red ugg boots Mom warns of dangers of private treatment centres

ugg s Mom warns of dangers of private treatment centres

An Airdrie mom is on a campaign to raise awareness about private addiction treatment centres.

Helen Erickson’s son Cameron, 56, visited Serenity Ranch, located outside Red Deer, in March 2012 to overcome his addiction to anti anxiety medication. His mom said he came back $12,000 poorer and much worse off.

Angered over the situation, Cameron embarked on a letter writing campaign to the minister of health and local politician MLA Rob Anderson, who brought the matter up in the Legislature last fall.

Erickson said she received a letter in response from Minister Fred Horne that stated, because it is a private facility, Serenity Ranch is unregulated.

It isn’t the first time the treatment centre, which works mainly with those addicted to drugs and alcohol, has been in the news.

Taylor Argent, a 17 year old Red Deer resident, died at the facility in 2007 after drinking antifreeze he found in an unlocked shed. Staff at the facility reportedly waited 12 hours to call 911.

Kim Argent, Taylor’s mom,
red ugg boots Mom warns of dangers of private treatment centres
said the family chose the centre because of the long wait to get into a government run program. A two year inquiry revealed Taylor suffered before succumbing, something Argent said staff at the facility had assured her was not the case.

It nearly tore the mom apart.

“We lost him twice,” said Argent. “Thinking your son went to sleep peacefully and finding out he suffered and everyone just stood and watched . that is all you can think of. I want everyone to know there is no rules and regulations in place.”

Argent is frustrated the addiction treatment centre wasn’t charged and no changes have been made to legislation since the death of her son.

It is something the Argents, Erickson and Anderson want to see changed.

“You are dealing with people that are on the edge of life and you can’t leave that to choice and the whims of people,” said Anderson. “When people’s lives are at stake, when people are going to die . that is when the government should be involved.”

Anderson said he is frustrated at the lack of progress since addressing the subject in the Legislature last October.

“They seemed to say they would look into it, but I haven’t seen any proof . that they are doing that,” he said. “We are just going to keep hitting the government with it until they make some changes.”

John Muir, spokesperson for Alberta Health Services said the topic is a complex one, explaining several treatment methods, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and church counselling, would be difficult to regulate.

However, he said the province is looking at instituting changes, although there is no timeline in place for doing so.

“We are looking at extending provincial oversight into private treatment centres to better protect patients and their families,” he said. “In the meantime,
red ugg boots Mom warns of dangers of private treatment centres
we do encourage Albertans looking into privately run alcohol and drug treatment centres to research and carefully consider if that is the right place for them.”

baby boy ugg boots MeToo to Go Beyond Just a Hashtag Movement

womens ugg boots sale uk MeToo to Go Beyond Just a Hashtag Movement

It’s been less than a week since Alyssa Milano helped the MeToo movement go viral. In a new interview on Good Morning America, the Project Runway All Stars judge addressed what the movement means to her and how she hopes to take it beyond a social media conversation.

“I just think it’s something that is so so prevalent,” Milano said in regards to the magnitude of the sexual harassment and assault problem. “It is a cultural issue that I think we have to face, and women posting ‘Me Too’ think gave them the courage to not have to tell their story or not have to name their predator but to just stand in solidarity. GMA’s Robin Roberts asked Milano when she thinks she’ll “be ready to share your story in full.”

“I’m not sure,” the Charmed actress responded. “I don’t know if I will ever publicly share my story. Of course, I’ve done my own healing and been through counseling and have a great support system in my life. But really this was about showing that this happens everywhere.”

Although she didn’t divulge specifics, Milano later added,
baby boy ugg boots MeToo to Go Beyond Just a Hashtag Movement
“I have been harassed so many times I can’t count. I’ve been assaulted.”

When Roberts asked Milano how she hoped to take this movement beyond a conversation, Milano said, “It has to go beyond just a hashtag movement.” She also talked about establishing protocols and defining “those lines so that men know that they cannot cross them.”

