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This week, St. Bernard (1 2) faces off against Trinity Classical Academy (0 2) on Friday at 7:00 PM. St. Bernard continue their travels as they hit the road for the 2nd straight game.

St. Bernard dominated last week, steamrollering Capistrano Valley Christian 44 0. The game was pretty much decided by the half: the score was 30 0 going into the third quarter.

As for Trinity Classical Academy,
ugg boots navy Trinity Classical Academy vs
it was within striking distance but couldn’t close the gap last week as it fell 20 14 to Century. The team got a solid performance out of junior running back Jacob Estanol (he picked up 65 yards on the ground); unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough for the win. Estanol was also active on the defensive end with an imposing 12 tackles.

The last time they met,
ugg boots navy Trinity Classical Academy vs
Trinity Classical Academy won 26 18. Will St. Bernard avenge its loss? We’ll find out soon enough.

ugg boots navy among Ballou HS audit findings

ugg boots slippers among Ballou HS audit findings

In that joint NPR/WAMU November 2017 report, journalists had revealed a culture of grade changing to increase graduation rates at Frank W.

The report also revealed more than half of Ballou’s 2017 graduates were passed despite extensive absences they should not have graduated. law firm, Alvarez and Marsal found that of the 177 students who graduated from Ballou last school year, 113 of them or 63.8 percent had ‘graduated with the assistance of these policy violations.’ The law firm states the 113 students benefited from a total of 222 policy violations.

In this report, ‘policy violations’ were identified as actions like giving a student a grade of 50 percent on assignments they may have missed or did not complete. Another portion of the report says the school’s Principal and Assistant Principals were involved.

“Ballou administrators communicated high passing percentage expectations to teachers. These expectations were communicated directly to teachers from the Principal to the Assistant Principals in person, via staff meetings, and via email, and were formalized in the Ballou IMPACT rubric,” the report reads.

DC’s Mayor, Muriel Bowser, DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson and Hanseul Kang, the DC State Superintendent of Education, discussed the findings at a Tuesday City Hall news conference. At one point in the questioning portion of the news conference, Mayor Bowser became defensive.

Her reaction was over repeated questions circling around accountability.

If whistleblowers made their complaints to higher ups in July and August, why did it take nearly 6th months and a damaging joint NPR WAMU Radio report to get a response from the DCPS Chancellor?

The Mayor answered with a frustration over current policy in place to report labor issues and check student records.

“Let’s be clear about what I said,” said Mayor Bowser, “it didn’t work. It didn’t get to the decision maker and that’s what we had to fix, and that’s what we have to focus on fixing”

Chancellor Wilson was tasked by the Mayor to address this district wide.

In another portion of the news conference, Mayor Bowser told reporters, “We rolled out a policy in the 2015 2016 school year intended to raise the bar in our school district (academically) and ensure students were set up for success.” However, the Mayor went on to say, “but we’ve never really put in place the training controls or accountability to support it.”

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A WUSA9 reported referenced this and asked, “Are you saying then, that this is your fault?”

“I’m saying that we could’ve we should’ve done a better job,” replied Mayor Bowser.

Chancellor Wilson, answering questions on when he first learned of complaints, told Reporters he does not recall a conversation regarding Ballou accusations with DC Councilmember Robert White.

“It’s alarming to know some of the findings in this report,” said Ward 8 Councilman, Trayon White.

White is a graduate of Ballou and expressed deep concerns for the students of Ballou.

“I think if people are talking about your school across the nation through media, sometimes it’s a negative perception. So if you’re trying to go to college, or you’re trying to get a job and that’s on your transcript, uh, you think that, ‘Maybe I won’t get in because of negative stereotypes related my school.’ So we must continue to show that there are great students coming out of Ballou Senior High School,” White said.

“He’s not going back to Ballou to graduate,” said a woman named Camilla Richburg who had just missed the news conference at City Hall.

Richburg said she had wanted to be there to show support for Ballou’s Principal and believes there’s even more to this issue that’s being told.

Angry, Richburg said, “They treating it like it’s politics. These are people’s this is real life. People’s livelihoods. People, kids, teachers (are) upset and they want us to go in there and want them kid to go in there and work and do tests? No, that doesn’t work.”

DC School leaders were also asked about teacher bonuses attained at Ballou based on performance and whether that would be reviewed. The report says this metric makes just one of the five metrics that contributes to CSC evacuations and that CSC accounts for a small portion of the teacher evaluation. Administrators do not believe bonuses will be impacted.

Ballou’s Principal, Dr. Yetunde Reeves was removed from her school leadership position after Mayor Bowser ordered the independent audit. School administrators would not say whether she will be fired. They did tell reporters HR is in communication with her and that they are seeking a new Principal for Ballou.

School administrators said Ballou’s Assistant Principal will remain in place.

Alvarez and Marsal said the next portion of the audit will include it’s District wide findings. We’re told schools under investigation will have been visited by the week of January 15th.
ugg boots navy among Ballou HS audit findings

ugg boots navy Glendale City Council OKs project plan for San Fernando corridor

jimmy choo ugg Glendale City Council OKs project plan for San Fernando corridor

Development continues to spread into Glendale’s neglected southern section as a third large mixed use building along the San Fernando Road corridor received initial approval from city officials this week.

On Tuesday, the city council unanimously approved a preliminary design for The Link, a five story apartment building with 142 units and 16,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor.

The project, which is being developed by Glendale based Kareco Inc., is intended to work in conjunction with the so called Triangle mixed use project that is being built on the opposite corner of San Fernando and Central to improve the neighborhood, said George Garikian, owner of Kareco.

“Don’t we want to transform the neglected orphan child of Glendale, the south Glendale community, into a destination point that is a pride of the city?” Garikian asked.

To accomplish that goal, the building will feature an all glass frontage and outdoor plaza on the corner facing the Triangle lot, architect Eric Olson told the Council.

“We want to create a very special corner in combination with the Triangle across the street to make a gateway to the city,” Olson said.

The building currently on the site houses Solar Studios, a studio space used for commercials, music videos and other filming locations, which will be incorporated into the new project.

Solar Studios owner Peter Cohn said The Link will help his business by providing more parking, higher ceilings and better acoustics.

However, Emmanuel Suarez, general manager of Solar Studios, didn’t fully agree with his boss’s assessment of the new development.

“It just seems like it might not be the right time when the other [project] isn’t even finished I think a little more study on what the impact might be might benefit us,” he said. “I’m not opposed, I’m just very skeptical. It seems like there’s a lot of greed going on.”

Councilman Ara Najarian, who while on the campaign trail this spring voiced opposition to the dense development in the pipeline in Glendale, gave his approval to the preliminary design “grudgingly.”

“When I discussed it weeks ago, we said, ‘Oh, this is the last unit, this is the last project we have,'” Najarian said. “I hope there is enough demand to fill all those units, there is an awful lot of units coming into Glendale.”

Still, several other residents came out to affirm their support for the project, and Mayor Dave Weaver said the project would transform a neglected area of Glendale.

“Revitalizing that community is essential,” Weaver said. “We’ve always been criticized that we’re not doing anything in south Glendale. Well, the private sector is coming in and doing things.”.
ugg boots navy Glendale City Council OKs project plan for San Fernando corridor