter our target’s room without passing that guard and alerting the house.”

RPCOMBAT: Okochi defends against with a HEBISUUHAI SENSES summary, Hibiki had found two possible entry points. A wall behind bushes that he could bore through, or an underground tunnel that provided an entry point that did not express a sign of breaking and entering if they entered through that venue. However, Mizumi has pointed out that there is a guard, who could possibly be an extra added threat. If the alarm is raised, the genin could become overwhelmed. The fewer chances the better.

Okochi remains crouched as she awaits for Hibiki’s orders. Team leader and all, but as she waited she and her serpents were sensing the vibrations in the ground for movement. There was a lot of movement, but it wasn’t from human beings. A deer a hundred yards off was eating grass, but there was no movement coming from within. “Shirayuki san, Yamashita san. All targets are motionless. It seems they are remaining in a fixed position. It’s your call, Yamashita san. Where do begin the first phase of the operation?”

RPCOMBAT: Hibiki defends against with a PERCEPTION just shrugged a bit. “I see. So there is a guard down there. One we will likely have to deal with if we want to escape that way. Hopefully we can just get out the way we come in as I think we are gonna make a hole in the wall over there.” He gestured for the two of them to follow quickly and quietly as he did just that to make sure any nearby guards(If they were nearby) wouldn’t notice as he got into the bush. Quietly he spoke. “Climb in and hide quickly.” He then began to form handseals and would formed acid within his hand. Then he quickly put the hand of acid on the wall and spread it around a bit. He slowly continued to form a bit more to make a hole just big enough for them to comfortably fit in there. It would take a good bit, but it would eventually melt away. “Alright. Follow me.”

Be careful. There might be more than guards within the place. Look at every little spot as you climb out. I won’t let you get me killed for even two months. ‘Okay. Fine.’ He turned to face the others. “Keep an eye out for more than just guards. We don’t know how prepared he may be for traps and such.” And so he began to climb through all the way and his eyes would be shifting around the room as he attempted to spot anything else. If there was something else. Truthfully this could all just be a test, but even then they had to go in as if it was real.

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a PERCEPTION

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA SENSITIVITY chose that moment to gather her chakra a bit more than usual, just in case there /were/ traps that Hibiki speculated about. She would keep an eye out for any guards, making sure to just track where the few chakra signatures happened to be. It was easy to get into the bushes and hunker down, and she would watch Hibiki with a canted head as he made a hole in the wall with his acid. Interesting. She can see why it would take a long time, though, at this rate. Thankfully, the acid eventually bores through the wall. “Of course,” she says simply, slipping into the newly formed entrance.

[NPC System]: Doorway Guard roll(s) Perception from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 20. She was likely the second to come through, and unfortunately she wasn’t quiet enough. It seemed the simple shuffles of her entering into the hole caused the guard to raise his head. “Hn? What was that?” The guard was just down the hall and around the corner. If he moved into the hallway and looked right, he would see all three shinobi. Hearing the voice, Okochi had to sacrifice a hairpiece in order to save the mission. She hissed silently, speaking in the tongue of snakes, before one of her serpents dropped from her hairline. The left one being Yamaru this time, a far quicker snake. He would slither down the hallway at full speed until he got to the T intersection. “Hn Oh A snake That’s not good. C’mere little buddy

The guard as a result, would look to the left rather than the right and start following the snake into the kitchen. “C’mon. If the others see you, they’ll eat you, little buddy. I’ll just set you outside Gosh, you’re a fast one, little buddy “Is everything alright in there?” One of the guards called from the outside, hearing the door guard’s footsteps. “Yeah, buddy. Im fine. Just Getting some water He hushed his voice and continued trying to follow the black snake attempting to get it without touching it.

Okochi would nod her head to Mizumi and Hibiki. “C clear She said with a deep sigh in a whispered tone. The door was, of course, now ungaurded. Yet, they only had a few moments to set up and end the man’s life in the prescribed way. Inside the room, the man was actually fast asleep in his bed. Sleeping deeply Hibiki wasn’t exactly quiet either. He didn’t pass based on how good he was at hiding anyways. He sighed as he heard the guard speaking a bit. He heard them but luckily it seemed Okochi was handlingthings and had a snake cause a distraction for them. “Good job Okochi.” You idiot. Here I thought you were going to have this mission failed already. He seemed to laugh at that fact before going quiet. ‘Ugg. I don’t think I care. We hopefully could’ve handled them.’ “Alright well while that one snake is keeping them busy lets move. And stay careful still.” He lead them up towards the door that the guy was guarding. It would be quick too hopefully. If the door was locked then that would cause a bit more trouble. “Okochi. Just in case the door is locked Would the other one be able to get under the cracks that might be in the door and unclock it?” He asked. “And Mizumi. Keep an eye on the guard. Tell us when he might be returning. Give us time to hide if we need to.” Obviously she would still be set to that even if they could get in, but she would also be set to providing the anesthetic to keep him asleep. His part would just be waiting for them to kill em!

RPCOMBAT: Hibiki defends against with a PERCEPTION followed in as the last person through the hole, only to be forced to stop when Okochi and Hibiki made some noise. She did too, but she was more outside than in, which is why the guard didn’t really have a chance to notice her. It is thanks to Okochi’s quick thinking that Mizumi was able to breathe without pause, the girl simply nodding a bit. “Hai she murmurs softly to Hibiki, casing her senses out quickly and closing her eyes. As she extended her senses, she would also gather a bit of water from the atmosphere with the others in front of the door, Okochi found that the door was locked. The twist of a wrist could have easily told such. Okochi, down to one twintail, would be asked to resign the other in the name of getting through the door. Okochi’s eyes widened a little as she began to speak in a tongue that neither of her comrades could understand Serpent speak, with very specific instructions. In moments, her serpent would drop to the ground, and would inch it’s way beneath the crack of the door, flattening it’s body a fair amount. Okochi thought Hibiki’s idea was a brilliant one, and it worked without a hitch. The door slowly opened as the snake was seen coiled around the latch on the other side, and Okochi spent no time bringing Yimaru back to restore one of her twintwails. “Ready.” She whispered.
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