In addition, she encouraged viewers to continue to speak out and to offer suggestions for continuing to mobilize this movement.

“I really want this to be about the every woman’s voice,” she told Roberts. “I want it to be is your movement, women. This is your time. And if I can be the vessel and hold the bullhorn for you guys to shout as loud as humanly possible, then I’m honored to do so. But let’s fix this problem.”
baby boy ugg boots MeToo to Go Beyond Just a Hashtag Movement

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ugg classic short boots Mike Pettine fired up about Packers’ defense

baby blue uggs Mike Pettine fired up about Packers’ defense

GREEN BAY Mike Pettine needed a break.

The son of a high school football coach, Pettine hadn’t taken a single year off since breaking into the coaching ranks as a graduate assistant at the University of Pittsburgh in 1992.

“I came out of it and I was just beat up physically, mentally,” said Pettine, who was introduced as the Packers’ new defensive coordinator Wednesday. “I just needed the time off. It took me a while until I felt like I could smell smells and see colors.

“By the time late spring rolled around, I had some friends in Kansas City and I went out there and visited them during their OTAs and it clinched it for me. ‘Hey, this is what I do.'”

Being an NFL head coach was Pettine’s dream, but it also opened the 51 year old coach’s eyes to inescapable realities of being the principal rather than the teacher.

In Pettine’s mind, a coordinator’s job is 90 percent football and 10 percent administrative. That ratio flips as a head coach, which made Pettine long to run a defense again like he did successfully for four years with the New York Jets and one season in Buffalo.

The chance to spend time in Kansas City spurred Pettine to pick up a consulting job with the Seattle Seahawks this past season, allowing him to stay current watching film and providing advance reports from the comfort of his home.

It all led to Head Coach Mike McCarthy and Pettine getting in touch earlier this month about the Packers’ opening for a defensive coordinator. Green Bay, in addition to being a place he’d never traveled to before until his interview earlier this month, gives Pettine the opportunity to do what he loves most.

“I missed the camaraderie of the room, the interaction with the staff, the interaction with the players,” Pettine said. “The chess game part of it the designing a game plan tailored to your opponent. (Being a head coach is) the furthest thing from my mind. I’m here to coordinate an outstanding defense and win a Super Bowl.”

Working as a consultant, Pettine had a chance to study Green Bay’s defense a little last season and sees a cupboard that’s anything but bare of talented personnel.

After recently getting a chance to meet Clay Matthews for the first time, Pettine said he looks forward to maximizing the six time Pro Bowl linebacker’s versatility and building around the defense’s talented nucleus of Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark and Ha Ha Clinton Dix.

When asked the type of defense fans can expect from his unit, Pettine says he likes his scheme to be multiple yet simplistic. His defenses have been known to use both 3 4 and 4 3 concepts, though the widespread evolution of spread offenses has increased the deployment of nickel and dime sub packages.

In his five seasons in New York and Buffalo, Pettine’s defenses never finished outside the top 10 in total yards. He accomplished that by stressing details and fundamentals. He wants his players to play with an aggressive mindset and believes his scheme has adapted to be successful in the NFL’s current CBA environment, which limits player coach offseason contact.

“I always want our guys to know that scheme is worthless unless you play with great passion and great technique,” Pettine said. “I know people have said the system can be very complicated. We like to appear multiple without necessarily putting that much stuff in. So, it’s not a system that is overwhelming to learn.”

Head Coach Mike McCarthy said he jotted down five “clear components and characteristics” he was looking for during his search for a defensive coordinator.

While he praised in house candidate Joe Whitt Jr. for his “outstanding” performance in the interview, McCarthy said Pettine “knocked it out of the park” and proved to be the “right man for the job” in the end.

McCarthy is looking for Pettine to spark a turnaround after injuries and inconsistency hampered the league’s 22nd ranked defense in 2017. After talking with new General Manager Brian Gutekunst,
ugg classic short boots Mike Pettine fired up about Packers' defense
McCarthy believes everyone from the front office down to the coaching staff is rowing in the right direction.

“There’s specific areas where we need to improve on defense, starting with the pre snap,” McCarthy said. “We need to do a better job of winning the pre snap when you get into scheme and so forth. At the end of the day, we have a certain level of experience on defense and we’ll try to build off of that. We need to add players to our roster. That’s clearly a focus.”

Pettine prioritizes pass defense and agrees with McCarthy’s assessment of pre snap disguises. It’s an uphill battle for a defense if a quarterback knows what it’s doing before the ball is snapped.

The installation of a defensive pass game coordinator (Whitt Jr.) and run game coordinator (Patrick Graham) is intended to improve communication between all levels of the defense.

While initially disappointed not to get the defensive coordinator job, Whitt Jr. came away impressed with Pettine after getting a chance to sit down with him and compare playbooks.

In his new role in the secondary, Whitt Jr. will be tasked with bringing the defensive backs and inside linebackers together to make sure everyone is on the same page in coverage.

“At the end of the day, (McCarthy) made the right decision, I believe, because Mike P. and I, our packages were very similar,” said Whitt Jr., who’s been on staff since 2008. “Being in that room with him and having an opportunity to share ideas, we’re on the same page. We see defensive football the same way. Terminology is the only thing that we’re really working on, trying to make sure we streamline.”

The coaching staff is in midst of the roster evaluation phase of the offseason, but Pettine likes what he’s seen so far. His job, over the next three months, is putting together a playbook that complements the players the Packers have and those that will be added in the months to come.

Pettine jokes he’s coached everywhere around the Great Lakes besides Canada, but after two years of sitting on the sidelines, the lifelong coach is ready to get back to work.

“The NFL, it’s all about the players. I can’t wait for them to get into town,” Pettine said. “I’ve already reached out to all of them, just to tell them how fired up I am to be here. At the same time, you’ve got to get with the players and get to know them. You can’t broad stroke approach when you’re coaching players or when you’re teaching. You have to learn to learn, and that’s a big part of getting to know your guys.

“Do they learn better through working with it, seeing it on video, going through it on the greaseboard? The more that you can get involved and get to know your players,
ugg classic short boots Mike Pettine fired up about Packers' defense
the better off you’re going to be.”

womens ugg boots cheap Nashville City Paper

ugg classic leather boots Nashville City Paper

It was no surprise to observers of the Metro Parks Department (whoever they are) when the parks board dropped the initial descriptor from interim parks Director Tommy Lynch title and gave him the full time gig.

Lynch has worked for Parks for 40 years, and for the past 21 months has led the $30 million, 370 some odd employee department battling through the flood and the budgetary turmoil in the wake of his predecessor tiff with Mayor Karl Dean. There is little doubt he is qualified, just as there was little doubt he would be the board pick.

He said he wouldn apply for the permanent job. Now, he says it because he expected Curt Garrigan at the time, like Lynch, an assistant director to go for the corner office.

Lynch isn the only department head who moved from interim to actual after saying he serve only sede vacante. Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson put on the golden badge just a temporary move, at the time, he said after Ronal Serpas moved to New Orleans. But he, like Lynch, later ended up with the job full time even though he said he wouldn these Sherman Statements came with crossed fingers.

This is not to say Lynch and Anderson aren qualified both men are, highly, even uniquely so but it is a lesson that in the event seat holders must be appointed, if appointees say they just keeping the office warm, they probably not being totally forthcoming.

When the appointment is as widely accepted even lauded as Lynch was, expect everyone to tie themselves to it. Dean who was so busy early last week he couldn comment on the Occupy Nashville protests that dominated the news cycle churned out a 330 word statement Lynch hiring. This was despite the fact the hiring had been reported some three hours earlier and, besides, the mayor had nothing to do with it in the first place.

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to raise funds for the installation of a rock climbing wall on the Montessori campus located at 806 W. Baldwin Road. The rock climbing wall will bring rock climbing not only to the MSO students but also to the entire community of Ojai. The festival combines Hawaiian culture, athletics and environmental consciousness and offers something for people of all ages. Events include the “C” Street Long Board Classic surf contest, Frisbee Freestyle and K9 demos, paddle board race, live music and Polynesian entertainment, arts and craft vendors, food vendors and a Kona Brewing Company beer garden. Sponsors for the festival include Patagonia, VC Reporter, Ventura County Star, Matilija Bottled Water and more. Proceeds from the Festival benefit Food Share Inc. and The Kokua Hawaii Foundation. The booth will include a watershed demonstration, a condor exhibit, a mobile rock climbing wall hosted by pro climbers Tiffany Levine Campbell and Lynn Hill, who will be on hand to guide visitors on their first rock climbing adventure. Montessori’s booth will also show climbing films “Vertical Frontier,” “Way Point Namibia,” “5 Women Who Climb,” as well as “Watershed Revolution” at the event. Look for the MSO booth next to Surfer’s Point,
mens ugg boots sale uk Montessori School of Ojai at the Aloha Beach Festival
in the main event area near the “C” Street Long Board Classic.

Unique items will be on auction at the MSO booth including a surfboard designed by Steve Walden and signed by pro surfer Mary Osborne, with tickets to Jack Johnson at the Santa Barbara Bowl, as well as items donated by Prana, Petzl, Eldorado Climbing Walls, Sol Fitness Adventures, Asics, Ugg Australia, Evolv, Jet Boil, Kuhl Clothing, Rock Ice Magazine and Tiffany Levine Campbell (a pro climbing session), among others. The proceeds from the auction and mobile rock climbing wall will go toward the installation of the rock climbing wall at Montessori, which will in turn encourage students and community members alike to explore their physical and creative potentials.

The Montessori School of Ojai’s philosophy encourages the fullest development of the student potential by working together in a spirit of cooperation and seeking to cultivate and express that which is excellent in each child. Intellectual curiosity and a spirit of inquiry are the activating factors in the Montessori educational experience. By actively participating in the school community, this method builds caring and responsible individuals, promoting lives of integrity,
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awareness and purpose.

ugg boots baby Metro Council defers vote on Arriola resignation resolution

ugg mittens Metro Council defers vote on Arriola resignation resolution

The Metro Council Tuesday night opted against calling for the resignation of embattled Davidson County Clerk John Arriola, voting to defer legislation that would have requested this outcome.

With Tuesday session marking the final meeting of the now past council, a newly elected crop of council representatives would need to reintroduce a new bill at a later time if they want to push such a measure again.

obvious this council does not want to address this particular issue at this time, said Councilman Robert Duvall, who introduced the legislation following revelations that Arriola had allegedly pocketed extra $40 fees charged to couples he married.

Several council members considered Duvall resolution which carried no direct policy effect as unnecessary. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is already looking into Arriola actions at the request of District Attorney Torry Johnson.

Arriola along with family members and legal counsel was on hand to watch the council proceedings.

encouraged by [the deferral], said attorney George Barrett, who is representing Arriola. a formal investigation going on. That should be allowed to run its course. other items:

The Metro Council voted 23 10 to approve a non binding memorializing resolution to honor local high school students who protested the so called Say Gay bill during the state legislative session.

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on 8/17/11 at 1:10

What a shame it is to see that some council members just don’t care that we have elected officials taking advantage of the hard working, blue collar tax payers here in Nashville, TN. I guess it should be expected, Karl Dean is the “Captain of the Ship”. They’re just doing what they see him doing Monkey See Monkey Do Thanks to all of the council members that have tried to remove these slim balls that keep rearing their ugly heads. They will have to answer one way or the other.!!

on 8/19/11 at 9:52

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Although jewellery is often thought of as the ultimate fashion accessory, it may be pointed out that shoes make a huge stamp on any outfit. One of the most basic combinations is the pencil skirt and simple high heels. If you’re dressing to impress at a business meeting but still wish to maintain a professional appearance, a black or gray skirt with a blouse is a good choice. Keep jewellery down to a minimum, because what makes this outfit pop is your sky high black heels. Why? It’s hard to look casual without appearing like you actually tried to look that way. Swingy floral skirts that hit just above the knee are casual enough and look good with anything. Couple it with a pair of cute wedge shoes. You might prefer denim material on the shoes, or long strips of cloth that wrap around the ankle. Ladies shoes that are matched with these styles of skirts need to be low profile. Don’t wear high heels with a maxi, because the skirt is already making you appear very tall. The best ladies shoes to wear with this outfit are flat shoes. Ballet flats are too dainty for the breezy skirt, so go with simple flip flops or flat, strappy gladiator sandals. Knee high socks and oxford sneakers aren’t the only shoes that look good with this outfit. Pleated skirts can be low statement or dramatic. If you’re going for low statement, forgo the socks and just wear the sneakers. But if you’re looking for drama, couple your skirt with a pair of boots reach the knee, or just above. Pair them with flip flops, boots or gladiators to achieve a cute, laid back look. Slight heels about an inch or less do that without taking away from the skirt. The same tip goes for Midi skirts. jordan shoes for cheap

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Waterproof Running Shoes vs. Water Resistant Running Shoes Is there a difference between waterproof running shoes and water resistant running shoes? Yes there is and no there isn’t. These are two opposites answers but based on you needs the the the difference between the two can be insignificant or substantial. On the surface the names sound as if they serve the same purpose, and they do to a point. But a closer look at the two will help you to understand the difference. As well as help you make a better buying decision based on your needs. To get started it is important to know that the ability to label anything as waterproof or water resistant is based on a rating that is measured by how well a fabric or material can prevent the entry of moisture under pressure. Now that we have that out of the way let me start off with running shoes that are labeled as being waterproof. To be considered truly waterproof the shoes must be able to keep your feet dry under the most extreme conditions. Most waterproof running shoes are made with Gore Tex, a waterproof/breathable fabric. This fabric is rated at being able to repel about 40 psi (pound per square inch) of water pressure, which is like being caught in a heavy rain storm. Running shoes that are labeled as being water resistant or water repellent are made up of fabric or materials that provide limited protection from such elements as rain or snow. Fabric or materials frequently used for water resistant running shoes hold can hold off between 3 to 5 psi of water pressure, which is like being light rainfall. Prolong exposure to wet conditions with this type of fabric or material will start to allow the moisture to enter into the shoe. To summarize both types of shoes repel water. The difference is based on the length of exposure and amount of water pressure being forced onto the shoe. There is more technical information regarding this topic, but I wanted to keep it simple. Hopefully this little article was able to help clear up the difference between waterproof and water resistant. So next time you are shopping for pair for your next extreme adventure or light jog you will be more informed and know which type is better suited for your needs. Waterproof Running Shoes Manufactures include: Salomon, Nike, Saucony, New Balance, The North Face, Asics, Keen, LA Sportiva, Adidas, Merrell, Garmont, Montrail, Patagonia Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Black Black Retro Training Shoes

If you are an aspiring runner or a person who likes outdoor activities and loves to be healthy and fit, I bet you are looking for a good pair of shoes for your athletic lifestyle. You’ve heard a lot of running shoes on the market, and all of them are very promising. But sometimes consumers get disappointed with the product. Most likely because of the durability or the running shoes they have doesn’t have a good fitting. My advice to you, to have a good fitting of shoes, try them on the store, wear them and walk with them before you buy them. Don’t worry, you can do really so this on their store because a lot of shoe stores are used to this. They understand that the customers just want to make sure that they bought the right shoes. If you are looking for running shoes, you might consider buying Saucony running shoes. Why? One of the answers is because they offer perfect fitting for your feet. Another reason is because they offer high quality shoes with long lasting durability. Saucony running shoes have been very sophisticated with producing shoes and perfect fitting is one of their major concerns. They have been on the business since 1898. They’ve already established a respectable reputation when it comes to running shoes. And in fact, they have been awarded for their quality products. A good shoe fitting is one of the most important things when you are buying shoes. This should be on your list if you want to have the right shoes. If you have comfortable shoes, you can last long with your run and athletic activities and you can also enjoy fitness activity you’re doing because you are comfy with your shoes. Comfortable shoes are very important in running because if you are not comfortable with your shoes, you can get foot injuries. According to some studies, most foot injuries are caused by uncomfortable footwear and not good footwear fitting. Ken Griffey Comfort To Max 3.5 also provide a good cushioning for your feet’s protection. It is also important to determine the pronation of your feet because it’s the primary reason for your foot’s motion. Saucony has designed their running shoes for some certain types of feet. They have running shoes for over pronated feet, under pronated feet and neutral pronated feet. You just have to determine what kind of feet you have. They also have casual shoes for everyday activity and cross country running shoes for cross country runners. Saucony running shoes are very durable; they can last for a very long time. Saucony has been known for manufacturing highly durable running shoes and this has been proven by the professional athletes and professional runners who are using Saucony running shoes. They also have their sports store located in Philly, PA and Hendersonville, NC. You can find different sports and outdoor apparel on their store and they offer discounts on some selected items. Air Griffey Max Fury 2011 Grey Orange Retro Running Shoes

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Shoes are one of the most important fashion items that you must have in your closet. Modern men are quite fashion conscious. They take special care while buying their clothes. They have both formal as well as casual outfits in their collection that they wear in various occasions. Clothes are really important for your looks but it is incomplete without a nice pair of shoes. Various brands now offer different types of shoes that fulfil the needs of various men. Men’s shoes now come in different designs and styles. There is a wide range of men’s shoes that can be worn in different seasons. It is important to have different types of shoes in your collection. This will help you to wear the right shoe on the basis of any particular occasion you are going. A formal shoe can make you look perfect when you are going for an office party. On the other hand a pair of casual shoe will be great if you are hanging out with your friends or going for weekend party. From a corporate meeting to a date every occasion needs a specific type of shoe and so it is important for you to have them in your closet. People will appreciate your fashion sense if you are wearing the right kind of footwear that compliments your dress. They are manufactured by some of the best brands in the footwear industry. You can select from a huge array of formal shoes, casual shoes, espadrilles, boat shoes, loafers, Preppy shoes, brogues and designer shoes. All of these shoes will work well with different types of clothes that you wear. Each type of shoe has its own style and designs. They help you to make a wonderful fashion statement. Apart from the designs, the shoes from various brands also offer you with utmost comfort. Many of these have a soft interior and you will love to put your feet inside them. Different shoes are made with different types of material. But the brands always use the finest quality of any material. Leather, canvas and rubber are some of the most common materials that are used for making these shoes. If you are an athlete then you can find sports shoes or trainers for yourself. Nike Air Max LeBron 8 V2 Low Solar Red Basketball Shoe

Many people splurge money on buying a good pair of shoes, but fail to take proper care of them. Tennis shoes are more expensive than normal shoes and need greater care to last longer. Looking at the extensive use of tennis shoes, proper maintenance techniques are crucial to keep the shoes in shape for long. Lets take a look at the maintenance tips of the shoes. Regular cleaning: Regardless of the brands, tennis shoes last well only with regular cleaning. In fact, they need special cleaning process for their maintenance. As far as possible, it is better to keep your shoes away from dirt. However, weekly cleaning and thorough drying is essential. Well, its really a nice idea to clean your tennis shoes immediately after they get dirty; otherwise, it becomes difficult to remove the stain from the fabric if it remains longer. Wash your shoes in washing machine: If you think that washing your favorite tennis shoes in the washing machine will damage the shoes, you are wrong. In fact, it is a good idea to wash the shoes along with other white soft materials such as towels. It will protect the soft shoes while they tumble inside the machine. Also, it will let the smell of the shoes go away. Warm water is a better option to wash shoes. However, ensure that the laces and insoles are out of the shoes while washing them. Put the shoes in sun to dry naturally. Take care of the fabric: Yes, your washing procedure of the shoes should depend on the fabric of the shoes. Tennis shoes of canvas material are easy to wash. All you need is to rinse them with warm water and leave in sun to dry. You can also easily wash the shoes made of synthetics. Keep away the odor: Often,
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tennis shoes smell due to dirt and sweating from the feet. You need to give a little effort to deodorize the shoes. Put your tennis shoes in sun to dry properly after washing them. It wont let the shoes smell. Sprinkling baking soda inside the shoes absorbs the moisture

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sequin ugg boots Murderers in 1983 brutal Pinellas Park murder denied parole

Back in the 1980s, Penny Faulkner was stabbed nearly 20 times, burned and dumped in a field by now adult convicted killers David Croft and Jeffrey Murphy.

Croft and Murphy were teens when they killed their 17 year old classmate in 1983. On Wednesday, the two adults were back in court to face a parole board.

“We seek justice for Penny not revenge,” John Faulkner told the board. “We ask you please remember that Penny begged for her life, and Murphy and Croft said no. We ask you to say no [to their release] today.”

Her brothers didn’t want sympathy for their sister’s killer, but a prison minister did for at least one of the men. Minister Vinnie Ammirato asked the parole board to give Croft a second chance.

“I’m asking you to have mercy on David,” Ammirato told the board. “Give him a chance, and if he messes up,
ugg uk stores Murderers in 1983 brutal Pinellas Park murder denied parole
I won’t be here no more, because I really believe in this man 100 percent.”

Penny’s family reminded the board their sister didn’t get a second chance.

“We live with this nightmare in our lives everyday, wondering what her husband would be like her children or just imagine the person she would be,” Penny’s brother, Rob, said.

After weighing the testimony of each person at the hearing, the board denied parole for both the men.

It was an emotional relief for Penny’s family.

‘We feel like justice is continuing to be served,” Rob Faulkner said. “While it’s never going to be easy for us, we’re going to live with this for the rest of our lives. The impact that those two men chose to have on our family is something we’re going to live with everyday. We’re thankful we have a justice system that has made the decision to keep them behind bars.”

Croft and Murphy could be up for parole again in 2018.

The board stated it denied parole for the murderers based on the brutality of their murder,
ugg uk stores Murderers in 1983 brutal Pinellas Park murder denied parole
the vulnerability of the victim and the high risk the men still pose to the public.

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bailey i do uggs Milkshake and coffee truck and Auckland cafe cry out over Spilt Milk trade name

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Two Auckland business owners have a very good reason to cry over Spilt Milk.

One’s a milkshake and coffee truck parked in Epsom, the other a cafe which serves Vietnamese food in Pt Chevalier.

They are both called “Spilt Milk” and are in the midst of a legal challenge over who gets to keep the name.

Calum Dykes, 22, who started his mobile business last year claims he discovered the other business was using the same name months after he started using it.

very ugg slippers Milkshake and coffee truck and Auckland cafe cry out over Spilt Milk trade name
who’s truck is normally set up on Kohia Terrace, Epsom, claims he has proof he started using the name in October when he emailed a brief to a graphic designer for marketing.

“It’s an interesting name, it gets you thinking. It’s very relevant to milkshakes and coffee.”

On May 5 Dykes was officially registered by Auckland Council under the name Spilt Milk. However he neglected to trademark it as he wanted to use the $150 registration fee for other expenses like equipment.

He said a customer asked him in July if he was opening a cafe in Pt Chevalier.

“They showed me the [other business’] Facebook page and I immediately shat bricks and felt a massive pit forming in my stomach.

“I naively assumed I wouldn’t need to defend my name to protect my rights to use my intellectual property.”
very ugg slippers Milkshake and coffee truck and Auckland cafe cry out over Spilt Milk trade name

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